The newly formed Five College Environmental Council will be holding its inaugural event next Saturday. The event, entitled the 5C Environmental Conference, will feature a number of speakers as well as workshops meant to help students share their ideas on environmental issues.

The conference will be held on Saturday, February 12, from 1 PM to 3 PM at the Scripps College Balch Auditorium and Bowling Green, and is open to all students.

Harvey Mudd Professor Paul Steinburg will be discussing College Environmental Activism.  Pomona’s Sustainability coordinator, Bowen Close, will speak about sustainability efforts at the five colleges.

In addition, representatives from each environmentally minded clubs at each school will explain steps being taken by their respective organizations to work towards increased sustainability

The highlight of the conference will be a set of workshops in which students will have the opportunity to share their ideas and concerns regarding environmental issues with the each other and participating faculty. These six workshops feature topics including food sustainability, farming and native landscaping, energy and sustainable development, political activism, water usage, and composting.

Lena Connor, Pomona Sophomore and current Facilitator of the 5C Environmental Council, explained that she hoped the newly founded organization would be able to “facilitate collaboration” between environmental clubs on the different campuses. She sees the upcoming conference as a “unique opportunity for people interested in environmental issues to come together as a 5C community and find avenues to improve 5C sustainability.”

Katie Browning, President of CMC’s Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility (SPEAR) club, and representative of Claremont McKenna on the 5C Environmental Council commented that each of the individual schools “can do a lot by themselves, but together can do so much more.”  She hopes that the Environmental Conference will lead to “new avenues for collaboration.”

The conference will conclude with a reception featuring snacks for the participants.