Below is a draft of the Student Social Contract, as released to the Forum by ASCMC. Our staff would like to urge the student body to take this opportunity to provide any and all feedback on the document and the movement behind it, either through the comments section of this article or via this form, provided by ASCMC. 

At this time, the Forum has chosen neither to endorse nor condemn the contract, but is in full support of the underlying conversations surrounding the social climate and personal responsibility. Our goal in publishing the contract is to ensure that the student body has as much information available to it as possible, both to illuminate the issue and to enable students and other community members to voice their responses. In addition to the contract, ASCMC has released a series of clarifying questions, also found below. The Forum will continue to provide coverage of the contract’s development as well as reactions within the community.


Student Social Contract

Written by and for the Students of Claremont McKenna College

Claremont McKenna College thrives due to the responsibility afforded to its students, a privilege that is special and unique to CMC. However, we must meet such responsibility with respect and accountability. Focused on promoting these values, CMC students have come together to compile the following list of expectations that we have of ourselves and of others in our community. It is important that we commit to upholding these values and expectations, so that we may maintain our unique campus culture, as well as an inclusive and enjoyable social environment.

As a CMC student, I will:

  • Respect all members of the 5C community, be they classmates, faculty, staff, event planners, event management staff, or otherwise
  • Show respect and gratitude to the people of Story House, Campus Safety, and all others who maintain the health and safety of our campus
  • Be considerate and seek understanding of the backgrounds and beliefs of my peers, as well as all other aspects of their being such as race, gender, sexual orientation, identities, and personal choices
  • Play an active role in supporting my peers who may find themselves in unsafe circumstances, using my best judgment to do so by either calling a Resident Assistant, a member of the Dean of Students Office, Campus Safety, or intervening myself
  • Take care of my campus and living spaces, and maintain the cleanliness of my surrounding environment, both at CMC and the other Claremont Colleges
  • Encourage my peers to uphold these values and expectations

Note that while the CMC Guide to Student Life may reflect many of these values and expectations, and while that guide should be read carefully to get a better understanding of the official rules at CMC, it is important that we, as students, recognize the importance of our personal efforts in promoting responsibility, respect, and accountability for our actions.

In order to ensure that CMC students continue to promote a positive social community and remain responsible for our own actions, I will do everything I can to uphold the above stated expectations and values, and to ensure others at CMC do so as well.

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Signature: __________________________________ Date: ________­___________



Following is a list of students who have endorsed the idea of the social contract. ASCMC would like to clarify that an endorsement as should not be considered as equivalent to a signature, rather as a declaration of support for the ideals behind the contract. Students who wish to endorse the contract can do so here

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 2.23.42 PM        

ASCMC has also provided the Forum with the following “frequently asked questions” regarding the social contract:

Q: What is the Student Social Contract and why am I being asked to sign it?
A: The CMC Student Social Contract is a compilation of the values and expectations that we, as a CMC community, have come together to set for ourselves and others. Its aim is to remind students that the unique and invaluable CMC autonomy we have is a privilege that we must hold with responsibility, accountability, and respect. The contract was first compiled after a round table discussion in the Athenaeum, followed by a multitude of revisions after it was reviewed by the RAs, CMC Senate, and a wide range of students within all four classes.  By signing this contract, you are affirming your support of the cause, and committing to upholding  and promoting its message. While we will not be able to actively enforce the terms of the Contract, its influence comes from each and every one of us, and that we encourage each other to uphold the values of the Contract. It will have its greatest, most positive effect when we have committed to its message and to holding ourselves and others accountable for the well-being of our social climate, so that everyone can enjoy it comfortably. 
Q: What role did DOS play in the creation of the Social Contract?
A: The Contract is an entirely student-run and student-facilitated initiative. DOS, nevertheless, supports this initiative, its message, and its purpose, and hopes to implement it in next year’s Freshman Orientation.
Q: You say that it is made “by the Students of CMC”, yet I have not been asked for my feedback – how can I voice my views on this?
A: We want this to be truly made by and for the Students of CMC, and that means everyone will have a say. So, once you’ve read the Contract, we encourage you to contact Moe Abdul-Rahim ’15 and Cole Mora ’17 so that you may have the say you deserve in the Contract. The success of this initiative rests with the students who stand by it, and we want everyone to buy-in, so we want everyone to have a say.
Q: What does a “student endorsement” mean?
A: A student endorsement means that a particular student of CMC has read and considered the message and purpose of the Contract, and, after doing so, this person has decided to publicly declare their personal support for the initiative. We want the Contract to be fully embraced by the CMC community, and the only way to do this is to go one student at a time, getting them to stand by its message and commit themselves to upholding its values and expectations for the good of our community.
Q: I have read the Contract and want to “endorse” it as other CMC students have – what do I do?
A: Again please contact Moe Abdul-Rahim ’15 and Cole Mora ’17, so that they can officially add you to the list of student endorsements and then relay that to The Forum. Once this has been done, The Forum will update the published list of student endorsements so that you can join your fellow classmates in promoting the important values and expectations of the Contract.
Q: What’s the plan for the contract going forward?
A: The Contract is now in its “soft introduction” stage. This means that we are publicizing it as much as possible to the CMC student body in the hope that they will discuss what it means and its purpose, and ideally declare their support of it. At this time we are not asking that students sign the Contract, as it is not ready to be officially implemented. We are also currently working with various campus entities to familiarize them with the Contract, so that they may help us with support and future programming. We will work over the summer to ensure that it is introduced effectively during Freshman Orientation and in the first Dorm meetings, and plan on holding a “Kick-Off” event early next year where all students would be encouraged to sign and celebrated for doing so. Our goal is to have all students excited to be a part of it, and committed to upholding it, so that we may maintain an enjoyable and inclusive social climate, and our privilege of autonomy with responsibility, accountability, and respect.