Dean Huang presented at Monday night’s meeting of the Senate, primarily regarding Admissions and Financial Aid.

Dean Huang showed Senators unaudited statistics for CMC’s 2013 entering class. The acceptance rate listed was 11.7% this year, making CMC more selective than ever been before; last year, the acceptance rate was 12.4%. Huang also estimated that CMC is probably now in the top three most selective liberal arts schools, in terms of admit rate, and said CMC has become an “it” school for high school students. The target size for the incoming class is 310-320 people, said Huang.

Additionally, Dean Huang stated that CMC had received 165 transfer applications as of 5pm on the April 1st application deadline. This pool includes applicants from Princeton, Yale, and Pomona College.

In addition to admissions, Dean Huang addressed the recent financial aid policy change to eliminate the “no packaged loans” policy. Huang explained that CMC’s financial aid program currently includes three mandates: need-blind admissions, meeting all financial need, and no packaged loans. However, the first two policies have become unsustainable due to the third; according to Dean Huang, CMC has overspent by around $900,000 in financial aid this year.

Dean Huang attributed this imbalance to the fact that CMC’s cost of attendance has risen by around $20,000 per student over the last nine years ($40,578 to $60,141) while students’ estimated family contribution has only grown by $4,000 in that period ($16,500 to $20,500); the College increased financial aid by 9.1% between the ‘05-’06 and ‘10-’11 school years. According to Huang, research also showed that the “no packaged loan” policy, the most generous of CMC’s three policies, was not helping to recruit lower-income applicants. Huang added that the College is committing to raise more money for financial aid.

Aside from these topics, Huang also announced that he will resume teaching in the Philosophy Department next spring. Additionally, when asked about the status of implementing gender-neutral dorms, Huang confirmed that the newly designed Mid Quad dorms will include gender-neutral bathrooms, but stated that he would need to speak with Dean Eric Vos in order to clarify the progress towards fully gender-neutral housing.

Following Dean Huang’s presentation and Q&A, ASCMC President Gavin Landgraf introduced a constitutional amendment to restructure the ASCMC Elections Committee. The proposal, which will be voted on at next week’s Senate, would give the incoming ASCMC President and Vice President a vote in deliberations on appointed positions for ASCMC’s Executive Board, and rescind the ability to vote from the outgoing President and Vice President, while keeping them on the committee in an advisory role.


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