At the ASCMC Executive Board’s first meeting of the year, held Sunday night, several topics were discussed, including: a partnership with The LA Times, 6:01, the college’s new Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy, renovations to the Student Event Plaza (the party zone), diversity and inclusion proposals, and training for board members.

Board members extensively discussed the recent Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policies. According to one Residential Assistant who attended the meeting as a guest, “most noncompliant and impolite students are not CMC students.” The Board agreed that communicating the college’s new policies to students at the other Claremont Colleges was a central priority.

Holding 5C students accountable, also, was a major point of discussion. Some possibilities include creating a “black list” for those who break campus rules, buying a card scanner to track who is coming to our parties, and communicating more effectively with the other administrations regarding protocol for when a student breaks another school’s rules.

Two seniors who attended the meeting as guests explained that they felt “blindsided” by the new policy changes. ASCMC President Will Su ‘16 responded by saying that, in comparison to the current policies, the proposal he saw at the beginning of the summer was “draconian.” He urged students to obey the guidelines so that when it comes time to reevaluate the rules, ASCMC has “bargaining chips to work with.” In addition, RA Liaison Ben Turner ‘16 noted that much of the animosity toward the policies has been directed solely to the Dean of Students staff, but the policy shifts were in fact implemented by DOS and other parties on campus in response to a directive to do so from CMC’s Board of Trustees last spring.

After discussing the guidelines, the Board explained a new program opportunity in partnership with The Los Angeles Times. Over the summer, the Board received a year-long proposal from The Times to provide subscriptions to CMC’s student body, access to the newspaper’s events, and two speakers at the Athenaeum for $650. The Board voted to table the proposal until they pass their budget.

Vice President of Student Activities Christine Horne ‘17 then debriefed the Board and guests on 6:01, which, despite having “a lot of issues” (with the fencing, for example), overall went better than last year. The primary concerns revolved around non-CMCers and people without wristbands going on the beach-side balcony of Green. When RA Ben Turner, who was on duty during the event, went up to the balcony “to help people clear out,” he found that “people weren’t cooperating” and added that “generally, people were respectful, but it definitely could’ve gone better.” Additionally, at one point, a glass bottle dropped from the balcony and shattered.

At roughly 6:45pm, the Dean of Students Office informed Board representatives that they could hold a post-game party. Horne emailed students just after 7pm announcing the event, which was held at the party zone from 9pm–midnight. Although it went well, Board members said they would have appreciated more time to plan the event.

Finally, following a proposal last year by several student of color to add a Diversity Chair to the Executive Board, Board members considered how to best address issues of inclusivity and race at the college. Although there was no formal vote on the matter, they discussed creating a Diversity Committee whose head would act as a liaison linking diversity concerns directly to the Board. The Board also discussed initiating optional Ally and Teal Dot trainings as well as a mandatory Diversity Training for all members.