On Sunday night at 7 p.m., ASCMC’s Executive Board held its sixth meeting of the Spring 2016 semester and its first meeting with the new Executive Board.

The meeting began with updates from the board members. ASCMC Diversity Chair Patrick Elliott ’19 said that he was currently working with Amy Bibbens, Assistant Dean of Students and Director for the Center of Civic Engagement, to provide diversity training for the Executive Board. Michael Irvine ‘16, who will serve as President Pro-Tempore of the ASCMC Senate for the remainder of the semester, notified the attendees that the applications for the 2016-2017 President Pro-Tempore of the ASCMC Senate would be released that night and are due by Friday, April 1. ASCMC’s Elections Committee will nominate up to three candidates from the pool of applicants to the ASCMC Senate, and those candidates will give a brief speech in front of Senate at next Monday night’s meeting on April 4 before the Senate votes. Class of 2018 President Joey Yamada ‘18 said that she is working on establishing cabinet positions for her class. Class of 2019 President Edgar Warnholtz ’19 recently held his first meeting with his cabinet and said that his Mexican Food Night for the Class of 2019 was a success. ASCMC Chief Financial Officer Issa Abdul Rahman ‘18 reported that he was working on an ASCMC reimbursement guide to make this process easier for students. ASCMC Executive Secretary Sami Malas ‘19 said that last weekend’s Executive Board retreat was a success. ASCMC Vice President of Student Activities Cristina Lee ‘18 is currently working on getting funding for McKennaPalooza and Pirate Party.

First, the board discussed the process of the 5C Budget Hearing, where members will determine allocations for each college. This year there will be 5-minute hearings for each organization. Historically, the Campus Organizations Chair has brought in someone from outside ASCMC Executive Board to ask questions. Jess Winssinger ’19, new Campus Organizations Chair, will find and send a candidate, and will consult last year’s Campus Organizations Chair, Melissa Muller ’18, for advice.

After discussing the 5C Budget Hearings, the board heard from representatives of The Student Life (TSL), a student-run newspaper published weekly by the Associated Students of Pomona College for the Claremont Colleges. The publication was represented by CMC students Carlos Ballesteros ’16, current TSL Editor-in-Chief, and Caroline Bowman ’16, TSL’s first Editor-in-Chief from CMC during the 2014-2015 school year. Recently, the publication was in a $5,000 deficit and the Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) would not allow the students to run the paper unless they paid their outstanding debt. Initially, they were seeking $2,000 in funding from ASCMC to pay back their debt. However, Pomona College President David Oxtoby graciously decided to help fund the newspaper for the remainder of the semester.

Ballesteros and Bowman viewed Oxtoby’s donation as only a short-term solution, wanting to discuss future funding for TSL. Despite the paper moving from a Pomona paper to a 5C paper, ASPC has continued to fund 90% of the publication. Ballesteros said that the publication has recently covered many stories on the other Claremont Colleges and noted that CMC students make up 15% of its staff. Additionally, the publication has made an effort to lower its costs by cutting down the number of issues produced and changing the size of its papers. The TSL representatives support a more equitable funding plan in which each of the 5 colleges would give $5,000 to the paper.

There were mixed opinions from board members. Some suggested that the TSL become solely online, while others suggested that the paper put more effort into raising revenue and perhaps transition to a subscription-based publication. The discussion of this issue will continue in the future.

Following the review of the TSL’s budget, Micky Ferguson ‘17 made a presentation on reviving CMC’s yearbook, Ayer. Ferguson, who is very passionate about bringing back yearbooks, has been in contact with CMC administrators and printers in Upland. She hopes to contact parents about the congratulations advertisements in the yearbook in order to make the yearbook as inexpensive as possible for students. She believes that CMC’s Office of Alumni and Parent Relations should be able to front a decent amount of the budget since they might want to use the yearbook to advertise and showcase events. The board was very enthusiastic about this idea and encouraged Ferguson to move forward with reviving the yearbook.

ASCMC President Nicky Blumm ‘17 notified attendees that he and other members of the Executive Board, as well as those of the Diversity and Inclusion Board, have had multiple sessions with Isaacson, Miller Inc., the executive search firm hired to provide support in the search for a new Dean of Students and an Associate or Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion. A brief survey will be sent out to the student body.

Afterwards, the board discussed funding requests from guests. The first request was for SAC Birthday Party, a Pitzer College event that took place on Saturday, March 26. The board agreed to fund Pitzer for the generator since the party showed high attendance from CMC students. The board also agreed to fund Club 2300, a Harvey Mudd College club-themed event, and Hip Hop Festival, an event hosted by Pitzer.

In Open Forum, Yamada notified attendees that The After School Specials, a 5C a cappella group, was one of 14 groups to advance in the “Til It Happens To You: Sing for Survivors” contest. She wanted ASCMC to send a reminder to the student body to vote for them. The meeting concluded with Christophe Rimann ‘17 and Alex Brenner ‘17 expressing a desire for ASCMC to partner with Custom Made, their custom apparel company.