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· Class of 2013 President ·

Jessica Dang

Senior year. What do you think of when you hear the words senior year? Well, for the loving class of 2013, I envision an awesome year filled with exciting senior trips that will include but also go beyond just the traditional Vegas and San Diego trips.

Here are three simple reasons why you should vote for me:

  1. I’m all about making our last year the BEST YEAR EVER. I want to share my passion and bring us all closer together by arranging mind-blowing senior trips, providing yummy treats during finals week, and creating fun events.
  2. I had the special opportunity to experience an alumni class reunion last year that involved top-notch activities. Currently, I have the privilege of serving on the Alumni Weekend Host Committee and gaining hands-on experience with the planning process. Best believe our class reunions will be nothing but the best.
  3. I love CMC, as shown by my involvement with the Board of Trustees, KLI, The Forum, and a varsity sport. I want to be that liaison between CMC and the class of 2013, even years after graduation. Through my demonstrated ability to host numerous events as President of the Student-Alumni Relations Council, I promise I will not let you down, especially 10 to 50 years from now when we show off all the-moves-like-Jagger at our class reunions.

So, to wrap it all up: Go big or go home! I say we start and end our senior year with a BANG! Help me help you create ever-lasting memories before, during and after graduation. You’ll even have countless pictures to remember them by! I believe in you, in us, and our future for the best years of our lives. I make it possible; you make it happen. Vote for Dang for a DANNNNG good year!

Clare Riva

Hey 2013!  My name is Clare Riva and I’m running to be our class president.  But why vote for me?  Let me break it down for you:


Experience. I have been on ASCMC’s Executive Board for two years, first as secretary and this past year as Dorm Activities Chair (DAC).  I know how to plan events, from small class events to large, off-campus events like SYR.  This experience will be essential in planning great class events, from class dinners to Vegas trips to 100 Days.  Also, through ASCMC, my work as Ath Fellow, and my time as a Student Representative to the Board of Trustees, I have built important relationships with Alumni Relations, college administrators, and trustees.  I will use these connections to make our graduation and alumni experiences the best they can possibly be.

Tradition.  It has been my goal this year to bring back dorm traditions, and I succeeded in resurrecting dorm intramural teams and SYR.  I want to do the same for the senior class, from an evening cruise for our class to a big event at the Mt. Baldy lodge. I also hold current traditions very close to my heart, and will fight to make sure things like the Thesis Parties continue.

Passion.  What it boils down to is I love CMC, and I love our class!  I have the motivation, the dedication, and the spirit that it takes to keep our class united here and once we leave CMC.  You will always be able to count on me for unity and fun, next year and beyond. Most of all, I want to make sure that we will always have CMC.

2013, Vote for Spirit and Experience.  Vote Clare Riva for Class President!

· Class of 2014 President ·

Maddie Hall

Fellow Stagthenas,

Four score and seven TNCs ago, our admissions office brought forth in this college, a new class, conceived in Claremont, and dedicated to the proposition that all members of the class of 2014 shall be incredibly badass.

Now we are engaged in a great decision, testing whether that class, or any class so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great quad of that decision…

Okay okay… So I’m not trying to be the next Lincoln, but as class president I will do all I can to keep our class united and strong. Granted no battles are being fought over which dorm gets to hold the next TNC, but our class could be a lot more cohesive if we bond together and step up as leaders. From subsidizing transport to Sushi Cruise, to hosting a class sailing trip, spa day, or rap battle, as president, I will work hard to host a wide range of events. I want to showcase our unique talents, so we can get to know each other on a more personal level.

Additionally, I want everyone’s input about what these events should be. I’m not about to plan a visit to Justin Timberlake’s house because I am probably the only one obsessed enough to find it. I will use metrics (with the assistance of some econ majors) to gauge your level of interest and to evaluate your experience at past events.

I care about class unity enough to get shot in the head for it (by a zombie nerf gun of course)! Hit me up if you want to discuss my ideas, share ideas of your own, or get a ride to target.

Vote for Maddie!!

Maddie Hall

[email protected]


Merriel Foster

There is no question that the Class of 2014 is the most intelligent, attractive, talented, and well-rounded group of individuals that has walked the quads of the North, Mid and South.  As a representative of our class, I would make it my priority to listen, communicate and follow through with your ideas and inputs to take advantage of every moment we have at CMC.  With so many of us abroad both semesters next year, it is vital to focus on maintaining the unity of our class on campus.  I hope for each of us to strive to identify as a member of the junior class, rather than a member of a quad.  We are the Class of 2014, and we should be proud.

If elected, my top priorities would be to:

  • Plan big events at the beginning of each semester.  It happens too often that we opt to spend the day at Poppa or Ryal and miss out on jumping in a bouncy castle on Green Beach or taking a trip up to Baldy because once the school work starts up, it is near impossible to find a time for a break that we all can enjoy.  Also, with many abroad programs starting a few weeks after the beginning of the semester, there is the opportunity for classmates that will be gone for the semester to come back and spend more time with friends before they fly overseas.
  • Feed you.  A lot.
  • Coordinate an amazing Monte Carlo.  It is the responsibility of the Junior Class to throw one of the most memorable parties of the year, and I would be sure to keep up the tradition.
  • Communicate.  I cannot stress how vital this is for our class to get the most out of next year.  Survey Monkey is great, but I will make a point of talking one on one to members our class and not just bringing your suggestions to the table, but making them happen.

I am dedicated, hard working, creative, and ready to represent you as Junior Class President!

Vote Very Well, Vote Merriel

· Class of 2015 President ·

Isabel Lane

One event a week– that’s my promise. The rest is up to you. Whether you want a hiking trip to Baldy, Friday night snack, or more Class of 2015 parties, you just have to let me know. It’ll be a lot easier for you to do that this year, too; if elected, I’ll hold weekly forums for you to come and talk to me about your ideas (think Mao-pow-wow). Also, there will be a voting system for the events we put on– I’ll give you at least two choices at the beginning of the week and each of you will have the opportunity to vote on which one you’d like to see happen.

As your sitting Vice-President, I’ve had the entire year to learn how to make these kinds of events happen and how to make them well-attended. In terms of ideas, I’ve already been talking to people about what they’d like to see in the upcoming year. Here are just some of the ideas I’ve heard:

A night Capture-The-Flag game

Class swag (sweatpants for the colder months, perhaps)

Having more service opportunities

Making intramural sports more popular

I’m not just your event planner, though: as your president, I’d also be a member of ASCMC’s executive board. If you have any concerns or issues you’d like addressed, the weekly forums would be a great place to come and voice them to me. If you tell me to, I’d advocate for issues like reconsidering the TNC guest pass policy.

Above all, I’m committed to you. If you elect me, you’re putting yourselves in charge. I’ll go the extra mile to make your ideas happen.

If you want to hear more, please come talk to me or come to the speeches at Snack on Tuesday. I’d love to hear from you!


Demetrius Lalanne

“Hey 2015! I’m Demetrius Lalanne, your current class president! I am running for re-election because I loved throwing events and representing you guys at ASCMC meetings. This semester I learned a lot about the position of Frez and how much time and energy goes into it. Whether it was asking Jim Nauls to help fund the Freshman-only Ath teas, or attempting to organize hundreds of super sneaky deaths in assassins, it took about half the semester to really get settled into my position. The position of president is much more than just throwing parties however, although throwing a nice party is essential; class presidents represent the class to alumni and to the administration; presidents have to work well with multiple different bodies on campus and be able to juggle different ideas and commitments at once. I have learned to embody this mentality and build off of it. By re-electing me you’d be surpassing that awkward settling stage. I’d like to hit the ground running, with more events, more collaboration between classes, and more discussions. I am currently planning a huge event sponsored by our class for Mckenna Weekend, and have planned re-occuring Friday Frosh Fests including fun, food and games for your enjoyment. The most important part is that I did not do this alone. I managed a team of 9 other freshman who helped me come up with ideas and execute our parties. I know that if I were elected again and wanted to do even bigger things I would need more help. For those of you who want to help throw parties, or get the class involved in community service, or find non-alcoholic ways for the class to have fun you will have your chance with me as your president. The bottom line is that I love ASCMC and I love my class, and I would love to help you guys have an awesome sophomore year!”

Charlie Montgomery

My name is Charlie Montgomery and I am running for sophomore class president. So why should you vote for me? As President, I would make participation my top priority in order to make next year as enjoyable as possible. I have a vision, unfulfilled by our current President, of the participation needed to realize the potential spirit and unity of our class. Here is my roadmap to getting us there.

  1. Spirit-I love the environment of the Pomona-Pitzer games and I want to experience that atmosphere on a far more regular basis. We are all busy with our studies and it is difficult to find a game to go to. I would create a “game of the week.” This would be set up on a rotating schedule so that each team could experience the full force of stag pride.
  2. Events- Expect plenty of fun pre-party celebrations, class barbeques, pool parties and other events you will actually want to attend. The events this year have been hit or miss and attendance has been lackluster. If elected I would use SurveyMonkey to involve all of you more in choosing what our class funds go towards.
  3. Council- I think FroCo was a good idea that was inadequately implemented. I will restructure it so that all of us would be welcome to participate in the weekly meetings. This group would be led by an elected cabinet in order to ensure responsibility while still being open to ideas, comments and concerns from all of you.
  4. I also plan on donating my stipend of $500 back to the class in order to help put on more and better events for all of you.

Thank you and remember that a vote for me is a vote for you,