ASCMC President Nicky Blumm ’17 opened the meeting by congratulating the Executive Board on an awesome Pirate Party. He noted that overall it went very smoothly, especially in comparison to previous years’ parties. ASCMC was walking a fine line with the administration this year to keep the event 5C, so the successful completion of the event was a great achievement for the Board. The Board then went into updates about what various members had tackled in prior weeks and what was on the agenda for the last two weeks of school. Overall, these were fairly brief since most of the Board’s energy had been focused on Pirate Party.

Presidential Advisor Elaine Sohng ’17 mentioned that those interested in being a part of the working group that dealt with DOS accountability should get in touch with her.

Clubs and Organizations Chair Jessica Winssinger ’19 reported that reimbursements were due today and that some clubs ran up expenses far over their estimates. As a result, she said that she had to decline, or at least reduce, certain reimbursements that ran over the amount they had originally asked ASCMC for.

Class of 2017 President Cole Mora ’17 said that the junior class brunch was moved to Appleby Lounge with Devon MacIver’s permission due to the weather, but that the brunch went well. He further mentioned that he had spent time meeting with MacIver and Alumni as well as creating working groups to make sure that all the senior events beginning next fall will be set up and ready to go.

Diversity and Inclusion Chair Patrick Elliot ’19 spoke about his meetings with the candidates for VP for Student Affairs. He said that he will send out an email later with his thoughts. Events Manager Chandler Koon ’19 told the Board that the bike rack dolly that had been ordered had actually arrived this past Friday. However, due to some miscommunications, this information had not been passed along in time to use the rack for help during this past weekend’s party.

Class of 2018 President Joey Yamada ’18 recounted that the sophomore class brunch went very well.

Events Manager Quincy Brown ’19 updated the group about the previous week’s Hip Hop Festival at Pitzer. He mentioned that it was well attended both overall and by CMC students.

Class of 2016 President Kathryn Chakmak spoke about this past week’s Thesis Party. She mentioned that the event could’ve gone a bit better, but one of the primary detrimental factors was the weather. She further mentioned that the Senior Class brunch also went very well with the weather being the only frustrating part.

Vice President Felipe Afanador ’18 reminded the Board that tomorrow is the last Senate of the year and that it will be a little bit different in that it will start at 8pm and primarily be a discussion surrounding the AOD (Alcohol and other Drugs) policy. He also mentioned that Senate Chair results should be out by tomorrow and that he will then have a meeting with the new Senate Cabinet shortly after. Furthermore, Afanador plans on sending out applications in the coming days for the college, faculty, and trustee committees. These applications will serve to choose the student representatives that sit on these various committees. The applications have been a bit delayed because Afanador has been working on retooling the applications and how candidates are selected in order for the representatives to be more effective, transparent, and accountable.

Blumm then spoke about meeting with Dean Torrey Sun about the email sent out earlier this week in regards to students’ behavior. Blumm also mentioned that he has been speaking with President Chodosh and that the President is interested to hear comments about room draw and other issues from students. Furthermore, Blumm also reminded the Board that tomorrow there is a roundtable discussion taking place at Chodosh’s house to discuss international students’ presence in clubs and institutes, especially institutes that focus mainly on U.S. issues. He closed his update by reminding the Board that if they hear of anyone who would like to bring things up with Chodosh to refer them to himself so that they can work something out.

The Board then debriefed about the past week’s events. The discussion began with Thursday’s Sangria TNC. Events Manager Amiya Narula ’19 mentioned that the event started off a bit slowly. Various members of the Board offered that part of the reason may be due to the fact that the location (I-Place courtyard) isn’t very well known. Furthermore, they reasoned that overall leading up to Saturday’s Pirate Party the campus was pretty quiet. RA Liaison Christine Horne ’17 mentioned that the new speakers ASCMC invested in were more than loud enough as there were actually a few noise complaints—she offered that this may be partially due to the way the location funneled the music into North Quad. The Board then switched to focusing on a discussion of this past Saturday’s Pirate Party. Vice President of Student Activities Christina Lee ’18 started off by thanking the Board for all their hard work both leading up to and during the event. She mentioned that although a few wristbands were cut, the event went very well overall and that DOS seemed to be happy with how the party was handled. Blumm mentioned that he thought that the water break from 1:30-2:30pm worked really well both as a way to keep things from getting out of hand and as a way to make sure that alcohol was portioned out throughout the entirety of the event. Chakmak made note that the mimosas were gone by noon and the Board agreed to looking into possible solutions such as boxed champagne in order to make sure that it lasts longer next year. Sohng mentioned that perhaps the Board should look into a way to clarify that the event really isn’t “child friendly,” as multiple alumni brought their children to the event. Chakmak also noted that some students had expressed that they wished there had been greater diversity of music during the event. She relayed to the Board that multiple students had come up to her during and after the event asking for more “music with words”. The Board discussed the balance between McKennaPallooza earlier in the semester which featured all live bands and Pirate Party’s playlist and made note to reevaluate next spring. Lee mentioned that multiple people and groups, such as sports teams, had made sure to email her ahead of time if they were not able to get wristbands due to games or other legitimate reasons. She praised those that thought ahead and were responsible in this way. Blumm closed the discussion by thanking everyone once again for a really smoothevent before pivoting to focus on next year’s budget.

Blumm noted the major changes in the budget.  First, the budget contains provisions for more money than is actually coming in; however with this year’s surplus it won’t be a problem. Secondly, the CO chair discretionary fund was increased, and both CMC organizations and 5C organizations saw budget increases. Thirdly, 30% of ASCMC’s total budget is now going to CMC organizations, and the Senate’s fund has been increased from $12,000 to $15,000, theDormitory Affairs Chair budget dropped from $7,500 to $5,000, and the Diversity and Inclusion Chair budget increased from $3,000 to $5,000. After some discussion about whether or not the reduction for the DAC chair was appropriate, Koon pointed out that all the dorms except two still had over $500 in their accounts. Blumm and Schalke also reminded the Board that if they change anything in the budget, Senate wouldn’t be able to vote to approve it until next fall, thereby putting them in a difficult position. Ultimately, the budget was voted on and passed.

The discussion then turned to Venmo and profits. Chakmak proposed dividing the Venmo accounts to create a separate “Senior Events” Venmo account and potentially other specific accounts. She reasoned that the Senior Class does a lot of ticket and apparel sales and that often it is very hard to keep track of what money is for in the single Venmo account that currently exists. Multiple members of the Board agreed with Chakmak that splitting up the Venmo could lead to more efficiency and ultimately decided that it should be discussed more in depth at a later time.

Finally, the Board discussed the question of where the profit should go when it is made by an individual class. After much discussion, the Board agreed that while a Class President or other individual should always be praised for raising money, but that ultimately the Board functions as a team and that money should go back to the whole. That being said, the Board agreed that if a class raises a large sum of money and then happens to run out of their own budget, they can always come back to the Board for more and will more than likely be approved.

Blumm reiterated his thanks to the entire Board for helping to put together a very safe, successful, and fun Pirate Party and said that he looked forward to working with everyone next fall, confident that next year will be a good one.