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ASCMC President

Connor Barclay

  • Wants to represent us and our ideas
  • President’s primary responsibility is to represent students to people not in Claremont
  • Has a lot of experience through Senate, Board of Trustees, and as Class President
  • Vote on future expectations, not past performance
  • He wants ASCMC 2.0, where we can see where money is going, and have more governmental transparency
  • Check out to learn more
  • ASCMC Presidential stipend is too high – he will give all $7,000 of ASCMC funds back to ASCMC
  • Wants to launch an endowment fund for ASCMC, providing ASCMC with the same capabilities as institutes and administration
  • To sum up: more money means more everything!
  • Wants to hear student ideas, more than just political pandering

Aditya Pai

  • Was freshman and sophomore class president, as well as ASCMC VP
  • Stipends et al. are important, but so is experience and background
  • Has worked and fulfilled promises – brought more events as class president, and revamped Senate as VP
  • Helped fix hours problems as Ducey
  • Fought to make Reading Room study space on campus, next year it will be open 24 hours a day
  • Worked to renovate the Hub to make it better and also open 24/7
  • Did this all as VP, and can do that and more as President
  • Will work to improve campus spaces, review ASCMC alcohol policies, and DOS policy on alcohol as well
  • CMC has most trusted and autonomous social scene on campus, he will fight to preserve that
  • Wants to make vision of freedom to enjoy ourselves a reality for everyone
  • Past three years of service in ASCMC has been a lot of fun and a great honor
ASCMC Vice -President
Miles Bird
  • Wants snack members to give its approval of the new government
  • Working to make an ASCMC is rather tough
  • He has nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat
  • We ask, “what is our aim?”, he answers “victory” (no matter what)

ASCMC Social Affairs Council Chair

Steven Limandibratha

  • He is the only one, and will probably be SAC next year
  • Has worked with current SAC, Will Brown and is adequately prepared to make social life great here
  • Has many ideas, and needs our help too
  • We have a lot to look forward to

ASCMC DormAffairs Council Chair

Riley Thomlinson

  • Doesn’t want people to miss out – especially in the context of TNC
  • She has been dorm president of Phillips and Appelby
  • Sat on DAC committee, knows where improvements need to be made
  • Was unofficial Class of 2013 party planner
  • Has good relationship with DOS, especially Jim Nauls, because both are St. Louis Rams fans
  • TNC is planned by a team of DAC and dorm presidents
  • Wants to pitch for more dorm events
  • Wants to hold dorm presidents to higher standards regarding preparation and execution for TNCs
  • Wants more memorable TNCs, more inclusive, more creative with themes and venues
  • Wants a mechanical bull, for instance, for a Wild West TNC
  • Wants more events like the bowling TNC

Alexandra Cooke

  • Responsibility of DAC is to make dorm and social life best it can be
  • Experience is her greatest qualifier
  • Managed huge budget as SAC Chair, and did a lot in that role as well
  • Lead organizer of Monte Carlo and Wedding Party
  • Wants to strengthen sense of community in each dorm
  • We should feel proud of our dorm, not just sleep there
  • Wants to have more inter-competition between dorms, with an end of year rewards
  • Revive traditions lost over the years
  • Traditions that have been lost, like Ranch Party, intramural bowling, etc
  • Wants more efficiently planned parties and TNCs
  • Needs more excitement at TNC for more people
  • Will work to fix current guest policy by working well with the Deans of Students
  • She has experience with them, and has therefore a great relationship with them
  • TNC should be in more than just dorms all the time
  • Will be level-headed about planning each event
  • Won’t be a learning curve with her as DAC


ASCMC Student Life Council Chair

Stephanie Haft

  • What defines student life?
  • Forrest Gump: Life is like a box of chocolates, but at CMC, it’s more like crayons
  • CMC are very diverse and creative like, a box of crayons
  • CPB has taken over a lot of events, leaving room for SLC Chair to do more
  • Student health and wellness needs to frame student life on campus
  • Needs to minimize stress, through manicures, pedicures, spa days, etc.
  • Sundays are too stressful, she will have study breaks or game nights
  • Campus improvements are necessary, adding more colors to our crayon box
  • Will work with Campus Life Committee in Senate to improve student spaces
  • Will host Idea Night to get ideas about what to do in school
  • Winner of idea night would get funds to implement their idea
  • Wants to add more traditions, like carnival on Green Beach, or around the world party in each dorm
  • Has experience as Executive Secretary of ASCMC and on ASCMC Budgeting Committee
  • Has established important faculty relations as well

Mohammad Abdul-Rahim

  • Came all the way from Jordan, left family behind, but made a new family here at CMC
  • Wants to make his new family happy
  • Will be honest as the new SLC Chair, will answer any questions about budget, etc.
  • Wants a committee from every class for organizing events, he wants student input
  • Perhaps we should all have a family dinner together
  • Has several great ideas regarding making great ideas on campus
  • Camping on Green Beach, Recess Day, kickball tournaments
  • Wants de-stressing  activities – would bring puppies to CMC during finals weeks like Pomona and Scripps
  • Would bring Mow Pow Wow (like Mao Pow Wow) to school
  • Would have Sunday night or afternoon snack to unwind

Class of 2013 President

Jessica Dang

  • You don’t need to be tall to be a leader, like Winston Churchill, James Madison, or Gandhi
  • Is very short, so is destined for greatness
  • More networking, better class events
  • Has experience with bringing alumni to campus through Mentor Cafe and Forum for the Future
  • Would have many networking opportunities
  • Would help bring class reunions, and has experience planning them
  • Would want at least one event each week
  • Class trips, wine and cheese, etc.
  • Would bring In and Out, and take people rock-climbing to help bond
  • Has experience fundraising events, and money wouldn’t be an issue

Clare Riva

  •  A lot of responsibilities for senior class president, she has worked closely with past two senior presidents
  • Has been Executive Secretary and DAC Chair for past two years, has a lot of experience
  • Is on alumni committee, is Ath Fellow, and is student representative to Board of Trustees
  • Hopes that people can come to her with any questions
  • Has been working with DOS to fix guest policy after guest pass crackdown
  • Solicited views from abroad students during housing crisis and worked with Dean Eric to recognize them
  • Has put on numerous parties, from TNCs, to Screw Your Roomate, to Saturday parties
  • Nobody gets left behind, especially transportation wise
  • Would bring back traditions like Senior Class Baldy lodge visit or Senior Class Cruise
  • Loves her class, and wants to help people stay connected to the class and CMC forever

Class of 2014 President

Maddie Hall

  • She thought when she came here that she was a loner
  • But now she knows that she’s a part of a stag pack looking for Scripps students and free beer
  • What happens in Junior Year will stay in Junior Year
  • Would subsidize transportation to Sushi Cruise, and would showcase class talent to each other
  • Would maintain unity despite abroad students
  • Care packages for students abroad, welcome back parties, and going away parties
  • Students staying here would have class events to help bond
  • Would use metrics to gauge interest and desire

Merriel Foster

  • Would promise to work hard and make things happen to improve quality of life
  • Would make sure class stays cohesive through communication, events, and food
  • Would plan major junior class events at beginning of each semester to take advantage of free time
  • Would find off-campus venue for Monte Carlo and provide transportation to make it stand out more than any other
  • She has been to every party, and knows what works
  • Would make more CMC parking lots, extend Hub Store hours
  • She loves CMC and the Class of 2014
  • Would put in time, effort, and everything needed to make life great here
  • Has great experience as sponsor and Co-President


Class of 2015 President

Isabel Lane

  • Was going to give reasons as to why her events would be better, you can see it on the Forum or on her information cards
  • There was a school shooting in Ohio, near where she lived, and people were there for her when she needed it most
  • That kindness got her thinking
  • Most of us are still getting used to school and being away from family
  • This is our home and our family now, so what are we missing as a family?
  • Would create system to extend the support that she received to a systemic procedure
  • People shouldn’t be alone anymore, would create a system to celebrate each others’ successes and console each others’ losses
  • Wants to be President because she sees that we can all be there for each other when we all need it most
  • Wants to be the class that’s remembered for being the Class of 2015, not graduating rich alumni
  • Wants to be remembered as class that was respectful, not just the class that had fun parties and had cool things


Demetrius Lalanne

  • Is Freshman Class President, and wants to be Sophomore Class President
  • Has learned much as President, how to represent  and how to get fund money
  • He can’t do the job by himself, and the Freshman Council (FroCo) has helped
  • He will use his friends to make the school a better place
  • Will use t-shirt sales and other sources to make our lives better through fundraising
  • Wants to know what we love and hate, feel free to call, visit, or find him just to talk whenever


Charlie Montgomery

  • He can do a better job than what’s being done now
  • Freshman class tank hasn’t arrived yet, he wouldn’t have let that happen
  • Feels that he’s the best candidate because he wouldn’t do things like that
  • Would use SurveyMonkey to have better events, and have better events for more people
  • Feels that Freshman Council wasn’t well thought out, and would open approval process and meetings to all people
  • Wants to mirror atmosphere seen at CMS-PP games at all events
  • Wants to create game of the week event where everyone goes to a game


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