The campaigns are over, the ballots are in, and the votes have been counted. Each position — class presidents, dorm activities chair, social activities chair, social life chair, vice president, and president — was up for grabs, and there were over a dozen students running. Ladies and gentlemen of Claremont McKenna, we are pleased to announce the results from the 2011 ASCMC Elections.

ASCMC President-Runoff
*Jessica Mao: 57.73%
Will Kahn: 42.27% 

ASCMC President-First Ballot
Will Kahn: 31.1%
Edward La Cava: 25.7%
Jessica Mao: 42.39%

ASCMC Vice President
* Aditya Pai: 95.2%
Write-ins: 4.8%

Social Affairs Chair
* Will Brown: 94.6%
Write-ins: 5.4%

Student Life Chair
* Burk Zanft: 71.8%
Hilary Haskell: 26.7%
Write-ins: 1.6%

Class of 2013 President
Lannie “Betty” Rosenfield: 38.9%
*Connor Barclay: 58.4%

Class of 2012 President
*Mary Doyle: 68.2%
Austin Hallett: 31.8%

Dorm Activities Chair-Runoff

*Clare Riva: 60.6%
Peter Fanküchen: 39.4%

DAC-First Ballot
Clare Riva: 47.7%
Peter Fanküchen: 29.3%
Steven Limandibhratha: 21.6%

Class of 2011 Graduation Speaker
Ben Kraus: 8.9%
*Jesse Blumenthal: 54.5%
Carl Peaslee: 36.6%

Class of 2014 President-Runoff
*Gavin Landgraf: 53.9%
Andrew Bergman: 46.1%

2014-Second Ballot
Gavin Landgraf: 35.8%
Andrew Bergman: 32.6%
Alexandra Cooke: 31.6%

2014-First Ballot
Gavin Landgraf: 32.8%
Andrew Bergman: 29.2%
Alexandra Cooke: 23.4%
Max Zipperman: 14.6%

  • CMCer

    i demand to know who was on the write-ins


    • Beer Belly

      Gordon Biersch is BACK IN BUSINESS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Given the egotistical nature of Aditya Pai’s speech, I think it is essential that he and everyone on campus acknowledge that these results show he has serious competition. Revealing who got the write-in votes might prevent audacious comments like “so I think I’ve got a pretty good shot” in the future.

    • Anonymous

      Pai’s speech was not egotistical at all. He was very clearly joking about the situation (that he was running unopposed). It’s not his fault people like yourself do not understand sarcasm.

      If he were really egotistical, do you think he would have spent the majority of the time at the mic talking about what he wants to do for students? Doubt it. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pai on the ASCMC exec board for the past year, and I can tell you he’s worked very hard, beyond only his class events, planning the events we all attend and tqke for granted. He’s going to do a terrific job as VP.

      • Neal and Pai Sitting in a Tree

        Don’t get your panties up in a bunch Neal. Just let haters hate. I mean he still only won more than Will Brown who also ran unopposed. And, egotistical? I just don’t think that is Pai’s style. Anonymous, do you have a personal vendetta?

    • Wade Vaughn

      Anonymous: I do not know if your comment was sarcastic or not, but please do not be absurd. Pai has been a stellar leader for the past two years, and this is coming from the guy who got 2nd place to him in our freshman year. I am certain that he will continue to do an excellent job at his new position as ASCMC VP.
      Pai, good luck, and it’s going to be great.

    • Anonymous, again

      Apologies to Pai if he took offense, I was writing sarcastically. I agree that he has done a fantastic job, will continue to do so, and really values the input of his classmates. Didn’t realize it would be taken so seriously…

      • Anotheranonymous

        YOU BITCH


    gus for graduation speaker

  • lolwut

    What is that a picture at the top…?

    • Jesus H. Hotdog

      The 3% of it that is in focus appears to be some kind of rock wall.

      • Asdf

        it is green viewed from behind the rockwall near the tree

  • Koty4lyfe

    Jesse stole a speech that Michael Kotler clearly deserved to give.

  • Guest

    Why doesn’t the Forum ever report on the appointed positions? Is it because the Forum editor is one of these positions and doesn’t want the fact that the elections committee just appoints its friends to each of these positions without regard to the supposed “resume and cover letter” review process?

    • Applications for appointed positions were due today at 5 PM…I would hope that the Forum isn’t reporting who was chosen for those positions before the application deadline.

      Also, as someone who applied for the Forum editor position and doesn’t have a clue who is on the election committee, I would hope that there is regard for the “resume and cover letter review process”.

      Oh, and as someone who has served on the elections committee, I can assure you that your claim is straight up false.

      • Alum Reader

        Where do these rumors even come from? Despite a well-publicized application deadline, I think Carl and Michael were the only applicants for Forum Editor this year and Abhi was the only applicant the prior year.

        • go to the real world

          not true. there were multiple applications in addition to carl’s and michael’s from last year.

        • Paul

          I applied for the Forum Editor position for this year AND I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM FOR NOT PICKING ME.

          kidding, but seriously, multiple people applied.

        • It’s ok Paul, we can start our own newspaper. “The Green 210 Gazette” featuring non-stop coverage of Charlie Sheen and a daily column on potential uses of tigerblood.


        • jmaoo

          We might have to make a new position on the board just for the gazette…. WIN

  • TheBoss

    Following the letter and/or spirit of the constitution was going to be too much of a hassle, so we’ve chosen to ignore it entirely for the appointment process.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah… pretty sure this isn’t him.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah… pretty sure this isn’t him.

  • anon

    ben kraus for speech

  • Hmm

    Is there a list of how much all the different jobs at CMC get paid (from ASCMC positions to LTAs to Ath Fellows to Career Services interns, etc.)? It would be interesting and informative to see, though it seems like not all positions publicize it.