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Over this year’s spring break, CMC will host its first-ever Washington, D.C. Networking Trip, a worthwhile opportunity open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors geared towards exposing students to the wide variety of career options offered in D.C.

The trip is hosted and planned by CMC’s Career Services Office, and the 16 students selected as participants will have the opportunity to visit a number of different organizations, think tanks, firms, and governmental agencies during the day.

Though still being finalized, the trip’s opportunities this year include a visit to the White House, the State Department, Chemonics, Pyxera, Accenture Federal Services, Hamilton Place Strategies, a panel discussion with younger alumni that work on the Hill, and a visit to the National Defense University to meet with CMC trustee Steve McGann.

There will also be a series of evening networking events in which students will be able to meet and establish relationships with D.C.-area alumni, parents, and “friends of the college.”

Beth Saliba ’05, the Associate Director of Career Services, expressed that this trip was something the office has wanted to do for a while.

“Plans for the trip were accelerated by a student that approached our director, Diana Seder, last semester requesting that we host a networking trip to D.C. From there, Diana and the student both pitched the idea to President Chodosh and the trip was set in motion,” Saliba said.

Different from other networking opportunities offered at CMC, such as the New York City trip, which focuses on finance-related career paths, or the ITAB Silicon Valley trip, relating to jobs in the corporate sector of technology, the D.C. trip will include a range of different careers and professions.

“The focus of our trip will be to expose students to the wide variety of career paths offered in D.C. We seek to show students opportunities not only within the government sector, but also within areas of research, policy, consulting and foreign affairs,” Saliba stated.

Felipe Afanador ’18 says he decided to on the trip as he sees it as a great opportunity to learn about different career options pertaining to the political sector.

“Despite having a deep interest in public policy, there are so many different facets within politics, and I see this as a prime opportunity to inform myself of different career paths and get closer to pinpointing exactly the type of work I’d like to be doing post-graduation,” Afanador said.

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