During the summer, many staff and Board of Trustees Members have left CMC. Below are the staff members and their former titles that will not be returning this year.

  • Eric Vos, Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Residential Life
  • Max Benavidez, Associate Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications 
  • Ernie Iseminger, Vice President of Advancement
  • Josh Walter, Director of Leadership Giving
  • Alia Kate (departed this past spring), Associate Director of External Relations
  • Jason Jeffrey, Assistant Director of Career Services
  • Diana Seder, Associate Dean and Director of Career Services
  • Jennifer Rodriguez, Mailroom Supervisor and Events Coordinator
  • Julie Spellman Sweet, Board of Trustees Member (sister of former Dean of Students, Mary Spellman)
  • John Pritzlaff, Board of Trustees Member
  • Aleta Wenger, Director of Global Affairs
  • Nick Owchar, Communications Director
  • Marisa Walter, Interim Director of External Relations
  • Todd Mandel, Associate Director, Leadership Gifts
  • Jim Ballie, Director of Prospect Research
  • Adam Pruett, Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Recreational Sports

For a list of faculty members on leave, click here.

As we receive more information about their replacements and other departures, we will continue to update this post.