On Thursday, May 8, the inaugural edition of the CMSpys will take place in Scripps’ Garrison Theater at 7:00pm. The CMS Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) annually organizes an end of the year banquet in the Athenaeum, but this year the SAAC decided to expand the event so that more athletes could attend and be involved.  Since every year ESPN hosts their sports award show called the ESPYs, CMS decided to host an award show of their own based off of that.

“In the past it was just a sports banquet dinner at the Ath,” basketball player Maddy Barnes SC ’14 stated, “this year we wanted to totally redo it and make it a celebration of all the things that have happened. We’ll also have a highlight film put together, so we hope this change in venue will get more athletes to participate.”

The SAAC  is chaired by Barnes and tennis player Brittan Sutphin ’14, but also includes baseball players Scott Witte ’14 and Ray Hurwitz HM ’14, softball player Morgan Beltz ’14, and faculty advisors Rachel Holmes from the training room and football coach John Ausman. They have been working on this project since the beginning of the year.

“We’ve been working on deciding what the awards should look like, and thinking about how to set up the voting system so that it’s fair for everyone no matter what size team you’re on,” Barnes explained.

The team recruited a Harvey Mudd student to help with the survey and track who’s sending the responses in. That way, the SAAC can see if someone is getting votes just from their team or from across sports.

“We think in the end it will all work out, especially since everyone is so accomplished,” Barnes said.

As for the actual awards, there will be 5 nominations for 14 categories, and the athletes can vote for the winners through an online survey. Some examples of the categories, which are modeled off those of the ESPYS, include Comeback Athlete, Breakthrough Athlete, Male and Female Athlete, Coach of the Year, Best Championship Performance, Best Team, and Best Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior.

“We’re trying to keep it fun and exciting, but not too long, so hopefully it will be an hour, maybe an hour and a half,” Barnes mentioned, “When you first get there, we will have a photographer to take a picture with your friends or team, and we have an alumni who will be the MC. Then we’ll have athletes and coaches presenting the awards with a brief speech.”