Offered for the first time this year, the newly-launched Appel Fellowship is an opportunity for first-year students at CMC to experience writing outside of the classroom and on their own terms. The fellowship gives first-year students, who have either an unpaid internship or simply an interesting summer ahead of them, the chance to receive supplementary funding for a writing experience. When describing the purpose of the fellowship, Literature Professor and Director of the Center for Writing and Public Discourse (CWPD) Audrey Bilger said, “It’s for the experience. We want you to ask yourself: what kind of writer can I be?”

The Appel Family, who funded the fellowship program, wanted to allow students to pursue less structured writing opportunities. To apply, students must submit a proposal for a writing project that they feel passionate about — with or without an internship.

Mellissa Martinez, the CWPD’s International Student Language Support Coordinator, and Professor Bilger, two of the judges for the fellowship, encourage applicants to propose a plan both for what they want to write about and what they will do with it. Blog, newspaper, publication: the idea is to take it somewhere.

The Appel Fellowship Application can be accessed through the International Sponsored Internship Application online. Applications are due Wednesday, February 10, and all materials should be submitted via the Sponsored Internship Program’s FluidReview application portal.

Students must go to the portal where they will be prompted to make an account. Even if you would like to apply for the Fellowship for a domestic project, you must submit items through the international application. The required materials are listed on the portal, including two letters of recommendation, essay questions outlining your proposal and goals for the fellowship, and a resume checked by the Career Consultants Office.