Executive Vice President Felipe Afanador ’18 started the April 25, 2016 meeting by approving the minutes. Following this, Senate went straight into Consortium Affairs updates.

Ellie Wainstein ’19 gave an update on Pitzer College’s most recent Senate meeting. She reported that several roles in their Senate are being taken out, but that the International Representative will stay next year.

Next, President Nicky Blumm ‘17 reported that the drone purchased recently by ASCMC has been registered through the Drone Registry, and funding was approved by a vote to reimburse him $24.99 for the cost of the registration. They plan to use the drone to film events like Pirate Party.

The next request for funding came from the Claremont Colleges Hellenic Society for their upcoming Greek Orthodox Brunch. They asked for $110, and mentioned that they have not been given budget yet so they need funds as a club to plan and have this event. The Senate voted to fund them in full. Up next on the agenda was the approval of the 5C Senate Constitution. Afanador went over the Constitution’s main points, and mentioned that Pomona has approved it and the other 5Cs will discuss it soon. The Senate voted and the Constitution was passed with one grammatical change.

President Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke ‘18  next went over the ASCMC Budget for next year. It was discussed and dissected this week, and it will be voted on next week at the last Senate meeting of the year.

Since next week is the last Senate, Afanador mentioned that next week’s meeting will be at 8:00 pm rather than 9:00 pm, and that there will be snacks. He encourages all CMC students to come to the meeting.

The meeting ended with a presentation by KLI, and they gathered information about how Senate members feel about leadership on campus. Next, Senate member Jack Carroll ‘18 presented about the possibility of divestment from coal and oil companies by CMC, and how we as students can get involved in promoting this to those in charge of CMC’s investments and endowment. With that, Afanador closed the meeting.