At this week’s meeting, the ASCMC Executive Board discussed the approaching ASCMC elections, last week’s bowling TNC, and upcoming events.

ASCMC President Gavin Landgraf ’14 said that the ASCMC Elections Committee met recently and elected a new chair. As a result of a constitutional amendment introduced after last spring’s elections, the Elections Committee is supposed to be chaired by the President Pro-Tempore; however, the current President Pro-Tempore, Michael Irvine ’16, has recused himself from the elections committee in order to run for an elected position. Irvine will continue to serve as President Pro-Tempore until the elections results are in. In his place, the committee elected Vice President Maddie Hall ’14 as chair.

Landgraf added that at ASCMC Senate tomorrow night, one or two Senators will be elected to temporarily fill the spots of Irvine and one other committee member who may be running for an elected position. Hall explained that these committee members will be elected by a majority vote of the Senate and there will be a waiting period in between the openings being announced and the Senate elections to fill them.

Next, Dorm Affairs Chair Ben Tillotson ’15 debriefed last week’s “Screw Your Roommate” TNC, which was held at the Bowlium bowling alley. According to Tillotson, though students enjoyed the event, there were a few logistical issues that could be improved if the event takes place again next year. One such issue was the distance of Bowlium from campus, a 10-minute drive in two buses provided by ASCMC. The intention was to have the buses shuttle back and forth between CMC and Bowlium during the course of the event, but because of the distance and the number of students waiting to get on a bus, the timing between shuttles was delayed. Tillotson added that CMC is “definitely not” going to be invited back to Bowlium for future events, because while “most people were well-behaved,” some were not. According to Social Affairs Chair Mark Blumenfeld ’14, these individuals were merely “bad apples” and did not reflect the group as a whole.

Director of Event Management Zachariah Oquenda ’16 also added that the transportation and student management would have been better if there had been more student security, and that “one more bus would have made all the difference.” Tillotson still felt that the TNC was, overall, a good event.

In terms of upcoming events, Property Manager Ted Hall ’16 announced that there will be a kickoff event for the new music room in the Marks Hall basement, now known as “The Cave,” this Friday, February 21, at 7:30 p.m. The event is a partnership with the CMC Arts Council and will have catered food from Bon Appetit. Hall also stated that CMC President Hiram Chodosh may make an appearance. Blumenfeld also announced that this Saturday’s party will be Rage in the Cage, the dodgeball tournament that was scheduled but unexpectedly cancelled last semester. The event will take place in North Quad with a live DJ outside.

Finally, a guest asked if the question of Pirate Party’s scheduling had been resolved. Landgraf answered “not yet,” but stated that “it’s our [ASCMC’s] call and DOS’s call.” Blumenfeld also responded, saying, “I just think it’s pretty much ubiquitous on campus that we would like to have it on Alumni Weekend. The people who don’t want that are the Alumni Association.” While Pirate Party is traditionally scheduled during Alumni Weekend, Senior Class President Laura Epstein ’14 told the board two weeks ago that the Alumni Association had concerns about Pirate Party being held that weekend, and the Board held an initial discussion on the topic last week.

Landgraf stated that the Alumni Association “officially said it’s our call,” but “one of the conditions is that alumni won’t be allowed in.” This condition was not stated as of last week’s discussion of the issue. “We’ll move forward outside of this Board meeting and bring something next week,” Landgraf concluded.