Ben Tilly ’15, President


Ben is from Boston, and is majoring in everything under the sun (PPA). He is a struggling Athaholic – rumor has it he once invited a speaker to pub – yet every Thursday night he still managed to bring us the best TNCs since sliced bread. Ben doesn’t understand the word “no” and that’s brought us the Green Beach slip-n-slide jump and a TNC pool party. Even when he left CMC for a semester, he couldn’t get away from his shenanigans – his semester at the Elizabeth Warren campaign involved driving a pedophile van around to college campuses offering students free food (and Zach Braff even accompanied him!). He’s never afraid to make new friends, whether in the back of a taxi in Bogotá or at much-needed Sunday morning brunch. And he would not be the man he is today without being part of the legendary 2011-2012 Phillips Hall.

Will Su ’16, Vice President


There are two types of Vice Presidents, doormats and matadors. We can promise you that Will Su is the latter. When this Southern California native isn’t busy stockpiling army reserves of ramen noodles, he’s working tirelessly to reform Senate. Will Su will sue you if you don’t show up to Senate. This Science and Management major idolizes Miley Cyrus and Frank Underwood. So watch out, Tilly. We all know how the second season ends and he’ll be coming in like a wrecking ball.

Aviv Caspi ’16, Chief Financial Officer


Aviv Caspi was not born, he came into the world fully formed, teaching Econ with a reimbursement form in his hand. Aviv is dual majoring in Applied Math and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE), and no, he doesn’t know what he wants to do with that yet. When he is not slaving away at his gorgeous double screens at the ASCMC offices, Aviv might be found researching at the Financial Economics Institute, proclaiming that “Every day is a good day!”, watching absurd numbers of TED talks, or snuggling with his stuffed monkey, Mikey. If you see Aviv around campus, he is not waving at you, he is high fiving the invisible hand. Aviv can most definitely be bribed with Chipotle, so feel free to ask the employees of the Foothill location for his daily order.

Christine Horne ’17, Executive Secretary 


Christine is from the beautiful state of Washington, and is an avid Seahawks fan. She has no clue what she is majoring in, so stop asking. She can type very quickly and accurately, which comes in handy when she is updating her Facebook or Twitter about the action-packed games at Century Link Field. More often than not, you can find her wearing something lululemon in Phillips, playing BP, or outside of Phillips talking about how great Phillips is. Her goals for this year are to color code everything related to ASCMC and to talk about the Seahawks more.


Moe Abdul-Rahim ’15, Presidential Advisor


Mo.  How do you even spell that? Moe? Mo? Moo? M0? &*? As Presidential Advisor, he’s been hired to his first consulting job ever, living the CMC dream.  Whenever anything goes wrong with CMC, please remember who the management is listening to.  That man is M0.  He spans an expertise that ranges from SLC** to JCP to now PA, or as we like to spell it “presidential advisors”.  Anyways, Moo can be spotted in his natural habitat riding his red scooter to run away from campus security who is always trying to catch him riding dirty.

*Editor’s Note: We’ve been informed that all our spellings of “Mo” have been wrong.  We deeply regret this error.

**The ASCMC Constitution requires that we use at least one hundred abbreviations in our vocabulary of interpreting ASCMC.

Shannon Miller ’16, Presidential Advisor


Considering her political views, it should come as no surprise that Shannon is from Berkeley, CA. In an emergency situation, Shannon will have no reservation breaking the glass ceiling, and she is super excited to join the ASCMC boys’ club. She’s rumored to be the favorite for the “token feminist” spot in the class of 2016 recruits to CMC’s elite and super private Secret Society, and she’s hoping her position as Presidential Advisor will impress the Society and demonstrate her ability to sway those with influence on campus. She’s had plenty of experience advising past male ASCMC President Gavin Landgraf on topics including “Feminism 101” and “How Much Hair Gel Is Too Much?” so this role should be a breeze for her. Like Gavin, she is a PPE major and works at the Rose Institute. Unlike Gavin… in every other way.

Zachariah Oquenda ’16, Director of Event Management
Zachariah (never Zach) is a PPE major who also serves as the Director of Student Security and Event Management. In his duties, Zachariah oversees the underground infighting of wannabe Megastags and is forced to set-up fences for TNCs. Outside of his responsibilities on Exec Board, you can find Zachariah avoiding the use of sleeves, motorcycling across the country, or impressing his fellow classmates with his ability to do a backflip. Zachariah is also not afraid of trying to wire a car alarm to stop going off.

Anna Zimmerman ’17, Campus Organizations Chair


Like many CMC students, Anna says she is from Seattle, but is really not in any way (Bellevue – what else did you expect?).  When she’s not watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Keeping up with the Kardashians, she spends most of her time working toward a degree in Science and Management. At any given moment you can find her either online shopping for her 17th puffy vest or color-coding the minute by minute events on her Google Calendar. As a cougar, she is super excited for the incoming Freshmen class (to be fair that includes her boyfriend). Please follow her on Twitter (@azimmzimm) it makes her feel like she has more friends than just on Facebook.

Jessie Thomas ’16, Social Affairs Chair

Jessie Thomas is a neuroscience major and a rising junior. She may not be Seattle, but Jessie still knows how to make it rain fun. Actually, she’s from New Mexico and doesn’t know what rain is. She is excited to get down to business as SAC and take a #SELFIE with the Chainsmokers. As a neuroscience major, Jessie has more free time than she knows what to do with, so you can usually find her at TNR, Pub, TNC, BLOC, the Saturday day party, the pregame for the Saturday night party, the Saturday night party, the postgame for the Saturday night party, and passed out on the balcony of Appleby Sunday morning. Oh, and she probably planned most of those. If you haven’t met Jessie, you definitely have, but neither of you remember it. If you have met Jessie, you know that there is nothing she values more than CMC’s vibrant, open social scene. Except maybe organic chemistry.

Elaine Sohng ’17, Dorm Affairs Chair

Elaine Sohng is from Hawai’i but schooled at Andover. This is important to know so we wrote it first. In case you didn’t know, Andover is a highly selective, prestigious, co-educational independent boarding preparatory school located in Massachusetts. So it’s a big deal. For more information, look here. Don’t talk to her about privilege though, because it’s likely she’s angry at yours. In fact, did you know that what you just said is offensive to some people? Cause she does. When you’re with Elaine, you’d better be prepared because her passion for creating a vibrant social life is off the charts. She has more great ideas for parties than a USC frat and she’s always there to be a caring friend. Or get nice and personal with you in some jell-o. She’s good at that too. Get ready for an incredible year with a rock star DAC, because Elaine is bringing the party.

Chloe Zagrodzky ’17, Student Life Chair

Chloe is a government major from the fabled country of Texas. This talented saxophonist is ready to blow your horns with awesome SLC events so be ready for Disney throwbacks and puppies, puppies, puppies. She may seem like your average Southern Belle, but don’t underestimate this fire cracker! If you ever approach this leggy brunette, be prepared to learn the difference between grilling and the art of a proper BBQ. Everything’s bigger in Texas and Chloe’s ready to bring you the best SLC events you’ve ever seen.



Laura Epstein ’14, Class of 2014 President

Laura Epstein woke up one morning and thought, “I think I’ll run for senior class president.” Despite that lapse in judgment, Laura has proven herself to be a strong leader and has given the senior class a great last year. She has a peanut allergy and is a vegetarian, but if you’ve spoken to her you probably already know that. Laura is an avid hiker and loves mountain climbing, although she faints at the sight of small animals. As she moves forward as president-for-life, she plans to remain actively involved in CMC, the Center for Civic Engagement, and unsurprisingly the College Democrats.

Abby Michaelsen ’15, Class of 2015 President

Hailing from Newport Beach, California, Abby Michaelsen is the new and final Class of 2015 President. Who better than to constantly remind us to go to events, start donating back to the school, and do this and that!  Although Abby is a Government major, she has no interest in ever running for office, going into law, or doing anything that has anything to do with politics. Ever.  She is excited about planning fun and exciting events for the Senior Class and making sure 100 & 200 Days, the Vegas Trip, Senior Week, and Graduation are nothing short of AMAZING!  Sadly, she will not be living at the senior apartments next year* which she will tell you is ridiculous because the class president just has to have an apartment so that the class can throw events at her place. And then she’ll tell you that again. And again. She’ll compare it to a president of a country who does not actually live in the country. But don’t worry, Abby is still going to make sure the Class of 2015 has an unforgettable last year at CMC. Expect the most glamorous, elaborate, and well-decorated parties any senior class has ever seen. And don’t worry, we’ll never have to get rid of her because she’s president… for life.

*Editors note: Due to her constant complaining, she may have gotten an apartment for next year. But I’m sure she’ll tell you loudly either way.

Ben Turner ’16, Class of 2016 President

Benedict Turner is a rising Junior from Vancouver, Canada, which is basically Seattle. He’s currently studying abroad in the United States of America, and is excited for his course schedule and extracurricular activities Junior year, which include “Lit 117 – Intermediate Pronunciation of About” and a Harvey Mudd engineering course aboot the science of maple syrup production. Ben is looking forward to improving campus life the Class of 2016 by making it easier for students to feel connected to their student government through bringing the Benefits of his excellent sense of humor to class emails. He pledges to only use his favorite font, Comic Sans, because he wants to bring it back to the popularity it had in fourth grade. Ben is working very hard to plan stress-relieving and memorable events for the class. Last but not least, he knows how important self-esteem is to CMC students and promises to use his relationship with certain Facebook page managers to Bensure that every Class of 2016er receives at least three Claremont Compliments per day.

Cole Mora ’17, Class of 2017 President

Cole Mora is a rising sophomore from Seattle, Washington who majors in Biology. Is it a surprise that he’s sophomore class president? Is it a surprise that he’s from Seattle? Everyone would’ve preferred a president from the Bay Area, but what are you going to do? Hey what the hell, Cole is a nice kid with a dream and his door is ALWAYS open. Like always. Cole’s door is open when he sleeps at night, when he’s not there, even during 😉 time, and it appears his laptop is free for the taking. So please, please come by. HE JUST WANTS TO BE YOUR FRIEND. We expect he’ll plan some events or something for the Class of 2017. When Cole Mora is not begging for friendship he can be found playing soccer for the Stags, tutoring Aviv in econ (even though it’s a lost cause), or using instagram ironically. He’ll rep you long time. Cole Mora 4 4 more years.

Michael Irvine ’16 Senate President Pro-Tempore

Michael is a rising Junior majoring in PPE with more knowledge of the ASCMC constitution than anyone should feel comfortable being aware of. From the East Coast, Michael (Mikey or Bourbon) is also a twin, meaning that somewhere out there, there exists another man as dreamy and as trusted with another school’s constitution as he is. Michael spends his time either at the Ath, designing killer posters for the Dems or plotting the control of all of ASCMC with his roommate and ASCMC CFO Aviv Caspi. His greatest dream is to one day inflect.

Tooba Karim, Treasurer
Tooba (n.) – a large brass wind instrument of bass pitch, with three to six valves and a broad bell typically facing upward.





Josh Mittler, RA Liaison 

Contrary to what some will claim, Josh Mittler is probably the meanest person on campus (sorry Remy and Ashraf). He can often be seen standing outside of Boswell with more bunnies than Hugh Heffner. Josh will bring to the Exec Board past ASCMC experience, as well as deadly kung fu skills, dual citizenship, and a knack for Science and Management. For more reading on Josh, click here.