Executive Vice President Felipe Afanador ’18 started the ASCMC Senate meeting on April 11th by approving the minutes. He then recapped Pomona’s Senate meeting that he attended, and mentioned that Pomona student Christina Tong ’17 is the new Pomona Senate President.

Afanador then gave Michelle Cao ’19 the floor to speak a bit about the Women and Gender Leadership Initiative. Cao gave a short presentation that detailed her work with KLI to promote the program facilitation and funding for student proposals centered around women, gender, and leadership. The initiative is funded by President Chodosh. Senate members were asked to complete a short survey about issues with gender that we may have on campus.

Next, Will Su ’16 gave an update about the CMC Leadership Climate Summit coming up on April 23rd. He gave a brief summary of the schedule for the event, which will include three keynote speakers as well as breakout sessions in between. The full itinerary and link to reserve a ticket is on the CMC website. The summit is free for all students of the Claremont Colleges.

The next item on the agenda was to continue the discourse on recycling at CMC. Sam Becker ’19 presented a letter to the Dean of Students, written by Adele English ’19, which proposes a small presentation at Freshman Orientation about recycling as well as a more serious talk initiated by RAs at the first dorm meetings. The letter was discussed briefly by Senate members and will likely make its way to DOS soon.

Afanador next detailed the idea for a 5C Senate, which has been in the works for a while. The idea is to create something that will help facilitate communication amongst the 5Cs at a student level. The idea is still being written and will hopefully be off the ground next year.

Some last reminders from Afanador were that Roberts Pavilion is open for CMC students on the weekends, and that Art Council is hosting a showcase in the Claremont Hall Courtyard with an open mic on April 29th.

Senate then moved into Open Forum, and Zach Wong ’19 brought up the issue that clubs perhaps spend too frivolously at the end of the year to try to use up all their allocated funds. After a small debate where different Senate members addressed opposing opinions on the issue, Russell Salazar ’18 suggested looking into stats on reimbursement and budgeting for clubs over the years and then assessing the problem or trends from there.

The meeting ended with a reminder that there are only three Senate meetings left of the school year, and that next week’s meeting will include a preliminary view of Senate’s budget for next year.