Executive Vice President Felipe Afanador ’18 began the ASCMC Senate meeting on April 11th by approving the minutes and handing out donuts. The board members updated the Senate regarding the developments in Pitzer and Harvey Mudd’s Senates.

Senate passed a funding request made by 5C Women’s Ultimate Frisbee to travel to North Carolina to participate in the DIII College’s National Tournament on May 21st and 22nd. The club requested $900 for three CMC students, allocated proportionately between the three students. At first, the Administrative Affairs and Appropriation Committee recommended funding this request partially, and if need be, the committee would then go on the fully fund this initiative. However, after much enthusiastic debate, the Senate decided to fully fund this request.

Felipe Afanador reminded the Senate that the Senate Committee Chair applications were out and are due on April 27th. The link to apply for the positions is here

Thomas Schalke ’18 detailed the changes that were made to the operating procedures. The definitions of Senate committees were updated to include their current responsibilities and role, additional committees were added, and the method of appointing the President was changed. Now, the ASCMC Executive Board has to consult the President Pro-Tempore before appointing the President.

The Senate passed a motion stating that if any club or group of individuals had money left over after using the required funds, they will be given a period of 60 days to send in their reimbursements which will be deposited in the AAA Fund. The main idea behind passing this motion was to incentivize quick and efficient filing of reimbursements by clubs and individuals using Senate funds.

Dormitory Affairs Chair Daniel Ludlam ’18 presented the statistical analysis for the 2016 Room Draw Survey. The overall results indicated that the majority of the student body was satisfied with their room draw. 49% the class of 2019, 44% of the class of 2018, and 55% of the class of 2017 said that they were able to get the dorm/quad of their choice.

The rule regarding reserving 20% of every residence hall for new students was debated in length, with several senators advocating for a 10% or 15% rule. Similarly, Senate also debated whether or not 35% of the North Quad suites should be reserved for freshman. Senators called into question several of the current housing policies at CMC and discussed questions such as, “Should freshman not be allowed to retain North Quad suites?” and, “Should students not be allowed to retain a half suite?” The Senate suggested hosting a mock room draw to help the rising freshman and anxious upperclassman ease into and familiarize themselves with room draw respectively.

The board presented and discussed the current draft of the ASCMC budget with Senate. The operations fund was newly created to fund small operations and funding requests. The development fund was eliminated and the $200 instead was assigned into the Office Relocation Fund to facilitate a smooth relocation for Career Services and the ASCMC offices. The ASCMC office will now be located on the 3rd floor of Bauer. The amount of funds allocated to each class was increased except for the class of 2017.

Afanador ended Senate with a few last minute announcements regarding Roberts Pavilion being open throughout the week. Connor Bloom ’19 announced in Senate the CMC Art Council will host an art showcase along with an open mic on April 29th from 8-10pm in the Claremont Hall Courtyard. Lastly, Sam Becker ’19 informed Senate about the Climate Leadership Summit, its schedule, and logistics.