Joe Newbry ’14 and Sean Adler ’13 are the two final winners of the Inauguration Prize Competition for their free app, 5CNoms. Newbry and Adler say of their app:

“5CNoms is the best way to get 5C dining hall information on your phone. 

“An older dining hall app actually existed first, but it broke, so we made our own. Sean wrote some web scrapers for the dining halls last year, and this year we wrote an iOS front-end using that data.
“We entered the competition because making stuff outside of class keeps you sane! More recently, we built a Siri-powered drink dispenser with our friends.”
Pictured below are several pages of the application. It features the menus by dining hall and by meal, and then also provides hours for every dining hall on campus as well as for other places to get food on campus, such as the Hub, Jay’s Place, the Motley, and more.