Senate began as usual this week with Committee Updates. Consortium Affairs Committee Chair Felipe Afanador ’18 gave an update on the potential use of card swiping technology to make signing into ASCMC meetings and events easier. This will hopefully be made available in the nearby future.

Luke Radice ’19 transitioned into Consortium Affairs with an update on the recent Pitzer Senate meeting wherein a new Constitution was proposed but the Senate indefinitely postponed the discussion due to a lack of majority agreement. Additionally, a proposal was made to eliminate the sale of plastic bottled water on Pitzer’s campus, which was also motioned for future discussion.

The results so far from the Student Engagement Survey for the use of ASCMC’s surplus money were read out by Student Engagement Committee Chair Campbell Streator ’18, some of which included furnishing the Claremont Hall Courtyard or adding filtered water fountains in the towers.

Going off of the idea for filtered water in the towers, students mentioned that renovations for South Quad towers have been scheduled and that Stark’s renovation will take place this summer. These renovations will include stripping down the inside of the dorms for fresh paint and furnishing, and new bathrooms with the mid-quad style stall doors that go all the way to the floor. These renovations will open up the possibility of gender inclusive floors in the towers in the future. Additionally, these renovations will cover the instillation of water filters in the South Quad towers.

Executive Vice President Iris Liu ’16 then stated that the applications for Athenaeum Fellows for the 2016-2017 school year are expected to go out next Thursday, March 10. On top of that, Senate Committee Applications will also be released soon.

In anticipation of ASCMC’s elections, some members of the Elections Committee were unable to serve in their respective committees. To fill these temporary positions, interested Senate members were asked to give a short speech. Based on the vote, Sidd Mandava ’17 and Michelle Cao ’19 will take on these temporary roles.

The next topic discussed was recycling on campus. Some Senate members mentioned that CMC has been fined for improper recycling, and that they have recently opted to combine the recycling into the trash to avoid fines. Some students felt that the solution would be to educate students on how to recycle properly, while other students proposed an opt-in system where students who really care and are educated about recycling can choose to have a blue bin in their room, or not. These ideas will be likely be further developed into formal proposals in the future.

Liu closed the meeting by mentioning that a Personal and Social Responsibility (PSR) Forum will be taking place next Monday, March 7 from 7-8 p.m. in the Bauer Founders Room. They will be discussing results from the AlcoholEdu data from the last three years.