Pirate Party, 2010

On the agenda for Exec Board this week was club budgeting, the new 5C sexual assault prevention resource center, the upcoming Mr. Stag competition, a briefing about this weekend’s Pirate Party, and a proposal for office space renovations.

The major topic of discussion this week was Pirate Party, which coincides with CMC’s annual Alumni Weekend. According to Vice President of Student Activities Christine Horne ‘17, who plays a major role in planning and executing the event, the party “needs to go well or it won’t be a CMC tradition anymore.” Last year, she explained, alumni were disgusted by the belligerence of the student body, overcrowding in North Quad, the presence of broken glass, and the state of the campus during the party. In an email to students from ASCMC President Will Su ‘16, Horne, and Director of Student Activities Devon MacIver, they added, “we are walking a fine line hosting this event simultaneously with Alumni Weekend.”

In order to ensure that Pirate Party occurs in future years, the student body must abide by several guidelines. Primarily, the mass of the party must stay within the designated area — on Green Beach and Parents Field — North Quad cannot become overfilled or have any unregistered pre-games. Furthermore, the email from Su, Horne, and MacIver stated that everyone attending must “keep North Quad clear of all pre-parties, alcohol, and drinking games,” with the warning that “If we have to repeatedly address pre-party issues on campus Pirate Party will not happen again.”

In order to ensure that pre-games in North Quad do not violate these conditions, individual dorms and classes will be hosting their own events in other locations. In addition, everyone must have a wristband for entry on Saturday morning. If students follow these general guidelines, Pirate Party can continue to be a hallmark event at CMC each year.

The Board also discussed their budget. With a long week of club budgeting wrapping up, Exec Board is hoping to expand club funding for CMC clubs from around $65,000 to $80,000 for the upcoming year. However, the funding must first be approved by budget committee and the ASCMC Senate. In addition, the proposed budget for 5C clubs is $16,000, which is the same allocated amount as last year.

Another topic discussed this week was the creation of a new sexual assault resource center that will work to proactively prevent and stop sexual violence at the Claremont colleges. This resource, which will be in a house owned by Scripps, will give assistance to survivors as well as allies, and provide general educational resources to the student body. The name of the institution is still pending, but at this stage it will most likely be called “EmPOWER”: Empathy, Prevention, Outreach, Wellness, Education, and Resources.

The upcoming Mr. Stag competition will be held at Pickford Auditorium on Thursday at 9pm. In order to ensure that the event is entertaining and appropriate, ASCMC is considering removing the “pick-up line” aspect of the contest. Consistent with tradition, half of all tickets will be reserved for seniors. However, ASCMC does not anticipate that this policy will prohibit anyone who wants to attend from enjoying the event.

Finally, the board considered a proposal to renovate their office space. The total cost of these renovations was $5,237. There was substantial debate on whether or not the price would be worth it to the student body. Will Su stated that this was an upper-estimate of the price range, but that he hoped this renovated space could become a beneficial space for collaborative discourse and a general study space for the study body. The board did not hold a final vote, and further discussion of the renovations was tabled for next week.