The winning selections from the CMC Inauguration Prize Competition were featured at the Athenaeum this Monday, April 14.

The Inauguration Prize Competition was a continuation of the discussions from Inauguration Week in October, when President Hiram Chodosh entered office and led discussions about the themes “Liberal Arts in Action” and “The Art and Science of Decision-Making.”

Professor Audrey Bilger chaired the Inauguration Prize Committee, and noted, “The Steering Committee for President Chodosh’s inauguration and the president wanted to extend the thoughtful discussions of the inauguration themes—the liberal arts in action and the art and science of decision-making—beyond the weekend’s festivities. We decided to hold a student prize competition that would be open to a wide range of approaches.”

The winners were announced in an email to the student body on April 2. For Best Writing, the committee selected neuroscience major Diana Ciuca ’15 for “Frequent Flier,” which explores her liberal arts education experience. Kelsey Gohn ’16, an economics and psychology major, created a conceptual sculpture that was the winner for Best Visual Arts. The sculpture is based on the idea of decision-making, and the piece was displayed on the Gann Quadrangle this past February. For Best Technology, the team consisting of economics and computer science majors Joseph Newbry ’14 and Sean Adler ’14, who created an iOS application called 5CNoms to provide updates on the 5C dining halls.

Professor Bilger continued, “We were impressed by the quality of submissions and especially by the winning projects, which showcased the creativity, innovation, and artfulness of our students.”

The winners’ work was featured in an Athenaeum Tea this past Monday, which President Chodosh attended in order to personally thank the winners. The winning submissions will also be displayed in the spring issue of CMC magazine, as well as right here in The Forum.

The Inauguration Prize Committee consisted of a diverse group of individuals from CMC, including Professor Audrey Bilger, Professor Ghenwa Hayek, Professor Gabriel Cook, Nathan Falk ’14, and staff member and alumnus Nick Owchar.

The Forum will publish individual pieces about each of the prize winners in the upcoming days.