On April 27 2014, the ASCMC Executive Board discussed the proposal to apply for $18,000 in funding for student activities, the drafts of a student Social Contract and Student Judicial Board, and the possible restructuring of Dorm Presidents’ and Dorm Senators’ responsibilities.

Anna Zimmerman ‘17, the Campus Organizations Chair, opened the meeting by announcing that the CMC Club Budgeting meetings have been finished and the funding results are expected to be released in the next few days.

Senior Class President Laura Epstein ’14 discussed CMC’s traditional fountain party that takes place on every semester’s senior thesis due date. It will happen today outside the Hub from 12–2 PM. “If you want to remain dry, don’t come to that area,” Epstein warned in her email to students.

ASCMC Vice President Will Su ’16 started the discussion on the Claremont Colleges’ effort to bring more attention to sexual assaults and mental health issues on campus. The Associated Students of Pomona College will be hosting two open forums over this week to allow students from the 5Cs to express their questions and concerns about students’ mental health. As members of the Claremont Colleges, Su said, CMC students should also actively engage in the conversation.

Elaine Sohng ’17, the Dorm Affairs Chair, then started the topic on potential restructuring of dorm positions. The current system involves residents electing a Dorm President, a Dorm Senator, and two recreational representatives. The Dorm Presidents form a council to help plan out the weekly TNCs. Sohng’s proposal includes merging the Intramural Chair and the Dorm President positions together. Another possibility proposed was merging the Dorm Vice President with the Dorm Senator position. “Right now, the DAC Council meets primarily to schedule dorm activities but TNC has become a main focus—which is why we wanted to separate the two,” Sohng wrote in an email to the Forum.

“There are lots of different models to look through, discuss, and try so we will most likely be having a test run next fall to see how we can re-energize dorm-Senate activity,” Sohng further stressed. “We, as a Board, want to create a vibrant, inclusive community and I think that the dorms can be a really wonderful starting point to get CMCers more actively involved.” However, all plans are only tentative so far, and Sohng is scheduling to meet with the RAs to hear about their opinions.

ASCMC President Ben Tillotson ’15 moved on to discuss a proposal for $18,000 from President Chodosh to support student activities. $18,000 is the amount of money that ASCMC would have received from increasing student fees; however, because the proposal didn’t pass in time to go before CMC’s Board of Trustees, President Chodosh mentioned that he would be willing to grant that amount to ASCMC if there could be a valuable way to spend the money and benefit the whole student body. Tillotson proposed to start a bus carrying students to and from Los Angeles on Friday nights to help students take advantage of the myriad events outside the Claremont community. The idea was widely supported by the Board members. Whether the plan will eventually be carried out depends on ASCMC’s further negotiation with President Chodosh.

The draft of a Student Social Contract was then presented to the Board by Presidential Advisor Moe Abdul-Rahim ’15 and Class of 2017 President Cole Mora, who have been working with groups of students and RAs this semester to write the proposed document. While the board discussed the draft in great detail, the overarching theme of the Contract draft is to be an affirmative statement of CMC’s values and to maintain CMC students’ privilege to be autonomous. The draft will be presented for further feedback to the Senate on Monday, April 28.

Finally, Zachariah Oquenda ’16, Director of Event Management, discussed the draft of his Student Judicial Board (SJB) proposal with the Executive Board. While details about when and how SJB is going to function if students decide to implement it still remain somewhat unclear, more information regarding SJB will be released on the Forum this week.