Every Spring at CMC, hundreds of swashbuckling students descend upon Green Beach for a day of merriment and shenanigans.  This festival, which is of course Pirate Party, has been one of CMC’s most cherished traditions, and one that ASCMC is working to maintain. ASCMC has recently confirmed that Pirate Party will once again return to its traditional date, May 3, on Alumni Weekend and alumni will be allowed into the party.

The preparation process for this year’s Pirate Party went through some twists and turns. “The alumni were concerned about the general rambunctiousness of the students last year,” Senior Class President Laura Epstein ’14 said, “so we discussed about the proper time to start a conversation [on the topic].”

The initial thoughts of moving the party date proved problematic because of the lack of available dates to choose from. Alumni Weekend (May 2-4) turns out to be the only ideal time. The second weekend of Coachella is April 18 – 20, Senior Thesis will be due the Tuesday after the weekend of April 25 – 27, after which is the Alumni Weekend, to be immediately followed by reading days and finals week.

Epstein, who was working on the details of the party back when the date was still up in the air, is confident toward the prospect of the Pirate Party. She has been working with the Dean of Students Office to work out the logistics of the party. Every aspect of the event has to be taken into consideration. “We register events with DOS”, Epstein mentioned, “so they have say over how many people can be there, how many fences and kegs can be there, if off-campus guests should be allowed, a lot of stuff. We just need to talk about if there would be any restrictions on Pirate Party and what date DOS would approve.”

Epstein and former SAC Mark Blumenfeld ’14 were previously responsible for planning the party, but the responsibility has shifted with the installation of the new board.  New SAC Jessie Thomas CM ’16 has taken charge of planning the event and reports that there are no no major changes to the event.

“It will be very similar to the past Pirate Parties,” Thomas explained. “Our goal is to create an environment for everyone to have an amazing time, whether they be alumni or current students. My personal goal is to keep it as close to tradition as possible while enhancing the best parts and improving them.”

For a while, alumni were concerned about whether there would be any changes regarding the alumni admittance policy, but once again, alumni will be welcomed in. Anyone who has enjoyed the Pirate life in previous years will be able to swashbuckle to his or her heart’s content this May.