As the Senate members walked into this week’s meeting, they were greeted immediately by a new sign-in device using keycards, which has been in the works for a few months. Once Senate members sign in, the system will let them take a vote-counting device to their seats to approve minutes and vote for movements.

In a Consortium Affairs update, Luke Radice ‘19 gave an update on the Pitzer Senate. They have officially banned the sale and distribution of water, and are currently working with Bon Appétit as well as the companies that supply the vending machines to make this happen. Additionally, Pitzer’s Senate has released their official definition of sustainability. Newly elected Executive Vice President Felipe Afanador ‘18 gave some quick updates about changes in Pomona’s Senate, including reform for their PR position’s election and the requirement that they give regular updates to their student body.

The election for President Pro-Tempore took place next. Along with helping the Executive Vice President, the Present Pro-Tempore will act as the ethical voice of ASCMC. The two candidates running were David Brown ‘19 and current Campus Improvement Committee Chair Thomas Schalke ‘18. After each gave a speech capped at three minutes, the candidates were asked to leave the room so Senate could debate. Once the debate finished, the Senate members used the new sign-in technology to vote. Schalke won the majority of votes and is the new President Pro-Tempore starting next year for ASCMC.

Next on the agenda was a funding request for the Administrative Affairs and Appropriations Committee. Iris Liu ‘16, former Executive VP, requested funding for travel and ticket expenses for College Union Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI), a slam poetry convention. As a stipulation for the funding, Liu proposed that she would put together workshops and open-mics in hopes of expanding the slam poetry community at the Claremont Colleges. Liu stepped out for debate, and after deliberation the Senate voted in favor of partially funding Liu. Senate gave her the amount of the plane ticket, $322, and required that she still complete the stipulations originally set out.

Because the debate for President Pro-Tempore and Liu’s funding request caused the meeting to run long, Afanador moved the last item on the agenda, an update on CMC’s recycling policy, to next week.