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The second Executive Board meeting of the term addressed event de-briefs, email correspondence with the student body, concrete goals, and potential snapchat filters for campus.

The meeting commenced amid much discussion regarding the first two ASCMC hosted events on Thursday and Saturday. Vice President of Student Affairs Chandler Koon ’19 was excited about TNC on Thursday and credited the larger turnout to the correspondence between the Crown Hall and Claremont Hall events that night. In fact, because so many students from other colleges attended the event, campus security decided to convert the CMC-only event to an all-encompassing 5C party.

“The one thing that concerned me about the event was that the residents living in the area weren’t super excited about the loud music we were playing in the courtyard because it amplified into their rooms,” Koon said.

The Board also discussed the numerous noise complaints that eventually shut down McKenna Palooza on Saturday night. RA Liaison Caroline Peck ’18 said that for official on-campus parties, the on-call dean talks to the Claremont Police Department, but it’s different for unofficial parties at the apartments. “If there are two noise complaints issued and Claremont Police Department comes to the apartments, that’s a one-on-one interaction between an individual and the police,” she said. “Whoever is playing the music – that individual, not the on-call dean, is personally responsible.”

ASCMC President Sami Malas ‘19 then asked the group about students “opting-out” of ASCMC emails. Malas, after receiving a response to his weekly Skim email that essentially asked to unsubscribe to all non-required ASCMC emails, wondered whether students should be able to disengage from ASCMC notifications. This question sparked much debate amid executive members. Anthony Burre ‘19 questioned whether those students who expressed concern over ASCMC “spamming their inboxes” actually ever read the emails in the first place. Senior Class President Cole Mora ’17 said, “In the sense that it’s not spamming personal email accounts, which I think would be an entirely different discussion, it seems reasonable that ASCMC communications are what CMC inboxes entail.”

Next, Executive Vice President Patrick Elliott ’19 presented briefly on a document that contained the new goals of elected officials. These, Elliott explained, would hold executive members accountable for the student body and ensure that they are working productively to reach certain goals.

Exec Board then looked at new snapchat filters for campus. Connor Bloom ’19 and Biniyam Asnake ’20 shared the snapchat designs for the three residential quads, Roberts Pavilion, and the Hub. Freshman Class President Bryan Carlen ’20 agreed with the majority of the group that the whole student body should be invited to vote on the final designs and specific alterations should be made in Senate.

Elliott shared a fund request for a microphone and camera to increase productivity of livestreams. Malas had previously purchased the same camera, so that was removed from the request. The microphone funding was tabled for next week.

The meeting concluded after a brief open forum.

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