At the ASCMC Executive Board’s weekly meeting last night, the following topics were addressed: the Monte Carlo party, renovations to the Student Event Plaza (or “Party Zone”), this week’s TNC and ABC parties, and forums regarding the new alcohol and drug abuse guidelines. The meeting kicked off with a round of general updates from the Board members, including the announcement that ASCMC’s Chief Financial Officer Tooba Karim ‘16 has resigned for personal reasons. ASCMC will release applications shortly to select a new CFO and to hire a fourth Event Commissioner.

There are a host of renovations to the Party Zone that the Board would like to see finished before Monte Carlo, which is scheduled for October 3, including painting the walls and floors, putting in speakers, installing a bar, propping panels to paint murals on, and setting up string lights. The tentative price for Monte Carlo early ticket sales is $15.

According to Event Commissioner Cole Mora ‘17, TNC this week “went pretty well.” Although there were a few complaints of Campus Security officers being unnecessarily rude, the event had a “significant turnout and people seemed to have a good time.” Saturday night’s ABC Party went similarly well, with Vice President for Student Affairs Christine Horne ‘17 saying it was “a successful event.”

Last week, ASCMC led a discussion of the new alcohol guidelines at Monday night’s Senate meeting, which was followed by an additional open forum on the same topic on Wednesday night. The Board agreed that the multiple forums for the updated alcohol and drug abuse guidelines facilitated constructive conversations about the policies.

With regards to the meeting on Wednesday, RA Liaison Ben Turner ‘16 said it provided for a “really good, thoughtful discourse” and that “people came away from it feeling more informed.” One of the most common concerns, according to President Pro-Tempore Michael Irvine ‘16, was “that the 15 person [for unregistered events] limit is a little too low” and seems to constrict the inclusive nature of the CMC social scene.

Last, the Board revisited a Harvey Mudd funding request of $560 for paint guns and condoms (the condoms would be resold at a profit as another source of fundraising) for an upcoming party. The Board voted to give Mudd $500 for paint guns with the stipulation that ASCMC will get them back afterwards, but not to fund the condom purchase.