On Tuesday, February 26, 2013, ASCMC will be holding elections. At Spring Break, the term for the current executive board will end, and a new team of students will take over ASCMC.  Who those students are is up to you. Each position — class presidents, dorm activities chair, social activities chair, social life chair, vice president, and president — is up for grabs, and there are over a dozen students running. To complement the speech each candidate will give at Snack on Monday, the Forum has asked them for a short statement to help you prepare for this important decision. 

ASCMC President (two candidates): 

Gavin Landgraf

 I am running to be Student Body President because I have a vision for ASCMC, and I have the relationships, skills, and experience to see it through.

The next ASCMC team will have to confront a critical challenge: over the past year, it has become clear that the future of CMC’s culture is on shaky ground.  At the heart of this culture is the social contract between the administration and our student body.  It’s a special relationship we first hear about as prospies and one that almost all of us have used to describe life at CMC to our friends at other schools.  This contract goes something like this: “At CMC, you will be treated like an adult from day one.  You will be given more freedom because the administrators can trust CMC students to handle this freedom responsibly.”  We take pride in this unique relationship of mutual respect.

Unfortunately, our beloved social contract has been battered recently.  On the one hand, the administration has started to restrict the freedom that students enjoy.  Whether it be by caging events with fences, increasing security presence, enforcing restrictive alcohol policies, or making events CMC-only, the policies have gotten tighter, limiting the organic nature of our social scene.  On the other hand, we have, at times, betrayed our part of the bargain.  We have abused our freedom, causing alcohol transports, litter, and property destruction to rise.  At times, even the most common-sense rules, like not breaking glass, have been totally disregarded.

This next year will be a crucial time for ASCMC.  As a student government, we are responsible for representing student interests to the administration while doing our part to earn the administration’s trust.  ASCMC has not always fulfilled these duties, but, for the first time since I have been at CMC, we have an opportunity for a fresh start.  With a new President and a new Dean of the Faculty, we have a window of opportunity to reestablish a relationship of trust and respect, and in return, to work toward real policy changes to improve our CMC experience.  In addition to establishing this relationship, one of my biggest priorities will be to ensure that ASCMC is serving all the student body, not just those who come to parties.  Furthermore, I will ensure that every incoming freshman has a conversation with an ASCMC leader or RA about the responsibilities that come with the freedom of our social contract.

I am the man for this job.  I served on ASCMC as Sophomore Class President, so I am ready to lead the Executive Board from day one.  I have lived in Stark and North Quad, so I understand the different perspectives on campus.  Perhaps most important of all, I have an excellent working relationship with the Deans and with the Board of Trustees, and I am in a position of influence and respect with them.

Elect me to be your President, and together we can embark upon a new, more productive chapter for ASCMC.

 Nate Falk

 Falk, This Guy’s Platform.

 Number One Priority:

 You, the students.

I believe that, when presented with a choice, the ASCMC President should put student interests first. I trust students to know what’s best for CMC and will, as your president, fight hard for you.

The administration has plenty of advocates. You – the students – need a strong ASCMC president representing your interests and your beliefs. We all made an independent decision to come here; students know what makes CMC great; let’s work to make it even better.

Why should you elect me?

 I will listen to you, and then I will be your advocate.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, and I understand that there are as many different viewpoints on issues as there are CMC students. Representing you, therefore, requires a meaningful and ongoing dialogue. I will have that dialogue, and execute on your ideas.

My Plans:

If you elect me, here’s what I plan to accomplish:

1. Presidential Transition

Next year, Hiram Chodosh will take over as president of CMC. The transition provides a rare opportunity to frame a new style of interaction between the administration and the student body. It’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity to press the reset button, and we must not blow it.  It’s up to us, the students, to demonstrate to Dr. Chodosh exactly what makes CMC special and, in so doing, reaffirm those traditions that we value.  CMC is a different, exceptional place, and this is our opportunity to explain and protect our unique, vibrant, and inclusive on-campus social scene. Now, perhaps more than ever before, it is important to have a strong president who will promote student interests

2. 5C Intramurals and More 5C Events

CMC can feel small. I will work hard to deliver more 5C-wide events through communication with the different student governments. For example, I believe that intramural sports should be 5C. There would be more teams, more competition, and you would get to beat Pomona more often. ‘Nough said.

3. Oversee a Revision of the ASCMC Constitution

Currently, there are inconsistencies in the wording of the ASCMC Constitution. I am not a gov major, but there are plenty at CMC. I will propose that a committee be created to examine the ASCMC Constitution and make recommendations to Senate and the Executive Board for revision.

4. Campus Improvements

Students should have a say in our campus’s improvements. I will therefore continue to advocate for student representation before the Board of Trustees’ Building and Grounds Committee. Specific ideas:  I’ll work to ensure that the new “Roberts Pavilion” is completely awesome; that we build Mid-Quad dorms that people actually want to live in; and demand – DEMAND – more water dispensers at Collins! (Seriously though, why are there 3 Gatorade spickets and only one suuuuper slow water dispenser?)

If you elect me, CMC, I will work harder than anyone else to represent you. This is your campus. Don’t let anyone change it without asking you first.




ASCMC Vice President (three candidates): 

Maddie Hall

Hey CMC,

I’m Maddie Hall and I am running for ASCMC VP! I currently serve on ASCMC’s Executive Board, as Junior Class President.

From planning Monte Carlo to hosting an awesome reunion party for 2014 and buying class sweatshirts, I have learned a lot this past year and am ready to use the skills and knowledge I have gained to reenergize the position of Vice President.

As VP, I will not only work to make CMC’s Senate more engaging by hosting theme Senates and bonding events but also work with the other colleges to reestablish the 5C Senate.  Reestablishing the 5C Senate will increase communication between the colleges and improve collaborative event planning. I know how the ASCMC budgeting process works and I know we cannot bring big name artists to CMC without some help from the other colleges. By opening up discussion with the other colleges, we can combine budgets and throw huge and successful events

 Though running Senate is an important aspect of the VP position, having worked with current VP Miles, I know there is much more to the role. If elected VP I will not only be the Senate leader but also an event planner and advisor to the board. I plan to work closely with other members of executive board to diversify the social scene while remaining focused on key CMC traditions. From keeping rage in the cage in North Quad to exploring new off campus events, I will balance enhancing the culture at CMC with staying true to our fabulous roots.

I am running for VP this year because I truly love this school and want to enrich the community. Make every day at CMC count and vote Maddie for VP!

Adam Griffith

Hey CMC! My name’s Adam and I’m running for ASCMC Vice President, get to know me better HERE!

The most important job of the ASCMC Vice President is to lead Student Senate. This group of CMC’ers has done a lot to benefit all of us in recent years. In addition to distributing tens of thousands of dollars to clubs and student trips, they championed the redesign of the Hub, improved student facilities with additions like new speakers in the Ducey Gym, and brought dozens of school administrators to public meetings to discuss campus issues.

These efforts were made possible by the work of Aditya Pai and Miles Bird to take Senate in new directions over the past two years. We need a VP who’s been a part of this process, and who understand how to keep Senate strong.

That’s me. I’ve served as a Senate leader under three different Vice Presidents. I’m the only candidate who’s been a Senate Committee Chair, and the only candidate who’s a current voting member of ASCMC Senate. Think of me as the Senate candidate for VP.

I also understand the important role that the VP plays on the Executive Board. That’s why I have a plan to make a difference. I’ll focus on bridging the divide that seems to be growing between CMC students and the administration. Next year, we’ll have a new President of the College, Hiram Chodosh, and this represents a golden opportunity to start fresh. By working with the administration, rather than against them, we can address student dissatisfaction with social events and campus life more effectively.

A vote for me is a vote for a stronger Senate and a pragmatic approach to campus issues.  Stay Awesome CMC!

 Demetrius Lalanne

Hi CMC, my name is Demetrius Lalanne and I am a sophomore majoring in Philosophy and Public Affairs from New York City. After two years in ASCMC, as the freshman and sophomore class president, I have realized one thing: those who are successful in their roles on ASCMC are those who ask and receive help from others. That being said, I have a lot of ideas for CMC and for the student body, but they’re not my projects they’re ours. My biggest strength isn’t my organizational skills or my event management skills, but my social network; from the ASPC President to the Harvey Mudd “social chair” I pride myself on my vast network across the 5Cs. What I’ve noticed, however, is that students from all 5Cs come to ASCMC for funding and event help, but when it comes time for CMCers to get help, we stick to our own campus. And although we have done a fine job alone, we can do an even better job if we use our neighbors to surpass our neighbors. I want ASCMC to utilize the other 4Cs as much as they come to us, and we can. As ASCMC Vice President, my main goal will be to connect the students of senate to members of the community who can make their ideas a reality. To do so I have a 3 step plan:  1. Show students that their voice matters 2. Remind students they have a voice 3. Get students with a voice to come to senate and effect change. Voting for me as your Vice President is voting for a student interested in making CMC the heaven on earth that it can be. I have a lot of passion and a lot of ideas. You’d be insane not to vote d. lalanne!


Senior Class President (two candidates):

Bonjana Bozic 

Hi Class of 2014!

I want to be your senior class president – for life! My three goals for next year are to bring us closer together than ever, improve Alumni/Senior relations, and maintain the stagliest senior traditions. I care about creating a sense of community in our class that will last a lifetime, and I look forward to continuing my duties as class president beyond graduation.

I would like to host more intimate events – Senior Siorees, if you will. These will range from class pregames, Southern Style BBQ’s, cocktail hours, and more. I am also excited to work with the CMC Alumni Association to ensure that our class has access to greater networking possibilities throughout the year.

I want to make sure YOU have an amazing senior year. How does 200 days at Piano Piano sound? Or 100 days Habor View cruise out of Newport beach? Overnight Vegas trip anyone? The memories we make next year will last you forever, so get ready CMC!


Laura Epstein 

The happiest I’ve ever seen CMC-ers is seniors at Thesis Fountain Party, celebrating their class and the end of a monstrous paper. Though I’m not looking forward to writing a thesis – or knowing that our time at CMC is almost over when I turn it in – that pure joy and class unity at Fountain Party is what I will strive for every day if elected Senior Class President. Our senior year will be our best year yet. In addition to the essentials, ranging from Vegas Trips to 100+200 Days parties and more, I look forward to frequent events that will bring our class even closer.

I will work closely with the Alumni Office and Career Services to ensure that CMC stays near and dear to our hearts (and that we get jobs…) now and for the next 50+ years. From networking dinners to sponsored off-campus trips, I want to bring us the best resources possible. And let’s not forget that our senior year will be incredibly fun. Busses to clubs in LA, epic pregames, Sunday snacks, and more are just some ideas. See more + add your input here!

I have the experience to execute these ideas. I’ve organized countless parties and off-campus events through doing everything from garnering funds from ASCMC and DOS to getting a DJ to making sure people come! I’ve also organized Athenaeum events, worked with Career Services and CMCAA to connect with alumni, and I’ve worked directly with DOS.

Our junior class is incredible, and we’ve had a memorable three years together so far. So let’s make our senior year count and stay unified as a class in the decades to come. I hope to hear from you with questions and suggestions, and I hope I can count on your vote on Tuesday!


Junior Class President (3 candidates): 

Mohammad Abdul-Rahim

Whether you’re going abroad or staying on campus, I will do everything in my ability to make your, nay, our junior year the best possible. I am running by the mantra of unity: unity of the classes, unity of the 5Cs, unity of ASCMC, and most importantly, unity of OUR class, the Class of 2015.

Last year, living in C-Hall, I didn’t know our class very well. This year, I’ve made it a priority to get to know every one of you, and I’ve had a blast doing that! My plans for you will help you bond with your class while some of your friends are abroad. You’ll get to know the other classes through inter-class challenges like 2014 v. 2015 Capture the Flag. I also want to make sure transfer students feel welcome in our class so that they can truly become part of the 2015 family.

On a school-wide level, I want to continue developing Monte Carlo and make it the best event of the entire year, taking notes from shortcomings and successes from previous Monte Carlo’s. I will represent our class on ASCMC’s executive board using the experience I’ve built on Exec Board for the past year. Finally, I want to improve ASCMC’s efficiency and make it more transparent and receptive to student needs – a task that will be difficult, but in my opinion, worthwhile.

In other words, I want to make the next year amazing. I want to have the time of my life, and there is no other group of people with whom I’d rather share next year.

You can read more details about my plans and qualifications on my Facebook page. Feel free to e-mail me, text me, or even send me some mail.

I’m here for you!

(310) 339-0421
[email protected]
Mailbox 109 

Logan Solomon 


MY name is Logan Solomon, also known as DJ SOLO, and I am running to be your junior class president. Here’s why…

1. Apparel: We have been at CMC now for a year and a half and still don’t have a single piece of “CMC Class of 2015” clothing. I will change that IMMEDIATELY. I have designed many shirts for dorms, clubs and classes and will use this experience to bring class apparel you can be proud of.

2. Care Packages: Who’s going abroad? About 50% of the class is at some point next year, ands some are already abroad. I want to show you all that we as the CMC community miss you, by sending you a care package sometime during your time away from CMC. I want to give you a little taste of Claremont even if you’re far away from home.

3. Parties: I have extensive experience planning and executing parties. While I am mostly behind the turntables as my alter ego, DJ SOLO, I am also involved in planning most of the successful parties at CMC. From TNC, to Club Claremont, I know how to execute and create small and large-scale events. I have worked this whole semester to improve the social scene on campus and have created and ran the Social Scene Task Force. My task force is examining the social landscape of parties on campus, from large scale Saturday night parties to dry events.

4. Dry Events: While you might be thinking, “this guy only cares about parties,” that is totally false. As Dorm President of Marks Hall, I have thrown many dry events and have been known to provide pizza on the reg. I will use this experience to make junior year FUN and inclusive for EVERYONE both domestic and abroad.
So now its time for the cliché rhyming sign off…

Vote Logan “DJ SOLO” Solomon
[email protected]
Learn More At:

Kyra McAndrews

Class of 2015-

I’m Kyra McAndrews and I would like to be your future Junior Class President. Here are a few of my ideas:

Our 2015 apparel is long overdue:

I am proud to be a member of CMC Class of 2015 and, I don’t know about you, but I want to flaunt that pride all across campus. As soon as I am elected, I would like to order 2015 gear. And for those members of 2015 who are abroad this semester, I don’t want them living another moment in a foreign country without a warm reminder of the 2015 love that awaits them back here in Claremont, CA.

I want our class to stick together like crazy glue

While 2015 sweatpants will make us look cohesive (not to mention uber cool), I want our grade to collectively support one another in whatever we do. Our current Class President sends us e-mails on a regular basis about SoCo events, but I want to include events that show off you. Our class has amazing athletes, entrepreneurs, debaters, dancers, and the list goes on – Let’s rally together and cheer them on.

Junior year is all about you:

I pride myself on being a good listener and, if elected as your Junior Class President, I will work hard to, first and foremost, incorporate YOU into whatever I do. Everything, the events, the food, the spirit of Junior Year, should surround around you all- and I can make that happen with my eagerness to listen, my confidence in communicating the ideas of 2015 to ASCMC, and my overall work ethic of dedication and perseverance to get things done.

Like what you read? Come hear me speak Monday, 2/25 @ Snack, 10:45pm




Sophomore Class President (three candidates): 

Iris Liu

 Hey Class of 2016,

I have spent this last semester as your Frez and have worked endlessly to provide the best possible experience for y’all. I would hate to stop now.

With my experience on ASCMC, I have learned what works and what doesn’t and where we need to implement change. We are the newest generation and have a lot of power in framing the future culture of CMC and it is my first responsibility to you to be a catalyst of the change we need.

I am always around on campus and strive to be the most accessible I can be to listen and act on your concerns. I strive to be a perceptive member of this class and am especially sensitive to needs of International students, women and those on financial aid. I promise to always stop and chat (unless my cup-of-noodles or cheerios are getting soggy).

In order to represent your interests, as Frez I established “FroCo.” FroCo is composed of 10 of our peers who applied and were accepted to represent varying interests of the Freshman class, including the Vice President William Su. All the events thrown this year could not have been done without the talents of these fine people. I feel strongly, however, that it has been the combination of my leadership skills and the talents of these peers that has made this past semester so successful.

If re-elected, I will not only continue to throw kick-ass events with the help of FroCo (such as an overnight Frosh camping trip and a 5C Freshman Mixer), but also will be the loud and proud voice for the class of 2016 on ASCMC ExecBoard. Vote Liu and you can’t Lose. Thanks for all your continued support, 2016.

Richard Mancuso

Fellow members of the Class of 2016,

My name is Richard Mancuso and I am running for Sophomore Class President. I’m extremely enthusiastic to share some of my ideas with all of you regarding what I would like to plan for the Class of 2016. In few words, I plan to follow the “Create. Class. Community.” model during the term of my service. I want us to work together to create a better CMC through the creation of new policies and reforms such as the pursuit of more a more flexible meal policy and the betterment of technology on campus. We need more class cohesion to form a strong identity and create our class legacy. Parties and more class apparel are a given, but I would like to create alternative events such as class dinners in the Village, class movie premier viewings at Laemmle, and a class hike in the Claremont Wilderness Park. Finally, I would like to increase our involvement in the community in the form of philanthropic activities such as volunteering at and donating to local shelters, tutoring underprivileged children, and cleaning up local parks. These are just a few ideas I have, but, more importantly, I look forward to hearing from you all to create a clear vision for the Class of 2016. Lastly, I would like say that I am really excited for this election because we have three fantastic candidates who I am confident will bring about necessary dialogue to help better the Class of 2016.

Thank you,

Richard J. Mancuso

Ben Turner

Maybe you’ve seen me around campus, walking along North Mall on a beautiful SoCal day. Maybe you’ve seen me outlandishly cheering on the Stags at a Pomona-Pitzer basketball game. Maybe you’ve seen me commit beyond a reasonable amount to a TNC or Saturday Night theme. Maybe you’ve had a class with me.

However you may know me, the fact is, you know the real me. I’m a person who delights in making others happy, whether by telling a joke, lending a helping hand or being just there for you.

As Sophomore Class President, I intend to not only throw awesome events to bring us together but to work at the policy and administrative level to ensure we, as a class, are the best CMC has ever produced.

I stand up for what I believe in, and this Class of 2016 has me pretty damn proud. I’m present and it’s why I want to be your president.

Let’s make this year one we’ll never forget!



SAC (three candidates): 

Mark Blumenfeld

My name is Mark Blumenfeld and I am a Junior dual major.  I play lacrosse for the Cougs and have been their SAC for two years now. It has been a heck of a good time, just ask the Lady Cougs AKA Athenas.

If elected, I will appoint Ethan Landau ’14 to assist me in all aspects of listening, planning, publicizing, executing, and of course partying.

My platform is twofold: inclusivity and creativity.  Nothing gets people amped like good themes, ease of attending, and credible party planners.  Hope you made it out to Toxic Fawcett TNC, and more hopefully to that awesome pregame and after party.  Though I apologize for the excessive security.

Otis has done what SAC should do, and Ethan and I intend to maintain that.

We also intend to create outlets for those who do not drink yet wish to be involved in the party/social scene.  I would love to speak about those ideas, but I am going to hold off until my speech at snack.

The social scene at CMC can be great, and is currently a lot of fun.  I know it in and out, and can assure you Ethan does as well.  Just ask around; ask the juniors and seniors about us two.  I think you would be hard pressed to find examples of us not partying.

We wish to do this job simply because we know we can do it well, and because we to ensure that CMC remains a work hard party hard school for the rest of this year and next.

Will Yandell

My name is Will Yandell, and I’m a Junior running for SAC. I am currently Vice President of Phillips Dorm, President of the Fire and Meat Club, and a dedicated part of the school’s nightlife community.

Four years ago when I first visited our school, beer pong was being played outside of nearly every suite in North Quad. People partied in suits; doors were flung wide-open and speakers blasted music. It is no secret that CMC parties are not what they once were. I want to work with ASCMC to bring back the Golden Days of Stag parties. CMC always was and always will be the center of 5C nightlife.

As SAC I would thoroughly plan our parties, so that regular day parties feel like the Pirate Party and the Pirate Party is out of this world. Let’s bring Rage in the Cage back into North Quad. Mid and South Quad parties will be restructured to accommodate larger crowds. DJ’s will be placed where their music reaches the largest audience, and kegs will be where everyone can get to them. A Scavenger Hunt during the 24-hour party? A victory mimosa brunch the next morning? Break out the red cups, the ice luges, and the extra large funnels; it’s time to party.

If alcohol isn’t your thing, I also plan to provide food, whether it’s BBQ at a day party or food trucks at 2 am.

Most importantly, I want your input. Parties should not be run by an exclusive group of upperclassmen, but by a committee of student body representatives from each class. I will send out a weekly survey with the Party Inform for feedback, make a Facebook page to post suggestions, and create an SAC Twitter to keep everyone updated.

Let’s make this next year one to remember.

Rich Zajac

As ASCMC’s new Social Activities Chair, I would maintain the key traditions of the position whilst adding fresh events into the mix. I’ve had much experience through sitting on ASCMC’s Executive Board, active senate involvement, dorm presidency, and spearheading innovation in committees like the Technology Advisory Board. It’s a demanding position that I’m prepared to accept. I know what it takes to get things done in a time crunch, I singlehandedly built an entire web site ( over the holiday break. I have a strong relationship with DOS, sharing in Jim Nauls’ support of my hometown team the St. Louis Rams. I’ve had extensive project management experience and have previously designed events featuring close friend and esteemed hip-hop artist Nelly, and I’m prepared to bring him to Claremont, whether elected or not. I’m well versed in planning and logistics, handling travel for the 5C Debate Union and orchestrating weekend adventures for my friends. I’ve honed my financial skills over the years as a longtime accounting consultant and SIF member and know what’s necessary to make efficient use of resources to maximize entertainment and enjoyment at our events while minimizing wasteful spending, and insuring against unforeseen expenses such as those incurred when the tent company hit a water main in North Quad last year. As a newcomer to CMC, I’m able to add an element of diversity to ASCMC while bringing new ideas to the table and spearheading new efforts to make sure our Saturday nights are done right. It gives us a chance to be more dynamic with our shindigs and soirées and to make 2013 a year to remember. The ball’s in your court, vote Zajac for SAC!

Warren Wood

I would keep the SAC committee together and ensure that students are able to participate in event organization as much as they want. I would work hard to organize events and have connections to DJ’s and other party assets such as lighting and sound.  I am very motivated to ensure that the CMC social scene continues to grow as much as possible. I have a lot of ideas for events and ways to help saturday parties increase in popularity and size in every aspect.  I have experience in throwing big parties and am a part of the social scene task force which has tried to turn the sad fall social scene around into what has become a great start to the spring.


 DAC (two candidates): 

Benjamin Tillotson

Don’t know everybody on your floor? At the happiest school in America, I think that’s a problem. I’m running for DAC because I think every dorm should have a strong, cohesive, and fun community. From barbeques to late-night snacks, tanks to pre-games, dorm funds should be used to give us a break from the daily grind of classes, papers, and studying, and to bring CMCers together to have a good time. Some dorms already have these strong communities, while others hardly have any at all. As DAC, I will work hard to improve dorm cohesion and unity across campus.

Working with dorm presidents to throw quality TNCs is another major responsibility of the DAC. We count on TNCs every week to provide a forum for our Thursday night debauchery. As DAC, I will take responsibility for making sure people have a great time at TNC, and are excited for the next one every week. I will work constructively with DOS to stop the trend of tightening restrictions, maintain and revive popular traditions, and coming up with new and creative party ideas. There’s nothing wrong with a dorm lounge and a DJ, but I don’t think it has to be a weekly requirement.

I have the experience and track-record to both successfully foster strong dorm community, and plan quality TNCs. As Co-President of Phillips last year I helped plan many dorm events that turned our dorm into the hub of freshman social life. I also worked closely with Clare Riva and Alexandra Cooke when they held the DAC position, and will be able to quickly transition into the role.

Hope to have your support! 

Manav Kohli (WRITE-IN)

As Dorm Affairs Chair, I would expand the Thursday nightlife in ways that encourage better turnouts and consequently better times. One of the most crucial attributes of a good DAC is the creativity to think of new and popular themes, and I would dedicate myself to finding ways to bring people out every Thursday night, because you only college once. Preparing new material for the Forum’s weekly 8:27 Procrastination column has provided me with experience looking through socially and culturally relevant themes and ideas and preparing them for your enjoyment. Furthermore, having planned numerous events and worked with Jim Nauls in doing so has taught me how to make fun events happen with limited resources.

How well events are set up is just as crucial as the theme, and as DAC I would prioritize decorating the area in which the TNC is held and making sure the party sets the vibe well. Furthermore, I would plan more TNCs that are not just dances. This does not mean setting up Thursday parties that conflict with Jim Nauls’ events; rather, I would like to have fun ways to start the party so that they include more people that come, and stay.

For example, if you have noticed the slight downhill on Green Beach, hosting a rail jam there to begin a TNC would be a great way to include more people while simultaneously allowing the party to thrive. A rail jam is a small ski/snowboard competition in which riders do tricks on rails, and coming to watch your friends compete and do cool tricks would be a really fun way of encouraging more people to come. In addition, kicking off a TNC by hosting a rap battle would be a really fun way to start the night and would also bring a lot of people to the event.

I like having fun, you like having fun, let’s have fun together.  Check me out on Facebook and write-in Manav for DAC!


SLC (one candidate): 

Jessica Jin

Hey guys,

Allow me to Jintroduce myself and I think CMC is Jincredible, truly the diamond in the rough Jinland empire. I am a very genuJin person and some people find me Jinteresting. I have a lot of Jintegrity.

My favorite sport is Jinline skating but I am also a huge fan of Jinsanity. Especially when my parents are Jin town.

My name rhymes with “in.”

Even though I will for sure Jin this election, please vote for Jessica Jin and watch CMC get better Jin no time!

Disgustingly awful puns aside, I’m running for SLC and I’m a freshman from Beckett. CMC is a place that fosters not only individual creativity but also an entrepreneurial mindset and that’s a mentality that I want to apply to events beyond our parties. My goal as SLC is to create events and opportunities to go out beyond the traditional Thursday and Saturday night party scene. Creativity shouldn’t be limited to the theme of this week’s TNC, it should be expressed in all ASCMC events and it would be my duty as SLC to make that happen. There should be weekly opportunities for people to go off-campus and visit local sites like the zoo, aquarium, or the Getty. HUB Quiz can be turned up a notch and weekly TV screenings shouldn’t be a thing of the past. The Claremont art culture is one in sore need of re-invigoration and I hope to throw more events similar to the BP-table painting event and I hope to petition the administration for an area on campus where CMCers can paint their heart’s desires (if Pomona can do it, so can we). As SLC, I would aim to bring something creative and something fresh to the table.

Also, I don’t like inline skating. 


  1. Mr. Nathan Falk is a mathematician… a writer… a hooligan… a friend… an intellectual… and a leader of GENTLELADIES, GENTLEMEN, AND SCHOLARS. Nate has known love… and will apply that compassionate spirit to his care for the CMC student body. At Wedding Party, he married us all.

  2. “Its been a hack of a good time, just ask the lady Cougs AKA Athenas”… really Mark?? I hope you’re not insinuating what I think you are cause that’s pretty douchey and borderline sexist. Like you, I want crazy parties on campus but I don’t want to perpetuate the “bro” culture that your statement seems to convey…. Also, I’ll be waiting to hear your ideas about creating “outlets” for those students who choose not to drink at snack tomorrow.

    • as a lady coug myself, i know that when mark says “It has been a heck of a good time” he means exactly that: it has been a heck of a good time. he’s the driving force between all of our joint coug-lady coug events and his enthusiasm is contagious. he wears an Athena’s hat around campus….how can he be considered sexist? MARK FOR SAC

      • good point, he wears that hat out of support rather than irony. he is also not trying to be funny (bro-style) when wearing the hat.

  3. Oh good, Demetrius is running for VP. I suppose we can expect the same level of shittiness that accompanied the Class of 2015? Seriously – where are our shirts bro…

    • Vote for Falk if you like condescending douchebags. Vote for Gavin if you like people who are personal and have experience.

      • Thank you for the compliment, but you are wrong about Nate. While he and I certainly have differences in our vision for ASCMC, he is a good man, and I encourage you to get to know him better.

        • stop trying to be politically correct. this is a f**king CMC election not anything real. even if you do win you’re not going to have to do anything more than put it on your resume.

        • Actually, Gavin and Nate are really good friends. They’re actually roommates. So, Gavin isn’t being “politically correct,” he’s being a good friend.

  4. Shout out to my main man Big D Zajac. Vote for bdeezy because I have even moderate relevance and I told you to.

  5. But real talk, which candidate will bring back the bread with all of the raisins in it???

  6. WHY THE F WOULD I VOTE FOR MO?! for some reason he is in charge of certain events already that he DOES NOT SHOW UP TO, DOES NOT PERFORM ON TIME, AND ARE FAILURES and greatly not successful. please don’t vote for him if you would like to see anything fun or cool happen on campus

    • While I feel like Adam is a great candidate at the end of the day Maddie has done SO MUCH MORE for students as a whole. For a person who has been in Senate for 3 years, he hasn’t really done too much as an individual.

      • Have you been to Senate? Adam has consistently brought valuable thoughts/commentary to virtually every discussion we have. Maddie and Demitrius don’t even show up. He was on a TON of committees and played a major role in the 2012-2013 budgeting process this year. Maddie would be a good senior class president, but she is not a good candidate for this job. 5C senate? Terrible idea.

      • maddie asked in her snack speech who had never been to senate, and told those who raised their hands it was a problem. WHY WASN’T YOUR HAND RAISED, MADDIE? YOU’RE RIGHT: IT’S A PROBLEM. will maddie do well on exec board? yes. but outside of her senate obligations, will she do things that NO OTHER exec board member could accomplish? NO. senate is the one UNIQUE responsibility of VP and she hasn’t even put in the effort to visit senate while campaigning. senate doesn’t deserve to have to waste more time floundering just to accommodate her learning curve. any VP will work on non-senate projects on exec board, but at the end of the day, SO WILL THE REST OF EXEC BOARD, AND NONE OF THEM BUT VP ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HELPING SENATE.

        • One, Maddie did visit senate while she was running. She made a valiant effort to understand the area that she realized was not her strongest suit. And to be honest, it is not that hard to run senate, all you do is bang a gavel and manage the teams. It is the senate committee leaders who do all the true senate work that requires experience: Adam should go back to doing that. Maddie is a leader, Adam is not. Adam wants to change things, including the social scene which is obviously everyone’s concern whether it is parties or just general events. Adam wants to go with the status quo. He is the status quo with senate. We need a change. We need a Maddie. Vote for Maddie. Get the picture?

        • Also, because of her position on the Executive Board and as class president, Maddie wasn’t allowed to be a member of Senate. Despite this, she still visited and has done her research about the position.

      • Maddie spends more time on ASCMC work than anything else she does. Her role on ASCMC exec board has become so much more than a class president. She is an essential member. If you would like to confirm that, just ask anyone currently on exec board. She already DOES play a role that nobody else on exec board can accomplish. She will be an amazing vice president. VOTE FOR MADDIE!!!

      • Maddie is an incredible candidate, with the experience it takes. Maddie was constitutionally barred from being on senate and still went on occasion. It is also worth noting that most things that are discussed in senate get discussed at Exec Board previously. Maddie has a rapport with DOS, which no other candidate truly has. She planned an epic Monte Carlo, Decades party, and reunion party – among others.

        Not only that, but she sees the true power of VP – beyond senate. She has ideas for senate, but she has done her research on the position. She knows what past VP’s have done, and she is capable for bringing back traditions and making them infinitely better. Maddie Hall for VP.

  7. As a recent grad who was involved on ASCMC, I can say that the ASCMC President definitely needs to be someone who has had previous experience on board. Moreover, I have been talked down to many times by Nathan Falk, and don’t believe that having an incredibly haughty and condescending air is a good attribute in a president.

    That being said, if Falk can offer a new perspective and humble down a bit, he could give ASCMC the reinvigoration it needs. This is, IF he starts treating people like people, and not like they are some tiny little ants below his greatness.

  8. Mark just seems like a douche. Seriously – he’s the epitome of everything CMC SHOULDN’T be…

    • Wait where? Awkwardly waiting in that line inevitably behind someone who has a gallon container to fill is the bane of my existence.

  9. Just going to throw this out there: I think in past years, the Forum has closed comments on ASCMC candidate profiles to eliminate this type of electioneering and smearing. Might be a good idea next time around. If candidates can use social media now, why don’t we leave the obnoxious comment threads to Facebook?

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