On Tuesday, February 25, 2013, ASCMC will be holding elections. At Spring Break, the term for the current executive board will end, and a new team of students will take over ASCMC.  Who those students are is up to you. Each position — class presidents, dorm activities chair, social activities chair, social life chair, vice president, and president — is up for grabs, and there are over a dozen students running. To complement the speech each candidate will give at Snack on Monday, the Forum has asked them for a short statement to help you prepare for this important decision. 

Candidates for President (3)

Ben Tillotson

01“As DAC, I will take responsibility for making sure people have a great time at TNC, and are excited for the next one every week. I will work constructively with DOS to stop the trend of tightening restrictions, maintain and revive popular traditions, and come up with new and creative party ideas. There’s nothing wrong with a dorm lounge and a DJ, but I don’t think it has to be a weekly requirement.” –DAC Candidate Statement, 2013

That’s what I promised then, this is what I promise now.

I’m running for Student Body president because I think ASCMC can do more to serve the students of Claremont McKenna College. ASCMC is uniquely charged with many important responsibilities, but between clubs, dorms, and maintaining a vibrant social scene, I think our most important role is often forgotten. The primary task of any student government should be to translate student sentiment into actionable change on campus. “Campus Improvement” shouldn’t just be an obscure Senate committee, but should be at the core of everything we do. I hope you will vote to change this, and here’s how I think it can be done:

The first step is diagnosing the problem—why, since all of us can remember, has ASCMC been unable address meaningful issues on campus? After serving on Exec Board for a year now, I’ve come to see that the problem doesn’t lie with the people serving on ASCMC, but rather the inherent structure of the organization. Exec Board is by far the most powerful and active branch of ASCMC, but 7 out of 9 of the elected voting members on board are event planners. Class Presidents and the Social Chairs tend to be preoccupied with responsibilities other than addressing campus wide policy. Exec Board serves an important role in ASCMC, but it shouldn’t be the center of the action.

How can we fix this? Put more governing responsibility in Senate. If you’ve been to a senate meeting recently, I understand why this might sound crazy. Senate, in its current instantiation, is inefficient and discussions tend to be unproductive. The best way to change this is to give senators more responsibility and accountability. There are currently promising proposals being considered for ways to do this, which I wholeheartedly support. Once senate is reformed, it can become an effective forum for doing what student government is supposed to: turning student opinion into actionable change.

Finally, for those concerned about the social scene, I ask you to judge me by my tenure as DAC. From pool party to wine & cheese in lower Kravis, Buckhorn Lodge to Middle School Dance, I have a track record of productively working with DOS to expand the privileges that students have on campus.  As President, I will work with the Social Chairs to continue offering new, creative, and inclusive events (Indian Wedding Party, anyone?), and work to maintain our open campus culture.

If you like these ideas, I would love the chance to make them happen.


Jeffrey Hochhauser 

02Who Am I:

I am Jeff Hochhauser and I am running for Student Body President. I have a vision for CMC and I have the focus and plan to fulfill it.

For those of you who I have not met yet, I am an Economics-Philosophy dual major from Colorado. I transferred to CMC my sophomore year from UNC. In my time at CMC I have gotten involved around campus in various organizations such as SOURCE, Admission, WOA, and SIF. Each experience has deepened my love for CMC and the overall community.


Here is a brief overview of my platform.  A large component of my platform is increased student involvement so if anyone is interested in further discussion or has additional ideas, please get in contact with me.

1. ASCMC Reform

ASCMC has done many great things for our school, but I think that the organization could benefit from structural changes. ASCMC is the voice of the students, and should address important issues facing our student body. I want to establish committees focused on pertinent issues such as sexual assault, alcohol/drugs, diversity, academic integrity, etc.  These committees would look into the issues on campus and come up with ways to address them before they become problems. Historically ASCMC has been a reactive body, but I think increasing student involvement could allow it solve problems proactively. These committees would inform ASCMC and allow us to independently address the issues we feel are important as students.

Additionally, I want to increase the transparency of the organization. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, from holding office hours to sending out quarterly updates.

I also want to emphasize the necessity of a collaborative environment for the board. By working together, ASCMC can continue to improve the student experience.

Lastly, I would want to bring in an outside, unbiased consulting firm to look at the organization and identify any major inefficiencies that exist currently. Having this fresh pair of eyes would lead to streamlining processes and making the organization run more smoothly.

2. Social Scene

With our social scene, there are three parts to consider: preserving tradition, promoting inclusion, and ensuring safety. I want to foster an environment where the party planner is supported by the entire board. Additionally, I want to focus on increasing safety at these events, which would allow us to preserve our culture. One safety idea is to create student EMTs, who could mitigate medical liability concerns.

3. ASCMC/ DOS Relationship

Moving forward, we need a constructive relationship with DOS. I would want to foster a trusting, open, and mutually respectful relationship that promotes cooperative action.

The next ASCMC board should emphasize student involvement and priorities, while working to improve the medium used to enact positive and significant change. I can lead the board with the focus and determination necessary to guarantee progress on the issues identified in my platform and other student concerns that arise. Please reach out with any questions, and vote for me this Tuesday!


Julian Mackie

03Hi my name is Julian Mackie and I’m running for ASCMC President.

In my two and a half years at CMC, a huge amount of my work has focused on campus improvement. My work at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship centers on empowering people to create their futures, forming a campus that displays their interests, and collaborating to achieve these common goals. I am not alone in this vision. There are countless organizations on campus that work creatively and tirelessly to improve our experience at CMC; from the Art Council, to Shades, to the Claremont Coding Club, to any athlete, musician, or entrepreneur, we all play a part in making this campus vibrant and fulfilling. It is time to bring this same innovation to ASCMC.

Let’s start this process by opening the campus improvement fund to any student proposals- if you have an idea that improves our campus, we’ll make it happen. I know how frustrating it is to want to incite change but to feel disheartened by a bureaucratic system; we should expand and expedite this system to capture student interests.

This same need for innovation applies to our relationship with the administration as well. We need to be proactive with our solutions and with programs that enable us to foster the incredibly inclusive, vibrant social scene that we enjoy. Let’s create a student paramedic program so we can make our social scene safer, enhance student responsibility, and build trust with the Dean of Students.

To make these changes, ASCMC needs to be accessible to all students so that we may build on the diversity of student voices. We have student leaders outside of ASCMC who are passionate and well informed on a wide variety of social issues in areas such as gender and race. Through the reforms senate is undergoing, we should connect these students with senate leaders so that together, we can work on bettering our campus climate. Lastly, I will hold weekly office hours with other ASCMC leaders to keep students informed and to solicit input.

My semester abroad taught me to truly value the opportunities that we all have on this campus- it inspired me to do what I can to make sure everyone enjoys this capacity to meaningfully contribute. I believe CMC needs a president who will represent the diverse interests of the student body, who will provide innovative answers to the problems that face us, and who will ensure that every voice is represented.

I have the experience and the leadership abilities to operate ASCMC effectively, and I have the vision to make the necessary changes.

Vote Julian Mackie for ASCMC President.

I’m taking this opportunity to launch the #CMCidea campaign: if you have an idea on how we can improve our campus, write your thoughts on an index card and drop it in one of the envelopes around campus marked #CMCideas, or simply tweet your idea using #CMCideas. Together, we can build a better campus.


Candidates for Vice President (3)

Aseem Chipalkatti

04We came to CMC because we refused to compromise on getting a great college education and an amazing student life. CMCers figure out what they want out of life, and refuse to settle for anything less.

Our challenge is that we’re being forced to compromise in ASCMC. I’ve been involved with ASCMC since Day One of my freshman year nearly three years ago, and have seen some of its problems firsthand. Our student leaders have tried to govern effectively, but our broken structure prevents them from succeeding.

CMC – we’re compromising on our student life. We have done better, we deserve better, and I want to make that happen. We deserve more from ASCMC, and I can make it happen. I would:

1. Restore the “Jim Nauls” fund

The Jim Nauls fund allowed people who wanted to have a more independent social life afford alternate activities. Sometime this year, this fund disappeared, forcing students to conform to the Dean of Students’ one-size-fits all social events, vastly diminishing our social culture.

You shouldn’t have to compromise on that. It is ASCMC’s job to bring the fund back, and as your Vice-President, I promise to restore the “Jim Nauls” fund forever.

2. Reform ASCMC

Right now, the only way to be involved in ASCMC is to physically attend meetings, something that’s impossible for people studying abroad, or who have busy lives.

You shouldn’t have to compromise on being involved in your student government and maintaining your own life. As your Vice-President, I would start to live-stream all Executive Board and Senate meetings, so all interested CMC students can stay updated on ASCMC’s goings-on.  I also promise to hold regular town hall meetings with all members of the Executive Board, so that students can hold their representatives accountable.

3. Renew our Senate

Currently, Senate is just a rubber stamp for Executive Board’s budget proposals and constitutional amendments. Senate has so much more potential. As our legislative body, it’s the voice of the students, not just another yes-man. That isn’t CMC.

We shouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of our legislative branch. As your Vice-President, I promise to make it easier to get involved in Senate by creating an online system for submitting resolutions and ideas, so that everyone can have a hand in legislation. I will also work to implement a new formal voting system that replaces the old, clunky, and outdated voting-by-dorm system.

I have the experience, dedication, and vision necessary to implement these ideas. While on Executive Board, I implemented reforms like last year’s online elections, streamlined club funding, and created the initial recommendations for separating the Forum from ASCMC. I know how Senate works – I have never missed a Senate meeting, and I’m responsible for two of the three resolutions that have been adopted in the past three years.

We deserve more from ASCMC. We shouldn’t have to compromise. As your Vice-President, I’ll make sure you won’t have to compromise on anything.

Vote Aseem for Vice President. No Compromises.


Michael Irvine

05Hey CMC!

I’m Michael and I’m running for ASCMC Vice President. Right now I serve in Senate and on Executive Board as the President Pro Tempore, and I’m looking forward to serving you next year as VP. Let me tell you why.

When I first came here, I was blown away by the creativity, energy, and community I saw. I still am every day—from the awesome music scene in the Marks Basement, to our social scene, to the clubs that make such a difference on campus.

Student government should reflect that. Too much of what ASCMC does is internal and doesn’t affect anyone outside of ASCMC. This needs to change. Here are my plans:


The Marks Basement music space is really cool. If you haven’t yet, check it out. As VP, I will work with President Chodosh and the administration to make sure that the mid-quad renovations include a true music practice space—and somewhere we can see these incredible bands perform.

And let’s make Fridays a thing. It doesn’t have to be a party—how about a day hike at Mt. Baldy one week, a trip to Venice Beach the next, or a concert on campus? Something fun, chill, and different every week.


CMCers are always up to something. Whether you’re exploring the world and studying abroad in Morocco or showing up bigger schools at Debate, Mock Trial, or MUN, you deserve a student government that works as hard as you do.

So much of our community comes from the clubs we’re a part of, but they’ve been finding it harder and harder to get funding and plan their years. I’ll change that by working with the CO Chair to make things simpler for club leaders and give them more funding up front.


When I got here, I was struck by how open our social scene is. Any student is welcome to our parties, and we’re treated like responsible adults. A lot of you have probably noticed that this is changing. The administration has placed new restrictions on the social scene that far too often have had the unintended effect of making our social scene less safe and less responsible.

Our social scene sets us apart from every other liberal arts school in the country. I’ll represent CMCers views’ to the administration. I’ll stand up for our unique campus and work with them to find alternatives to unreasonable policies.

I’ve always believed that it is up to ASCMC to promote the kind of campus culture students want. Let’s make it happen.


Will Su

06My name is Will Su and I am running for ASCMC Vice President!  I believe that the culmination of two years in ASCMC with experience both on the Board and Senate have prepared me to serve as Vice President.

I see the Vice President’s role consisting of three main responsibilities: representing and informing the student body, leading Senate, and serving as the vice executive of a corporation.


ASCMC has failed in years past to be a competent communicator, a transparent body, and an effective responder to the frustrations of the student body.  Have you ever felt misinformed as to what is happening on campus?  Let’s change that.  As Vice President, I want to keep everyone in the conversation because your perspective matters.  CMC is one big family(disclaimer: dysfunctional on thurs/sat nights ;)) and we cannot tolerate back room meetings for ASCMC to decide what is best for you. As VP, I will engage you in discourse that can facilitate change.  Let’s bring back the Service website so that students can see the state of ASCMC transactions as well as the budgets they manage.  Let’s make things easier for the student body because ASCMC should not be a hindrance, but there to help.  I want the student body to be informed on issues, resources, and opportunities, so that you can make the most of your time here at CMC.


Senate is a group that has the potential to be a huge change-making force on campus.  I want to make Senate appealing to be a part of and empower senators to lead the campaign for change on campus.  If you’re showing up to Senate every Monday night, there is something you care about, and if I can identify that passion, link you to other students with the same passion, and offer you the tools and resources to accomplish change- CMCers will really be leaders in the making.


Money matters. If ASCMC is wasteful, every CMCer will feel the effects.  A club that cannot throw an event, a party that has to be smaller, a student that cannot attend a conference…as Vice President I will make sure every cent counts. This year I established a company COSTCO card(2% rebate on all our party purchases), negotiated with 4C governments to save us thousands of dollars on club allocations, and leveraged partnerships with corporate sponsors.  As a non-profit organization we can leverage our status to create strategic partnerships with companies that can bring benefits to our students.  This year, I brought in Eureka! Burger and students got gift cards at the club fair and Eureka! later partnered for further events with the SAC.

ASCMC should be a force that opens up opportunities for the student body to lead, work hard, and play harder.  Let’s change CMC for the better.  If there ever was a time for a CMCer to be a leader, now is that time.  The first step is change, and I promise to be that change.

Vote Su.


Candidates for Social Activities Chair (SAC) (2)

Jessie Thomas

07As SAC, I plan to keep our traditional parties going strong, and to work to bring back events that were favorites in the past, such as Marathon Party. I’ve worked closely with Mark (the current SAC) throughout the past year and therefore know exactly what it takes to successfully execute CMC’s best events. I’ve been involved in the party process from start to finish: I’ve developed ideas, done paperwork to get approval, set up the parties, and seen them through to completion.

I also have attended approximately 99% of the parties since I came here as a freshmen, so I’m very aware of what the students of CMC want and need in their weekend endeavors.

As your SAC, I plan to increase the diversity of events through bringing in more live music, throwing another country party, and more. In order to gauge student opinions on past and possible future parties, I plan to implement an easy way to submit ideas, give feedback, and even vote on the next few weeks’ events.

Another way to increase the range of our parties is to integrate in different activities. By creating a strong relationship between the SAC and the SLC, the two positions can work together to pool their funds and bring new additions to our already raging parties so that everyone, whether they are drinking or not, can have a great time.

We currently stand at a crucial point involving the CMC social culture. In the changing administrative climate, we need a SAC who will be creative and organized in solutions, approach the job seriously, and above all, always fight for student priorities.

At the end of the day, I am a dedicated, organized, and always ready to rage. I hope you’ll let me fight for your right to party.


Manav Kohli

07My name is Manav Kohli, and I’m a sophomore economics and computer science dual major. I’ve been a part of the SAC Council for the past year, and have worked in planning many events since last spring. I’m dedicated to keeping the CMC night life strong , and making sure that kids always have something to do.

It’s hard to argue that CMC hasn’t seen a shift in its social scene – students have been told they can’t stand in north quad, and a fenced in party is now the norm. In addition to adapting to old rules being enforced in new ways, I’m committed to keeping CMC’s social life healthy and planning better events that draw more people.

Having worked on the SAC council, I’ve gained experience planning ahead for the events in the semester, registering them, and learning what it takes to plan a good party. My biggest goal is to include more people in the CMC social life, and I will plan more events through the week to create opportunities for more people to kick back.

Bigger parties are better. Whether you interpret that as gathering more people or budgeting more to plan larger events, it’s undeniable. For example, events like Mistletoe Rock are awesome because they bring more people and draw funds from multiple schools. I hope to plan more 5-c parties, and in the process ensure that our own parties get bigger and better.

However, improving CMCs social scene will require more than just including other schools. It means planning our event schedules over breaks, registering those parties earlier, and working politically with the administration to make sure that they get the best location and are well planned. As SAC I would make sure that CMCs night life goes above and beyond your expectations, and that the parties in the following term surpass your wildest dreams.


Candidates for Dorm Activities Chair (DAC) (1)

Elaine Sohng

08Aloha CMC,

My name is Elaine Sohng and I’m a freshman from Honolulu. Although I may be your only candidate, I still take this position seriously! Ben has done a great job this year and I plan to follow suit. I want to continue increasing dorm bonding by involving dorms in TNC planning, expanding dorm events outside of Thursday night, and connecting on-campus resources to make our wildest dreams come true!

TNC variety has been awesome, but there’s always room for more themes and more variety! Dreaming of a Halfway to 4th of July BBQ (fireworks!) ? What about a Prohibition-era jazz club we have to find via scavenger hunt? I want to hear your opinions. Your lounge, your rules – so let’s brainstorm and see what we can do!

Every dorm can be a community. Let’s use our dorm funds for late night snacks, off-campus adventures, and fun events like glow-in-the-dark capture the flag! We’ll focus the dorm cup by having specific challenges to work towards every month: best dorm swag, least damages, housekeeping staff appreciation week!

There are so many possibilities and I will collaborate with the SLC, Senate’s Campus Improvements Committee, and DOS to get you the improvements that you want. We have incredible resources at CMC that can be better utilized and better connected. But seriously, we need water filters in North Quad.

I’ve had so much fun “campaigning” these past few days. Thank you for taking time to share your ideas and experiences with me these past few days. I can’t wait to dedicate this next year to serving our amazing community!

Mahalo nui loa!


Candidates for Student Life Chair (SLC) (3)

Chloe Zagradzky

09Hey, CMCers! My name is Chloe Zagrodzky, and I’m freshman running for the position of Social Life Chair. For those of you who don’t know, the Social Life Chair is in charge of planning dry events on campus. While you don’t have to be sober to participate in these events, they are just as fun without substance use. This past year, I’ve served on the Campus Improvements Senate committee, so I’ve enjoyed getting involved in ASCMC in that aspect. Recently, Campus Improvements sent out a survey asking you guys for ideas and feedback. Most of y’all said that you didn’t think there were lots of “dry event” options. My goal for the end of this year and the majority of next year is to change that.  A few ideas I have for potential dry events include a pillow fight in one of the lounges, splatter painting on Green Beach, and a campus-wide game of Capture the Flag. As someone who chooses not to drink but still loves the CMC social scene, it’s important to me that everyone, whether dry or not, enjoys fun, inclusive campus events. I would love to be your SLC, so vote for me!


Jenanne Vaccaro

10Fellow CMCers,

I am running for SLC because I know I can make a difference. As a member of the current SLC, Jessica Jin’s, board, I understand the level of commitment required for this position. Furthermore, as the CMC “social climate” becomes a buzz word on campus, questions arise about the future of the social scene. I want to take part in creating this future, and I want to do so with consistent feedback from you.

The future that I see is one of increased cohesion between all social chairs. I want to work with the Exec. Board to create more options and activities at TNCs and Saturday parties. Elaine Songh, the next D.A.C, and I have already discussed ways we can work together to make TNCs appealing regardless of whether or not you chose to drink. One way we could do this is by creating more space to sit and talk at parties. We would like to cultivate a more unified social scene, that is not strictly divided into “sober” and “wet” events.

  • Scavenger Hunt to find TNC!
  • B.B.Q on Green Beach!
  • Carnival in North Quad!

In addition, I plan to keep hallmark SLC events, bring back some classics and create a few new ones. As a member of Jess’ board, I am already in the process of planning Ski-Beach Day.

  • Game of Thrones viewings
  • Hub Quiz Trivia – Friday
  • Massages & Puppies – finals
  • Easter egg hunt

As your SLC, I also want to increase communication and avenues for student input. I hope to set up a spot outside Collins or create Google polls that allow you to vote on which events you’d prefer. I would also like to create an easy way to give feedback after each event, so we can tailor activities to your interests.


Vivan Marwaha
vivanmarwahaHey CMC,

My name is Vivan Marwaha and I am running for Social Life Chair! I’m a freshman from Marks and have served on the Social Life Advisory Board till now. CMC has a great social scene, but sometimes it can tend to exclude a few communities on campus. I want to change this. I see no reason why all events can’t be inclusive and fun. So, if you decide to elect me, I’m going to plan events that all of CMC would love to attend.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Because I’m thinking:

  1. Sunday Night Snack: I would like to collaborate with campus organizations and combine funding to bring you guys Sunday night snack at least 2x a month. Midnight NOMZ
  2. The Potter Games: CMC matches Hogwarts perfectly. We have the 3 Quads and the Apartments, all competing for one grand prize. Prepare yourselves for the rivalries to get real. Whipped Cream Eating, Jell-O Wrestling, Paintball Wars and of course…..Quidditch.
  3. Murder Mystery: you read it right! Clue meets CMC
  4. Iron Chef: Wet your appetites and get ready for a massive cook-off
  5. TV Show nights: Sunday Night Football, Bachelor Mondays and Scandalous Thursdays
  6. Board games and Boba EVERY FRIDAY
  7. Hub Quiz: BIGGER and BETTER
  8. More off campus events…….Ski/Surf Day, Laser Tag, Hikes on Baldy

This is just a small list of things I want to do. If you would like to know all my plans, email me at [email protected]. I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions!


Candidates for Senior Class President (2)

Abby Michaelsen

13Hey 2015!

I want to make our senior year the best one yet, and I have the experience, passion, and commitment to make that happen.

Last year, I served on ASCMC as Dorm Affairs Chair (DAC).   From 5C events, to TNCs, to off-campus parties, I know how to plan and execute events.  This experience will be crucial in planning awesome senior events like 100 days, Vegas trips, and Thesis Fountain Party.  Additionally, I’ll help you plan your own get-togethers by subsidizing dinners and parties at the apartments.  And when we’re on the brink of losing our sanity during thesis, I’ll stockpile the labs with coffee, energy drinks, and delicious food.  Check out more of my ideas and add your own here!

Senior year, however, is about more than parties and social events.  I’ll work extensively with the Alumni Office and Career Services to ensure there are plenty of networking opportunities, sponsored off-campus trips, and valuable resources to help us all get jobs.  And I will keep us updated on these events through a facebook page and class emails.

It’s important to remember that Senior Class President is president for life!  I’m dedicated in the long-term to making sure we have the best possible alumni experience.  I’m both prepared and excited to keep our class connected 10, 20, and even 50 years from now and I plan on organizing reunions just as fun as our time in Claremont!

What it all comes down to is I love CMC and I love our class!  I have the passion, commitment, and spirit to lead our class, and the experience to ensure our senior and alumni events run seamlessly.  Whether it’s in the coming year or the years to come, you can always count on me for fun, unity, and commitment to our class!


Clancy Tripp

14Hi class of 2015, my name is Clancy Tripp. You may know me from The Golden Antlers, but I promise you this isn’t some elaborate joke. I’m running for your class president because you all are my family (has any candidate ever NOT said that?), because I’ve got some awesome ideas, and because I’ll work hard to make sure we have the bestest year yet! Here’s a teaser: Senior time capsules (for the memories you will actually want to remember 25 years from now), Class of 2015 family potluck dinners, a senior prank (sorry DOS), school-wide hide and go seek, thesis survival kits (you’re welcome in advance), rejection letter bonfires, an around the world party, a class-wide Bake/Grill-off, Last First Day of School parties, and a 50 days party. And of course, I’ll spend entirely too much time planning senior week, 200 days, 100 days, and – oh yeah – graduation!! I want to make our final chapter awesome, so don’t trip, vote Tripp! My email is [email protected], email me with any suggestions or questions, I look forward to hopefully being your Prez 4 Lyfe.


Candidates for Junior Class President (2)

Ben Turner

15What I’ve Done: This year, I have attended every ASCMC Exec Board meeting; to both understand as well as to add to the conversation. I have also been an active member of the Freshman and Sophomore Class Councils, as well as serving as Dorm President of Phillips and Wohlford, helping to plan, run and even clean up events. Along with 7 other students, I helped put into action the Roundtable on CMC’s Social Climate.  In this way, I’ve shown passion as well as proactivity in starting a dialogue not only between students, but also with administrators and leaders on campus, such as President Chodosh and the DOS Office.

What We Can Do: Junior year is unique in that in involves around half of our student body being away from CMC over the course of the school year. Throwing events are a great way to bond and come together, for those on-campus, to best enjoy themselves and interact with the other classes. For those off-campus, we can keep them connected to CMC as best possible, with group Google Hangout sessions, care packages and updates from them about their study abroad experiences.

What We’ll Accomplish Together: Junior year is all about experiences, whether at CMC, in Claremont or abroad.  We’ll have more responsibility, more pressure and even more stress in the coming year. In coming together as a class, through sharing our experiences with one another, I truly believe we can make our Junior year the best yet. I love this school, and I love our class. So 2016, let me serve you, represent your voices, throw awesome events and most importantly, make Junior year an experience you won’t forget.

Questions/suggestions? Send me an email at [email protected]: I would love to hear how I can help you best experience your Junior year!


Erin Larsen

16Sup y’all (aka you guys)! My name’s Erin Larsen and I’m running for Junior Class President. Here’s why:

1. Monte Carlo: One of the largest tasks delegated to the JCP is the planning of Monte Carlo. If elected, I can promise you that 2014’s Monte Carlo will be the best one yet! I’m envisioning a Cirque du Solei Masquerade Gala. Picture this, a modern masquerade party that taps into its 12th century Venetian Carnival origins. Think flame jugglers, stilts, acrobats, aerialists, draped ceilings, glow in the dark cotton candy, and giant lanterns.

2.  Food, Coffee, Puppies, Massages, and Yoga: Who doesn’t like free food and coffee all the time (with gluten free options!!)?! As for puppies, sorry cat people, I think our whole class could benefit from regular puppy visits (emphasis on puppies and not just small yappy dogs). Finally, our very own 2016 yogi Maddie Davidson has kindly offered to teach yoga classes on Green Beach.

3. Communication: If elected, I promise to attend Tea at least once a week to bring back Tea office hours. I will always be accessible and responsive to class concerns. I also intend to encourage DOS to do the same.

4. Sexual Assault and Mental Health Resources: Finally, but most importantly, I want to use my position to expand sexual assault and mental health resources available on campus. While I’m excited for the new “Teal Dot” initiative I think we can aspire higher. All ASCMC members, sports captains, and dorm president’s should be required to be trained to be allies and Monsour should be more accessible.

Thanks for your time CMC and feel free to contact me with any questions!


(704) 806-2016

[email protected]


Candidates for Sophomore Class President (3)

Cassie Lewis

17The class of 2017 is a class of brilliant students, dedicated athletes, hard workers and much more. In the short time we’ve had so far at CMC, we’ve become closer than we could have imagined at the beginning of this school year, but we’ve still got far to go. As Sophomore Class President, I promise to dedicate my time and effort to the cultivation of our class bond, as well as communication within the class and between the class and ASCMC. My passion for event planning and group bonding will definitely reflect in my work as Sophomore Class president. If elected, I will stay organized, passionate and dedicated to not only the well being of our class, but the school as a whole. A vote for me is a vote for an enthusiastic leader who is determined to bring the class of 2017 together. Vote Cassie Lewis for Sophomore Class President!


Cole Mora

18Hello my name is Cole Mora. I’m running for Class of 2017 President on the basis of dedicated passion, service, accountability, and inclusiveness. This position is as important as you make it, and it’s very important to me. I am passionate about this school and my classmates, and because of that you’ll all be my priority. I want us to ask ourselves what we want out of CMC – to be open and honest about what we’re passionate about – and then to work together to achieve our goals. I want to be there for our class and I want to be a person that you can count on. I am accountable, organized, and can promise you productive meetings that begin with an agenda and end with positive outcomes. Finally, inclusiveness will be paramount to our class. This job is only being done correctly if the president is constantly looking for ways to involve our classmates and to show them that they care. I will always be on the lookout for new opportunities to involve people, and I really do care. Our class is filled with brilliant ideas and world-changing ambition, and I plan to create an environment that uses those amazing qualities to help and serve everyone in our community. If you have ideas for what you’d like to see from our class or just want to talk, contact me. If I’m in my room (Appleby 215), my door is open, and I’d love to hear from you. Thanks CMC!


Micaela Ferguson

19How’s it going Class of 2017?

I’m Micky and I am running for Sophomore Class President. Having served on FroCo this past year, I have gotten to know how things work, and how they could work more smoothly. I know that planning events requires organization and diligence, and I would work with SoCo to organize events in advance and keep the entire class included.

Not only will SoCo meetings be open to all members of the class of 2017, but I will also be open for any suggestions. You can contact me via email, text, in person, or anonymously through a Formspring that I will set up. I want to represent your interests and enhance our social scene, making it more attractive to more people, and therefore more inclusive.

At the beginning of each month, I will send out an email to the entire class, listing the events that the SoCo has planned for that month, and allowing anyone to sign up on a Google doc form if there is any event that they want to help organize. Some of these events will be:

  • Class parties and pre-party mixers
  • Powder Puff Football games
  • Talent shows
  • Barbeques
  • Movie nights
  • Band concerts
  • Field and playground sports events
  • Swing and salsa dance parties
  • Volunteer service events

Before all of the events, I will make a fun promo video like the ones I made for the Halloween mixer and the New Years’ Eve party to get people excited.

CMC has a great sports culture, but I think that the arts at CMC could use more emphasis. This is why I would encourage attendance at both sports games and orchestra, vocal, dance, and theatre performances along with other art events.

If elected I will host events that represent everyone’s interests and make next year fantastic!


  1. My one worry with Ben Tillotson is that he is all over the place. He forgets small details and is not the best at working with others. Many of the dorm presidents working with him complained a lot about his lack of organization. He wasn’t always at TNCs from the start to the finish. At the end of the day, he did a good job, but a lot of the issues that happened with events whether it was sprinklers going off at a TNC on Green Beach or no Fences being set up in time for the Wine & Cheese event at Kravis, could have been avoided.

    He is also not the best listener. One of the statements he made at the debate today is that if elected, he will prevent ASCMC student fees from being increased. Whether you agree with his sentiments or not, this was a motion supported by senate, which is currently the body responsible for voting for such decisions. Executive board will now have the decision to vote for this to be proposed to the Board of Trustees. If it does go through, then Ben cannot constitutionally, if elected, stop it from going to the Board of Directors.

    So think, is Ben able to listen to others, and make a decision based on what they tell him, instead of what he thinks is the right thing to do? Just a few things to think about before voting for Ben.

    • I don’t think you appreciate how much better TNC has been with Ben. Before Ben, TNC was “a dorm lounge with a DJ,” at best. Ben has transformed Thursday nights and really made them fun and interesting for everyone. Especially this year when the SAC seems to do nothing, Ben has singlehandedly saved CMC’s social scene.

      Does disagreeing with the decision of a body make you a bad listener? I don’t think so…Do you want a president who will simply bow down to senate’s decisions? That’s how you get student body-funded vacations to Spain, etc.

    • I’ve worked extremely closely with Ben for the past year as both a dorm president and a fellow member of ASCMC and I wanted to address the concerns you brought up. In terms of his experience with event planning, there is no denying Ben’s creativity and ability to execute the parties. But in any role where you are responsible for planning large scale parties, there are going to be mishaps. While Ben could have done a more thorough job to avoid the issues you mentioned, I don’t believe that those flaws are any indication of his ability to serve and represent the student body next year. The role of ASCMC president has a tremendous amount to do with delegating responsibilities and keeping in mind a greater vision for the school, for which Ben has demonstrated a solid track record. In that regard, I don’t believe that there is a significant correlation between the aforementioned issues with Thursday night events and his ability to be successful in the position he is running for.

      In terms of an inability to work with and listen to others, I disagree with that characterization. As the leader of Exec Board, the president must find a balance to be receptive and engaging with the board members and also provide leadership at his or her own discretion. I’ve seen Ben strike that balance between consulting and acting on input from others and following his instincts to be decisive when he sees fit. His experience on board offers a distinct advantage in being able to gauge these decisions.

      Lastly, the point of logistical implementation of a student fee increase is valid; however, Ben’s ability to follow through with his promise rests on his ability to lead a discussion on Exec Board and if it still passes, then to address the Board of Trustees directly. His passion and reasoning for opposing the student fee increase underscores his platform of serving the students first. That paired with creativity and and drive to be proactive would offer excellent guidance for the board to act on behalf of the interests and needs of CMC students.

    • I think Ben has done a great job soliciting peoples opinions. Not everything may have been executed absolutely perfectly, but a lot of things were.

      Keep in mind that without Ben, there is no way DOS would have agreed to an event in Kravis, or an event at the pool. Ben is imaginative, smart, and does a great job working with students and the administration. Remember that Before you try to slander him.

  2. Don’t forget to vote Max Zipperman for Super Senior Class President #writeincandidate #writeinposition.

  3. I’d like to start this by saying I have a completely biased opinion of the candidates. I fully support Ben and Jeff, and quite honestly, am 100% opposed to Julian Mackie as president. Am I trash-talking? To a degree. But when it comes down to it, I am trying to give honest feedback and opinions on the candidates as I see them. Maybe this means I should write an opinion piece instead of an anonymous comment.
    Yet, here I am.
    So I’ll continue.
    Over the past three years (Jeff for only two) I have seen how these three have acted on campus. I believe that the comprehensive observations I’ve made over this time will be the most telling aspect of potential presidential candidates, not the actions we might have been exposed to over the past week. Ben isn’t as personable as a presidential candidate might be, but after a few conversations I understood that he truly cares about CMC and each student here. He has the experience, the track record, and the good relationship with DOS to continue, and possibly improve on, what ASCMC is today. Jeff has been criticized as being “not serious enough”, but from what I’ve seen he is a hard worker and an efficient leader. Is he as tightly wound as Gavin? No, he isn’t. I think his vision of a reformed Senate is possible, especially with him leading it. However, from my experience, Julian has not been a student I feel like I can truly believe it, or vote for. He has been superficial, exclusive, even arrogant at times. 70% of the comments he makes in Senate seem to center on the fact that he gets to hear himself speak. He does have occasional good ideas, I am not trying to pin him as the Anti-Christ, but, in my eyes, after debates and conversations, his platform stands on vague, shaky foundations. He lacks the ASCMC background and knowledge of DOS to better current ASCMC, something Ben offers. He also lacks the concrete ideas and leadership that are needed for broad reform. Jeff brings exactly that to the table.
    Take all this as you will. I am only one (possibly overzealous and idealistic) gov major. And even though our “politics” might be nowhere near important in the grand scheme, I still take pride in our elections, and care about who we put into office. So take this comment as you would from any other peer. I mean, damn, I’m anonymous. Give it less weight if you want. I have biases just like everyone else, but after the years of living with these candidates, I know who I would never want to give the position and power of Student Body President to, and his name rhymes with Smulian Smackie.

    • While with each election, there is an expected amount of anonymous bullshit, this year has been particularly nasty. Stupid comments like this are pointless, hurtful, and hopefully at an end. I urge every student to attend the speeches tonight. Read the statements of each candidate. Talk to each one of them. Be informed! And please vote tomorrow for the candidate you think will effect campus in the best way possible.

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