At Sunday’s meeting, the ASCMC Executive Board discussed the past week’s TNC party, on-campus housing resources, the effort in building up the Student Judicial Board and the Dean of Students Office’s hiring interviews.

ASCMC President Ben Tillotson ’15 opened the meeting by announcing that the tent company used for Space-X is charging ASCMC $3,000 for the  staining on the tent walls due to condensation and the black decorative banners ASCMC attached. Since the company is making ASCMC buy the walls, however, Tillotson reported that the tents will still be available for future use and could possibly save up to around $250 for each future tent event.

Dormitory Affairs Chair Elaine Sohng ’17 discussed the past week’s TNC, noting that the event received positive feedback from the participants. “Both students who usually go to TNC and those who don’t had fun at the event,” Sohng mentioned. ASCMC is open to suggestions on how to host more inclusive parties in which all CMC students feel welcome in the future.

Vice president William Su ’16 then shifted the discussion to the growing concern regarding on-campus housing resources. Next year, an especially high number of students will have to live in triples due to limited on-campus housing and increasing student population. Eight beds previously available to students in the Auen and Fawcett apartments will be unavailable as the new positions that DOS is hiring are intended to live there. “Parents are getting concerned as well,” Su said.

Su and Tillotson recently brought these concerns to the Parent Relations Board of Directors. They reported that Nancy Falk P’14, the President of the Board, asked parents and alumni to get involved to help with the situation. Su and Tillotson proposed the possibility of the new DOS staff members living near campus at the College Park apartments instead.

Zachariah Oquenda ’16, the Director of Event Management, gave an update on the process of building up a Student Judicial Board, an idea that Board members proposed recently in conjunction with a larger campaign for social responsibility. Oquenda and Michael Irvine ‘16, the President Pro-Tempore, met with interested students over the past week to produce an outline of the Student Judicial Board’s goal in the following year. “Overall it’s going very well,” Oquenda said.

Class of 2017 President Cole Mora ’17 brought up his preliminary thoughts on how to connect students on campus in efforts to promote social responsibility. “Institutes like KLI have lots of resources that we can use (for projects to help with that goal),” Mora said.

To finish up the meeting, Su discussed the interview with the fourth candidate for the Assistant Director of Residential Life. The interview will happen on Monday, April 14 from 2:30 to 3:15 in the Freeberg Lounge in the Athenaeum. Iris Liu ‘16, the former President of the Class of 2016, mentioned that the Dean of Students Office expects to announce all the new staff together to the student body after the hiring process is finished.