Note: Forum staff did not edit or revise these statements in any way. They are directly from the candidates in their own words. Their views do not necessarily represent those of the Forum. Statements from each of the candidates are below, listed in the order they were received. Acting in accordance with ASCMC election rules, comments have been disabled for this post.

· Dormitory Activities Council Chair (DAC) ·

Riley Thomlison

My name is Riley Thomlison and am a Junior running for DAC. Voters should elect me because I am organized and passionate about this position. I feel that with a few changes in the structure and coordination of events on campus, CMCers will realize how much fun we can truly have. Not only have I been involved in planning past dorm events, TNCs, and 2013 parties, but I also know where improvements need to be made. If you want a greater variety of events, more incredible memories to brag about to your friends outside of Camp Claremont, and to look forward to every Thursday night, then make the choice to vote for me. I want to change TNC into Thursday Nights with Class and make you regret for choosing an early Friday schedule. No two events will be the same and I promise that I will raise the standard on the definition of a good time. Get ready CMCers because big changes are on their way and with it comes different event venues, creativity, greater dorm involvement, FOMO (the fear of missing out) and so much more. Be sure to look for my flyers for specific event ideas and spread the word that Riley will cause a revolution.

Alexandra Cooke

As your Dorm Affairs Chair, my goals will be to foster a strong sense of dorm community, plan efficient and quality parties, and maintain CMC’s current traditions while reviving traditions lost over the years. At CMC, it’s easy to fall into a routine.  As DAC, I will mix things up: revamping T.N.C. themes and locations, dorm bonding activities, and off-campus ventures similar to “Screw Your Roommate,” planned by current DAC Clare Riva.  I plan to initiate a year-long, inter-dorm competition, complete with a fabulous prize at the end of the year to first place dorm.  I want to work closely and diligently with the Social Activities Chair (SAC) in order to maximize the quality and efficiency of events.

I have the ASCMC experience needed to fulfill my goals and hit the ground running after Spring Break. As both the Executive Secretary and the Student Life Chair (SLC) on the Board of Directors, I learned how to effectively organize and execute large-scale, school-wide events, such as this month’s Wedding Party, and I will continue to do so as DAC.  Because of this experience, I already have a good working relationship with the Dean of Students and Campus Security; strong communication with both offices is critical in planning uninterrupted events.  It will be my top priority to make sure this next year of fun is smooth and entertaining.

I will always listen to what you, the CMC students, want. Approach me with ideas or concerns. I am eager for your input! Vote Alexandra for experience and excellence.

· Student Activities  Council Chair (SAC) ·


Steven Limandibhratha

CMC is a special place, but I don’t have to tell the student body what they already know. What I want to bring to attention is the changing definition of “special place.” The inescapable cycle of college is that every May seniors graduate and every September a new class of freshmen joins our ranks. With this transition, tradition, tendencies, and perspectives both leave and join CMC’s student body. As members of the community that return the following year, I believe it’s up to us to facilitate new ideas while commemorating those fantastic ones that have passed. Incoming students bring new experiences and ideas while remaining students can attest to their past experiences at the college. My campaign statement is essentially to create a social environment that balances just that; taking the past and combining it with the present to create a future that is based on foresight and hindsight.

A note on the position of Student Activities Chair (SAC): I’ve been helping the current SAC, Will Brown, organize parties for the past year, and with that experience comes the understanding that the position of SAC is too much for one individual. The SAC can make a party happen but can only do so much to make it reflect the desires of the population. Another aim that I would have as SAC would be to involve the students more in the kind of parties thrown.


Finally I wanted to remind the student body of what they already know. CMC gives students the freedom to enjoy themselves. As SAC I’ll do everything to facilitate the social environment on campus. Just remember where you are, who are your friends, and take every opportunity to make more. I haven’t met a person on campus who was not worth knowing.

· Student Life Council Chair (SLC) ·

Mohammad Abdul-Rahim

Do you not feel like drinking but still want to have fun? Well, I’ve got the solution for you! My name is Mohammad “MoE” Abdul-Rahim and I’m running for the Student Life Chair position on ASCMC.

As SLC there are a couple of things I wish to do:

  • Encourage participation from both the wet and dry communities
  • Improve the promotion of dry events
  • Get everyone on campus involved in dry events by creating a committee composed of people who enjoy dry events and by sending out monthly surveys regarding which events to hold
  • Develop a more transparent method of budget communication between SLC and the student body
  • Maintain and improve upon SLC’s cherished traditions, which include: Hub Quiz, Mr. Stag, pumpkin carving, screenings of your favorite TV series and sports games, and others
  • Possible new events: Camping on Green Beach, Mini Sport Tournaments, Afternoon Recess Games, Barbecues, Smoothie Nights, Campus Wide Easter Egg Hunts, Capture the Flag with a twist (water balloons!), and much more!

This is just a preview of what I hope to do. If you want to learn more about my plans or have any suggestions, e-mail me at [email protected]

On a final note, there is one thing you should always remember. You can expect mo’ from MoE because MoEbody does it better!

Stephanie Haft

As ASCMC’s new SLC, I would keep the important foundational traditions of the position while also building a new framework. With the advent of College Programming Board, many of the current dry events previously planned by SLC have been reassigned, allowing more time and resources for other ventures. When I think of “student life,” I also think of campus life and student wellness. My ideas for working on campus improvements and promoting student well-being include the following:

  • free massages during stressful exam weeks/relaxation yoga
  • working with Campus Life Committee (to secure coffee machines for dorm lounges, etc.)
  • utilizing CMC talent to plan shows/ an “idea night” specifically for campus improvement plans
  • using SLC funds for transportation to off-campus events
  • paint balloon fight, “Biggest Loser” competition, petting zoo, field day, Sunday night studybreak, more!

As current Executive Secretary on the ASCMC Executive Board, I am aware of the responsibilities and hard work required of officers. My experience on the Executive Board has taught me how to successfully execute events and coordinate with the administration. I also sit on the Budgeting Committee for ASCMC, which has lent me not only personal budgeting skills, but also a valuable understanding of how funding for ASCMC events works.

I encourage you to come to next Tuesday’s snack where I will discuss my ideas in more detail; or, simply join the students at Wednesday tea offering their souls to me for chocolate-covered strawberries; prank phone call me at the front desk of Kravis Leadership Institute; or stop by my humble abode in Claremont Hall B310. I would love to explain my ideas further and address any questions or concerns.

I have experience, I have fresh ideas, and I have passion. Now, all I need is your vote.