G20 Sets Ambitious Goal, But Fails to Determine Clear Plan: After two days of meetings in Sydney, Australia, the finance ministers and central bank governors convening at the G20 summit have agreed to a global growth target of two percentage points. Host nation Australia has vocalized a desire for ambitious plans for growth. The group of leaders has yet to determine a clear plan for how to achieve this goal. On an individual level, countries will encourage central banks to be mindful of their impact of the global economy. The G20 will reconvene in Brisbane, Australia in November, where countries will present their plans to contribute to global growth.

Notorious Mexican Cartel Leader “El Chapo” Captured: Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, a notorious drug cartel leader in Mexico, was arrested at a family gathering this Saturday by Mexican and U.S. officials in a hotel in Mazatlán, a tourist destination in Sinaloa. “El Chapo” is on the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Most Wanted list and faces multiple trafficking indictments in the U.S. His cartel was located in Northern Mexico, although “El Chapo” tried to displace the dominant cartel in Ciudad Juárez. This ensuing turf war claimed 10,000 lives in four years. The capture of “El Chapo” is a significant victory for the Mexican government, which has struggled to crack down on the drug industry and cartel violence. The U.S. has also made developments in cracking down on the drug trade, as the border patrol is now utilizing robots to monitor the sewage tunnels that run between the U.S. and Mexico. This tunnels are often difficult to patrol, and are therefore utilized by drug smugglers.

Former Chicago Police Officer Found Guilty for Murder: Former Chicago Policeman Steven Mandell was convicted this Friday of plotting to murder a local businessman, after spending years on death row for a previous murder conviction that was ultimately overturned. Video footage depicted Mandell plotting his crimes, including his plan to kidnap and torture a local businessman in order to extort money from him. Mandell wanted to acquire ownership of the man’s 25 buildings. He has faced numerous past convictions for both murder and kidnapping, and was allegedly about to carry out these plots prior to his arrest in 2002.

Obama Meets with the Dalai Lama, Threatening Relations with China: President Obama met with the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader this Friday, despite threats from Beijing warning the President that the meeting would seriously damage relations between China and the U.S. The White House expressed that it was not concerned about damage to relations with China, especially since it is the third time that the two leaders have met. China maintains that the Dalai Lama wants to use violent means to free Tibet. The Dalai Lama advocates nonviolence, and holds that he only wants genuine autonomy for the nation. China has been accused of committing serious human rights violations against Tibetan citizens, and since 2009 over 120 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in protest of China.


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