This Sunday, the ASCMC Executive Board met from 7:00 p.m. to 8:22 p.m. for its second-to-last meeting holding the members’ current positions. The matters discussed during the meeting included topics such as perspective service projects, funding for a Pitzer concert event, and conduct regarding endorsements of candidates in the upcoming ASCMC election.

ASCMC President Nicky Blumm ‘17 began the meeting by approving last week’s motions before moving on to class officer updates.

Freshman Class President Bryan Carlen ‘20 discussed the upcoming final freshman class snack, the last official class event of the year, which will take place this Sunday. He also spoke about his hopes of organizing a field day for the freshman class.

Sophomore Class President Edgar Warnholtz ‘19 shared updates on a sophomore class paintball event that took place on Saturday as well as a final class bonding event which will take place this Friday. In the upcoming ASCMC election, Warnholtz will presumably pass his role on to Patrick Hennessey ’19, who is running unopposed for the title of Junior Class President.

Junior Class President Joey Yamada ‘18 discussed the junior class event this past Friday where ice cream sandwiches and a slip ‘n slide were featured.

Senior Class President Cole Mora ‘17 stated that the Senior Class’ 100 Days event was successful. The event kicked off the 100-day countdown to the seniors’ graduation day. The event featured various DJs and a taco cart. Mora hopes to work on developing a senior service project, which he has titled Senior Week of Service. In addition, Mora and Presidential Advisor Alejandra Vázquez Baur ‘17 are working on a staff appreciation project. This will tie into the Senior Week of Service and take place from April 3–8. The week will feature a letter writing event, gift bags, a tarp signing, and a fund that will evenly distribute donations among the staff members of Story House and Collins. At the end of the week, sustainability will be the focus, with discussion of a potential tree planting project in Claremont.

Following the class updates, Quincy Brown ’19 shared updates on last Thursday’s Open Mic TNC. The event was a success and garnered a large turn out. Brown also discussed matters of budget, performers, and funding for the upcoming McKennaPalooza event, which will take place on March 25.

In the meeting’s final order of business, ASCMC addressed a funding request from Pitzer students to organize a Grove House music event this Friday titled Funk the Patriarchy. This event will feature performances from 5C students as well as LA-based performers. It will serve to highlight the social issues at Pitzer and across the 5C community, calling particular attention to female-identifying, non-gendered, and queer performers, as well as performers of color. The funding they requested will go towards a stage for the event. ASCMC voted unanimously to support this event and fund the request in full.

Next, the discussion turned to how ASCMC officers should proceed with regards to the upcoming ASCMC elections that will take place on Tuesday. Per the revised ASCMC Constitution, ASCMC officers will be forbidden from endorsing candidates in any capacity beginning next academic year. However, because this is not the constitution under which this year’s ASCMC was sworn in, the Executive Board members deliberated whether they should refrain from voicing their support or if the choice to take such actions should be left up to the discretion of the individual. With regards to the upcoming election, the position of ASCMC President is the only one that has more than one candidate in the running.

The Board discussed the future of the election’s potential outcomes in depth, expressing disappointment over the lack of competition and low levels of engagement in this year’s election cycle. The members noted that this year, as has often been the case, the majority of elected representatives are individuals who have previously held positions on ASCMC. On the part of the CMC student body, this cycle of unvaried candidate pools indicates a lack of interest in participating in or learning more about ASCMC and its goals. As a result, the Board expressed concerns about ASCMC amassing a reputation as a partisan organization, an image that the members’ would like to prevent. Paradoxically, however, concern and anxiety were raised that a student with no ASCMC background might secure the position of president. The Board discussed ways in which endorsements could help or potentially harm the campaigns of candidates who currently hold positions on the Executive Board. Ultimately, the Board ruled that officials should use their discretion as to whether or not they decide to publicly endorse a candidate.

With that, the meeting was called to an end.