Heggblade Center

The search committee seeking to fill the two vacant positions in the Dean of Students Office has made considerable progress. In late March, with recommendations from the search firm Isaacson, Miller and feedback from the CMC community, it identified more than 50 prospects for the Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students position, and more than 70 prospects for the Associate/Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion position.

According to Acting Dean of Students Torrey Sun, the search committee will interview the top four to six candidates in each pool in mid-April, and will bring those at the top of the pools to campus for interviews in late April and the first week of May.

Their names will be announced to the CMC community. There will be student, faculty and staff opportunities to meet the candidates for both positions and ask them questions. Sun stated that for the Associate/Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion position in particular, student voices will be especially important as the position is new at the College. The Student Diversity and Inclusion Board and PSR Committee for Campus Climate will also have the opportunity to meet the candidates for both positions; their meetings will have a clear focus on how the candidates will work with students across a range of diverse backgrounds. With consideration from consultations with the search committee and community feedback, President Chodosh will ultimately make the final hiring decisions. Sun said that the College anticipates a hiring announcement for both positions by the end of the semester and an anticipated start date of July 1, 2016.

Sun described the candidate pools for both positions as “very rich.” When describing the background of the candidates, he stated that “all of the candidates have extensive experience in working with college students, and many boast impressive accomplishments in their scholarship, leadership and various student affairs initiatives.” Sun also mentioned that the pools include applicants from top institutions across the country, including several in the Ivy League and a number of highly-selective, residential liberal arts colleges, in addition to applicants from both public and private larger institutions. Several have worked in other industries, but have close ties to higher education.

When beginning the process of identifying candidates for the search positions, CMC recruited the search firm Isaacson, Miller (I,M) to conduct the initial search to fill the candidate pools for both positions. Based out of San Francisco, I,M has a history of running executive level searches, including positions at CMC, Swarthmore, Washington University in St. Louis, MIT, Brown and Penn. “One of our reasons for selecting Isaacson, Miller is their commitment to a sourcing and recruiting process that yields prospects and candidates from extensive networks that include higher education, industry and non-profits,” Sun expressed.

I,M’s About Us page affirms a “longstanding commitment to bringing women and people of color to senior management positions. For over 30 years we have established networks that support us in our efforts to build and present diverse pools of candidates. Over the life of the firm, 43 percent of our placements have been women and 23 percent have been people of color.” More information about their previous and current searches can be found at their website.

In early March, I,M’s Executive Search Team gained feedback on the search in meetings with members of the search committee, ASCMC Officers, outgoing and incoming Resident Assistants, student Diversity & Inclusion Board members, members of the faculty, staff and administration and CMC students. When the candidates’ campus visits take place, “the firm will release a confidential email account to which all feedback can be sent,” Sun states. “The comments will be anonymized and organized by the firm for the search committee to review.” He encourages all students to attend the open student sessions, as “feedback from stakeholders across the community is highly valued, and will play a key role in the search committee’s recommendations to the president.”

When asked for any additional statements regarding the positions, Sun replied that “the search committee is pleased with the caliber of the applicant pool and looks forward to getting to know the applicants better during the interview phase.”