ASCMC Senate got back into the swing of things this semester with its second meeting on Monday night. Students debated over a funding request for Pomona’s Nochella, discussed ideas for ASCMC’s large surplus, and began preparations to bring in a new term of ASCMC members.

One of the main topics on the agenda was a request for funding from Pomona Live Art for Nochella, an on-campus festival on the first weekend of Coachella featuring student performers and a headlining act. In a presentation to Senate’s funding committee (AAA), they proposed bringing Young Thug, an African-American rap artist, to perform at Nochella in light of the conversations on marginalization and inequality on campus in an effort to unite the diverse student population.

The request sparked debate about whether or not the senators felt that inviting Young Thug would achieve the goals of inclusion, especially as some students were unfamiliar with his work. This was followed by a call from several senators to consult with the newly selected ASCMC Diversity and Inclusion Chair. Vice President Iris Liu ’16 suggested that to remain unbiased, all the senators should conduct independent research on the artist, and the AAA committee would consult Patrick Elliott ’19, the Diversity and Inclusion Chair. The motion to table the request until next week was seconded and passed.

Another central focus of the meeting was deciding what to do with ASCMC’s $30,000 surplus. Some suggestions involved expanding campus services such as the Bike Shop and looking to create a green fund aimed at sustainability. Senate decided to take the question to the student body for ideas before beginning implementation and execution.

Liu then went over the timeline for the upcoming ASCMC elections, which will be held on March 1. One senator suggested making the elections more widely known to attract more people to run so that candidates will be more representative of the student body. A senate committee agreed to work on this.

Senate committee updates included continued efforts to send out school-wide newsletters and to buy an ID scanner for more efficient event sign-in and registration. The Campus Improvements chair said that the expansion of gender-inclusive dorms was underway and should be an option to students by Spring room draw. There are two open positions in Senate’s technology committee, for which an application will be sent out.

The meeting closed with an update from a senator also in the Personal & Social Responsibility Committee that Modular G, located between Parents Field and Pritzlaff Field, has been allocated as a temporary student space, with plans underway for a newly constructed space.