Claremont McKenna College President Pamela Gann announced this afternoon that Georgette DeVeres, Associate Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid, will take over as the temporary head of CMC’s Admission and Financial Aid Office.

Former Vice President & Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Richard ‘Dick’ Vos resigned on Monday following the news of an SAT reporting scandal, in which a senior administrator at the college’s Office of Admission confessed to fudging the school’s SAT scores since 2005. Though the admissions administrator has yet to be named by the college, Max Benavidez, the Vice President of Public Affairs, Communications, and Marketing, has confirmed that the person responsible has resigned.

Georgette DeVeres, Photo Credit: CMC Public Affairs and Communications

Ms. DeVeres, a member of the college’s Senior Staff at the Office of the President, has worked at CMC since 1983. She has served nine years as a Trustee of the College Board and two years as the chairperson of its Board of Trustees. Ms. DeVeres currently serves on the Reauthorization Task Force of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA), an organization responsible for ‘reauthorizing’ financial assistance funds granted to major federal student aid programs by the Higher Education Act of 1965.

In 2005, Ms. DeVeres was featured in the Spring issue of CMC Magazine and discussed her career as director of Financial Aid at CMC and her work with the College Board, including the change in the SAT format earlier that year. The new test added an essay component to the critical reading and math sections of the exam, bringing the highest possible combined score of 1600 to 2400.

The article mentions former Dean of Admission Richard Vos’ praise for Ms. DeVeres, citing Ms. DeVeres as having “the knack for inspiring confidence in the people around her, as well as an ability to bring out the best in those who work with her.”

Linda Clement, vice president for student affairs at the University of Maryland and past College Board chair, also praises Ms. DeVeres in the 2005 article, noting, “All of the College Board Trustees have enormous respect for Georgette.”

Clement goes on to say that Ms. DeVeres “brings to the task tremendous experience, an outstanding level of commitment to students and their families, and an understanding of complex political issues.”

The email announcement from President Gann regarding Ms. Deveres has been reproduced below. Check back with the Forum for continuing coverage of the SAT scandal and the resignation of Richard Vos.

Dear CMC Community,

I am pleased to announce that effective today Georgette DeVeres, Associate Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid, will become the interim head of the College’s Admission and Financial Aid Office. She has worked at Claremont McKenna College since 1983, and is a member of my senior staff. Georgette is well-respected and nationally known within the admission and financial aid professions. She served nine years as a Trustee of the College Board, and served two years as the chairperson of its Board of Trustees.  Georgette received a Distinguished Leadership Award from the Western Region of the College Board. Presently, she serves on the Reauthorization Task Force of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. Georgette is an honorary member of the CMC Alumni Association, in recognition of her many years of service to the College. I look forward to continuing our work together.

Pamela B. Gann, President


  1. yeah, pretty sure she was complicit. she had all the access that dean vos had, so, assuming she knows how to take a percentile of a data set (maybe an unfair assumption?), she could have easily spotted the fraud.

  2. She should be fired.  Incompetent or complicit.  EVERYONE in the admissions office–down to the summer interns–should get the ax. 

    What does it say that we’re retaining someone this obviously corrupt/stupid?  Fuck, fire Gann too.

    • Georgette
      DeVeres is as much responsible for my attending CMC as the admissions
      committee (or Dean Vos). She was unfailingly supportive and
      approachable with my family’s financial concerns. Kindnesses I will
      never forget. She’s while I will never complain about making my monthly
      loan payments and why I will continue to give to CMC.  

      A true Stag or Athena would be far more deliberative before calling for the heads of anyone associated with the Admissions Office.  That is not our way.

      I have long been critical of Dean Vos and especially President Gann. However, I’m not prepared to string up either of them – though I’ll give more leeway to the Dean than to the President. 

      If you consider that the applicant pool could’ve easily supplied the college with higher-SAT-scoring individuals, the question of “why” becomes all the more complicated.

      It’s possible that Dean Vos was protecting the character of the student body by resisting the edict from Bauer Center to nudge up the metrics we could report to US News.  The President’s concern about rankings was evident from the time she first joined the college.  There were other actions out of Admissions that made me sure Dean Vos was committed to the pursuit of a higher ranking than to the preservation of CMC’s mission and character.  Now, I believe I was wrong. 

      He may have just taken a big one for the team. Examining his actions outside of the context in which they occurred is a big mistake.

      And, if nothing else, I have no fear that this negatively impacts the worth of my diploma, nor yours, nor of any current student.  It’s not the first storm, it won’t be the last storm.

      • Why would low SAT scores protect character? What are you trying to say? Seems like it would just keep the school from getting smarter students.

        Not disagreeing, just want to know what you’re trying to say.

        • You think the numbers were fixed because the applicant pool topped out 10-30 points from what we really wanted?

          You think students with higher SATs are, by virtue of their scores, proven smarter?

          I’m saying if you hew too closely to numerical metrics, you might miss admitting a kid with a deeper, more compelling set of qualifications. So if you can avoid making too many cuts based on test scores, you can admit a better, richer class.

      • What is “our way”? Because as far as I can tell, the student body lacks any real defining moral or character traits that unify them under one “way”.

  3. Alum ’08 be civil in your rancor. Work through the process, let the facts be known and use that information to correct what it is that needs to be corrected. There’s more to this than scores, a few points, it’s the competitiveness that has been created by a flawed system between who’s in who’s out that all this testing has created between well intended potential admits.

  4. This article erroneously suggests that Dick Vos was not the senior admissions official who perpetrated the fraud. By reiterating his resignation in the context of the ambiguity over the college’s failure to name the “responsible person,” the Forum seems to espouse the view that Vos and the unnamed official were not in fact one in the same. They were. Vos did not resign amid one of his lesser colleague’s ethical breach; he is responsible for it and admitted so in his yet unpublicized letter of resignation.

  5. Classic PR move. Out with the old (white man), in with the new (young, minority lady). Call for my head on a platter, I’m just calling ’em like I see ’em.

    • This is the most ignorant comment I’ve yet seen about this situation. You need to pay more attention to your institutional history. Georgette DeVeres has a long history of service to the college. Good service. PR has shit all to do with it. I’ve no doubt she was the most qualified and immediately available person for the job.

      This situation doesn’t cheapen my diploma, but sharing an affiliation with someone who makes ignorant, sexist, and racist comments sure might. Shame on you.

  6. Gann must go. The appalling ethical lapses by College faculty and staff continue on her watch–scandals that defile the CMC’s reputation: the Kerri Dunn vandalism hoax, Jonathan Petropoulos’s collaboration with notorious Nazi art looter Bruno Lohse, and now this. Ironically, Gann’s predecessor, Jack Stark, attempted to initiate a College-wide conversation about ethics and leadership during his final year at CMC’s helm. Skeptical faculty and students mocked the idea, and the initiative never launched. Enough scandal. Gann must go.

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