The meeting opened with Vice President Will Su ’16 presenting an amendment that would formalize a committee to aid in vetting and selecting nominees for appointment, specifically for trustee, faculty, and special administrative committees. Su presented the amendment with the intention to counteract bias on the part of the Vice President, as currently the Vice President has sole control over this selection process.

The discussion then shifted to another potential amendment. The proposed amendment would require the ASCMC budget to be above four percent of the Student Body Fund. The current minimum is three percent, although a number of Board Members noted that the budget tends to exceed the four percent mark anyway.

Dormitory Affairs Chair Elaine Sohng ’17 discussed the past week’s TNC, noting that turnout for the event was lower than expected. Social Activities Chair Jessie Thomas ’16 then opened the discussion about the Saturday Space X party, with the initial comment that the event went fairly smoothly.

However, Thomas also brought attention to the noise complaint that brought local Claremont Police to the event. Other issues included conflicting interests with the DJs and managers from the event, with DJs pulling students up on to the stage as well as refusing to allow more student security officers behind the stage to help with crowd control.

Student Life Chair Chloe Zagrodsky ’17 noted that events such as Space X often lead to increased drug use, and suggested taking action by providing information to students so that they can effectively respond to potential overdose and related drug problems.

President Ben Tillotson ’15 shifted the discussion to the upcoming Parent’s Board Meeting. Executive Board members cited student loans and financial aid, as well as CMC’s socioeconomic diversity, as discussion priorities. Members also mentioned Pomona’s connection to Quest Bridge, a program that actively recruits students from low-income communities and then provides them with support once they are on campus. CMC used to have a similar program but it has been discontinued.

The Board also discussed the potential for hosting more events at the senior apartments, although current policies hold the students living in the apartments in question responsible for any liability issues that may arise. The board came to the consensus not to raise the issue at the Parents Board Meeting, although it seemed as if discussion over the liability issues would continue.

Freshman Class President Cole Mora ’17 discussed plans for a social contract to emphasize particular values. This discussion was a continuation of events such as the Mirza Summit that seek to explore the social life at CMC. Mora hopes to create a set of agreed-upon values that could be presented to students through various means, such as posters in dorm lounges. Mora hopes that the creation of a social contract will encourage more ownership and pride in Claremont students and among peers. The social contract could include measures such as having students clean up lounges if they were responsible for the mess.

The Board also discussed the plans for the creation of a Student Judicial Board, with Director of Student Security Zachariah Oquenda ’15 hoping to clarify the purpose and scope of the body in upcoming weeks.