The ASCMC Executive Board’s second meeting of spring semester began with Trader Joe’s snacks and class officer updates. Since the junior and senior class presidents were running late, Class of 2019 President Edgar Warnholtz and Class of 2020 President Bryan Carlen spoke first.

Warnholtz has significantly reduced the size of his cabinet and tentatively planned out the rest of the year’s events for the sophomore class. This semester, sophomores can look forward to receiving class swag, hiking, attending a dinner, going to a CPB co-op paintball event and celebrating with a final class party.

As for the freshmen class, Carlen hopes to host a tie-dye event to help personalize and distribute the Class of 2020 t-shirts. He is also looking to finalize the calendar with more Sunday night snacks and off-campus events.

Elliot Behling ‘19 came to talk about Student Engagement Committee. Behling hopes to select five more members for the committee and use the committee to tighten bonds between the student body and ASCMC. The ultimate goal is to communicate a broader, more diverse set of student voices. He hopes to send out committee applications tomorrow.

Dormitory Affairs Chair Daniel Ludlam ‘18 and Campus Improvement Committee Connor Bloom ‘19 informed the rest of the group about their meeting with Dean Kammerman last Friday. They have decided on implementing block housing in the next room draw. As of now, they have chosen to have 12 sets of blocks: six in Claremont Hall and six in Fawcett. Instead of the original five or six people, block housing will reflect North Quad half suites and allow four people to choose rooms together.

Resident Assistants (RAs) will also be able to pull others in for housing. Ludlam and Bloom believe that standardizing the RAs’ ability to bring their friends in will incentivize more seniors to live on campus.

Ludlam and Bloom are also pushing to change the first floor of Marks to be gender-inclusive. Surveys have shown that more females prefer Mid Quad than males by a significant amount, and changing the first floor to be gender-inclusive will allow more females to live in Mid Quad. Additionally, the board of trustees hopes to move towards having gender-inclusive dorms in the long run, and this change will help begin that long process.

Pod retention is still up for debate, but retention for other dorms will be kept for at least one more year. Last year was the first time that pod retention was allowed, something that will be reexamined this year.

Class of 2017 President Cole Mora arrived and updated the Executive Board on the senior class events. The senior class had a successful Senior Wine Tasting on Friday night and good participation in regards to the senior class gift. Mora is currently confirming vendors and details for 100 Days as well as looking to revive an old tradition of a senior scavenger hunt.

Class of 2018 President Joey Yamada is planning a night of “great conversation” and dinner for the juniors. There will be twelve different junior members hosting their own tables and speaking about topics ranging from the Claremont Bubble to the effect that late night talk shows have on news. Yamada is also looking to plan a slip-and-slide event with ice cream for the juniors on February 24th.

The Event Commissioners then debriefed the weekend’s parties. Kai Vogel ‘19 said that the Nothin’ But Denim TNC had a great turnout due to its proximity to North Quad and the accessible theme. Saturday’s Mathletes and Athletes was not as successful, according to Amiya Narula ‘19. Since McKenna Auditorium was double-booked for a Lunar New Year celebration, ASCMC had to move to the Event Space.

Dean Sagafi ‘18 and Amiya Narula ‘19 have started advertising for Wedding Party, which will take place on February 11th. Although expenses will increase due to many license agreements and extra items, ASCMC only anticipates to lose $500 as opposed to the $4,200 loss experienced last year. There will be a fire marshal audit, so ASCMC will have to be careful to follow all the regulations. Regardless, ASCMC plans to have a live band, photo booths, balloon animals and a delicious cake.

President Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke ‘18 proceeded to discuss the constitutional changes. He quickly went through the revisions that he plans on presenting to Senate. The two questions that Schalke still had were about budget committee and DAC voting on Executive Board.

The Executive Board debated the pros and cons of giving DAC a vote on Executive Board. President Nicky Blumm ‘17 said that as an elected official, DAC should have a vote; however, that would result in an even amount of voters among Executive Board. In the end, the majority voted that DAC should have voting power in Executive Board.

Lastly, a Harvey Mudd student came to request $400 for their “Long Tall Glasses” party on February 10th. Mudd is asking for $400 from each of the other 5Cs and will pay for the difference. ASCMC decided to fund Port-A-Potties rentals and propane.

The Executive Board meeting adjourned at 8:29 pm.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly listed February 4th, not 24th as the date for the slip-and-slide event.