ASCMC convened on February 19, 2017 to discuss the yearbook, upcoming events, and executive board transitions.

First, Dean Sagafi ’18 explained that Settlers of Catan TNC was a successful event with at least three games going on at all times. Amiya Narula ‘19 then debriefed about Wedding Party. She explained that it was a successful event with only minor hiccups; the biggest issue was the wrist banding process, which turned aggressive.

Mickey Ferguson ‘17 then discussed the yearbook. They have generated over $5,000 of revenue through sales and advertisement, but they are hoping to generate about $25,000 through the yearbook. Thus, Ferguson emphasizes, they are attempting to really push yearbook sales. The yearbook will be submitted in mid-March but sales can continue until April 30. She is also going to specifically follow up with people who have requested a yearbook.

Harvey Mudd requested $400 from CMC for their Mardi Gras party, which is West Dorm’s only party of the year. They are getting additional funding from Harvey Mudd and Pomona. CMC was asked to fund pizza and water. The request passed.

Next, Daniel Ludlam ’18 discussed North Quad Carnival, which is based upon Mid Quad Carnival. Lundlam is hoping to have puppies, a food truck, and a photo booth. He is requesting $2000 from ASCMC, which would be the largest outlay of funds that CMC has funded this year. Currently, ASCMC has just shy of $7000, so this type of funding would be substantial but would not put ASCMC in a precarious situation, according to President Nicky Blumm ‘17. Ludlam is hesitant to talk with Senate because he asked for funding last semester; however, he is willing. The request passed.

Next, a Pitzer student discussed a proposal for Neon Claremont. He spoke on behalf of Pomona, and this event would be Pomona’s only event of the semester. It would be in replacement of Dot party. The event would take place on March 4. They are requesting $400 of funding from CMC. Blumm asked about restrictions on capacity due to the event’s the location. The capacity is 800 people. The Board decided to push the funding request to next week or table the issue until after the event and pay for the event retroactively.

Tyler Finn ‘17 then discussed the transition of the new Executive Board. Finn is hoping to draft letters to future Executive Board Members. This letter would differ from the handbook in that it would be specifically catered to the position and personalized to the person. March 1 is the last day that ASCMC will refund request. On March 8 at 6:00 pm, ASCMC will host an Athenaeum dinner that is required for all candidates.

The climbing club was also allotted $1000 for supplies.

The meeting then went to Open Forum. Melanie Wolfe’19 discussed a measure about reviewing courses that has been moving throughout Senate. Thomas Schalke ’18 discussed a measure concerning financial aid.

The meeting ended at 8:03pm.