At this week’s meeting, the ASCMC Executive Board discussed upcoming events, funding requests, and a proposal for changes to ASCMC structure.

Student Life Chair Chloe Zagrodzky ’17 opened the meeting by announcing that there will be a Krispy Kreme Sunday snack next week, as well as a 5C In-N-Out Burger club mixer on Feb. 19. Junior Class President Ben Turner ’16 and Freshman Class President Reid Dickerson ’18 stated that they are planning a junior-freshman social.

There has been a vacancy in the ASCMC Controller position after Tooba Karim ’16 was appointed as the CFO, replacing Aviv Caspi ’16. This vacancy, the board reported, would not be filled until election season after Spring Break.

The board then discussed a $400 funding request from Harvey Mudd College for the Long Tall Glasses party this coming Saturday. Due to the event’s coincidence with the CMC Parents Weekend, the Board approved $200 in funding for the event. The board also approved a funding request for $500 to pay for artists performing at the Kohoutek Music & Arts Festival, which will be held April 24-25 at Pitzer College.

Finally, the board discussed a proposal to reform the structure of ASCMC in hopes of addressing and alleviating the excessive pressure on the Social Activities Chair and Dormitory Affairs Chair to plan and execute the majority of social events. According to this proposal, a Vice President of Student Life would be elected by the student body to supervise the elected Dormitory Affairs Chair (DAC) and the Director of Student Security, as well as four event commissioners chosen by the Elections Committee. The DAC would no longer be in charge of planning TNC, and would instead focus on dorm life and security. Both wet and dry events would be planned by the Vice President of Student Life and the event commissioners. Funding for dry events would increase from one-fourth to one-third of the student activities budget. Further discussion of this issue will continue during upcoming Senate meetings.