On Tuesday, February 28, ASCMC held its elections for the new ASCMC board, including President, both Vice President positions, Dorm Affairs Chair, and class presidents. For a full list of the candidates and their statements, see here.

There were a total of 735 ballots cast out of 1309  sent for school-wide positions (56% turnout).

Here are the winners for each race followed by the percentage of the vote they won.

President: Sami Malas ’19 (64%)

Executive Vice President: Patrick Elliott ’19 (77%)

Vice President of Student Activities: Chandler Koon ’19 (76%)

Dorm Affairs Chair: Josh Guggenheim ’19 (81%)

Class of 2018 President: Daniel Ludlam ’18 (65%)

Class of 2019 President: Patrick Hennessey ’19 (72%)

Class of 2020 President: Bryan Carlen ’20 (80%)

The results were certified this afternoon by the ASCMC Elections Committee.


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