Room Draw 2014 has arrived and the Forum will be live updating from the situation room in Heggblade for all your room draw information purposes. We have  a map of the campus dorms and we will bring you up-to-date room selections and availability.  Please note that the map below reflects next years updated room numbers, room configuration changes (such as all rooms that have been converted to triples,) and room gender allocation changes.

Map Key:

Rooms colored light blue are designated for males.

Rooms colored light pink are designated for females.

Rooms colored white are available to males and females. 

Rooms colored gray are gender neutral. This is only in Beckett. 

Rooms colored red are already chosen or retained.

Rooms colored dark green will not be available next year.

Rooms colored light yellow are reserved for RAs.

Here’s the map, updated live! If the map is not loading try here.

Use the tabs at the bottom to navigate between dorms.

Disclaimer: This is an informal map for informal planning purposes only. Visit Heggblade to view Housing’s official map. We do not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, scale, or orientation of the dorm representations below. Please be aware that the North/East/South/West orientations differ by dorm.



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