ASCMC Executive Board held their weekly board meeting on Sunday night.

To start, board members gave updates on their respective projects. Presidential Advisor Eliana Keinan ‘17 said that a junior class discussion will take place in the coming weeks to address new campus policies for those who are back from abroad. Freshman Class President Timmy Song ‘19 and Sophomore Class President Russell Salazar ‘18 are organizing a joint brunch event Sunday February 7.

Clubs and Organizations Chair Melissa Muller ‘18 coordinated the first spring club fair, taking place outside Collins dining hall on Friday, February 12 from 11am to 1pm. Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Chair Patrick Elliott ‘19 has been researching potential speakers for Black History Month, working on a diversity training program for Executive Board and First Year Guides, and working with the Dean of Students and Chaplains to address the needs of students affected by last semester’s protests. ASCMC President Will Su ‘16 met with the Personal & Social Responsibility steering committee to go over their mission — determining long-term strategies for diversity and inclusion at CMC — and encouraged board members to attend D&I focus groups regarding the new resource center. Su also met last week with Georgette DeVeres, Associate Vice President and Dean of Admission & Financial Aid, to discuss expanding work-study opportunities for students.

President Pro-Tempore Michael Irvine ‘16 said that an informational meeting for Executive Board general elections will take place Sunday, February 21. Petitions to run for office will be due the prior Thursday, and speeches will be delivered the following Monday. Elections are expected to occur March 1.  

In light of this week’s Pizza and Craft Beer TNC and Saturday night party Zoo Tycoon, Vice President of Student Affairs Christine Horne ‘17 expressed her frustration that ASCMC events, especially the recent TNCs, have decreased in attendance. Su was also concerned about the low attendance in terms of the costs of organizing such events, including hiring Campus Safety. The board discussed possibilities of increasing “institutionalized” parties (such as Toga), targeting underclassmen as main attendees and being more active on social networking platforms.

Guest Christophe Rimann ‘17 then introduced a new social networking app exclusive to CMC students that he hopes to launch on February 8. The site (and soon-to-be Apple application) allows students to log in with their CMC web email and interact on a live messaging feed with other verified CMC students. The platform can be used to meet other CMC students who share interests, have suggestions for classes, want to sell textbooks, etc. ASCMC could also use the app to send out announcements, hold polls for feedback, and even live chat senate meetings. Rimann hopes that ASCMC will help promote the app and get a majority of CMC students on the network for transparency.

During Open Forum, two funding requests were voted on. Kaitlyn Anderson HM ‘16 represented Mudd’s upcoming party, Long Tall Glasses. The event has had success in the past, and this year’s Facebook event page shows similar signs of popularity. The request for $400 to purchase propane for the outdoor heaters was approved by the board. Asher Abrahms PO ‘18 and Jeremy Greer PO ‘18 were present to request funding for the second annual Dot Party Claremont outside Big Bridges Auditorium. The request was tabled until Abrahms and Greer provide a more detailed layout of the event (e.g. capacity, Campus Safety, fencing plans).