The first Executive Board meeting of the spring semester took place on Sunday, January 24, starting off with a round of updates: the possibility of an upcoming freshman-sophomore mixer, preparations for an etiquette dinner at the Athenaeum, the Board’s diversity training funded by the President’s Changemaker Fund, focus group analysis for multicultural space among the Dean of Students, and upcoming events such as the spring club fair and 5C club mixer. Presidential Advisor Joey Yamada ‘18 and Dorm Affairs Chair Nicky Blumm ‘17 also reported to have researched possible models for a diversity and inclusion general education class.

For much of the meeting, the Board held a lengthy confirmation discussion regarding the nomination of Patrick Elliott ‘19 to become the new Diversity and Inclusion Chair. Elliott introduced himself and detailed his qualifications: he did social work in his community in Chicago, co-founded a diversity and equity committee at his high school, and, according to one of his classmates who attended the meeting, received a fellowship from Princeton for his social advocacy work.

Qualifications aside, Elliott was not one of the three prospective candidates who were suggested by the Diversity and Inclusion Chair Subcommittee to the Elections Committee, the latter of which ultimately nominated him. For this reason, the Board debated whether Elliott could constitutionally be appointed to the office. Ultimately, after reviewing the language in the original proposal for the position, the Board decided to move forward with a vote to confirm Elliott. However, several guests at the meeting believed that, regardless of the subcommittee’s directions (which did explicitly give the Elections Committee the final say as to whom it would nominate), the Elections Committee did not adequately take into consideration the subcommittee’s suggestions when making their decision. In the end, the Executive Board confirmed Elliott as the new Diversity and Inclusion Chair with six votes in favor, five against, and one abstention.

In addition to confirming Elliott as the new Chair, the Board held an event debrief for the week. According to Event Commissioner Cristina Lee ‘18, TNC was “pretty empty.” Vice President of Student Affairs Christine Horne ‘17 explained the difficulty of organizing the weekly event in an indoor space that is not prone to extensive dorm damages. In addition, she noted that there are only three ASCMC Saturday parties left; Wedding Party will be held the last weekend in February, Daisy Dukes will take place the last weekend before spring break, and Ski Beach Day is scheduled for March 5. Finally, Event Commissioner Dean Sagafi ‘18 explained that Saturday night’s Club Claremont party was largely a success, and that cleanup was minimal. Lastly, the Board moved into a brief session of open forum, where it approved a $750 funding request from the Women’s Forum.