The Claremont Shades

This Saturday, November 12th, the Claremont Shades will host the 21st annual Southern California A Cappella Musical Festival (SCAMFest) at Bridges Auditorium on Pomona’s campus. In addition to the seven a cappella groups from the 5C’s, there will be four groups visiting from University of Southern California (USC), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of California, Davis (UC Davis).

All groups have been intensely preparing for their performances on Saturday. According to Claremont Shades Vice President Dina Aluzri ‘17, her group has been learning choreography all week and perfecting each part of the song. “When we learn songs for snack concerts, we learn them and they’re great,” Aluzri said. “But with SCAMFest songs, we polish them to the nitty gritty things as far as does this “o” sound better this way or this way. Just think about Pitch Perfect, it’s literally what it is.”

The After School Specials!’s preparation for SCMAFest has enabled their group to develop more of an attachment to their music, according to member Russell Salazar ‘18. “Going through these rehearsals, we’ve been a lot more cohesive,” Salazar said. “We’re paying attention to the way the songs make us feel and how we perform as oppose to what we’re performing.”

Although the groups will be performing in front of a crowd of 2000 people, the performers can only really psychologically know that the audience is present. “You can’t see anyone in the crowd so you’re just up there with your group,” Aluzri said. “Because you’re mic’d, the only person you hear is yourself so it sounds really different and cool.”

The visiting a cappella groups also enjoy SCAMFest and look forward to it, according to Aluzri. “They bring people from their schools to come and watch them perform because SCAMFest is one of their biggest events as well,” Aluzri said. “It’s cool to see that one of their biggest events isn’t even on their campus.”

Since the off-campus groups return every year, the a cappella teams have gotten the chance to know each other and share experiences. “We’ve got to form some friendships with the different groups and we’re always really excited for them to come,” Salazar said. “Typically groups at other colleges have a lot more music majors and performance majors too so it is really cool to hear their experience with music.”

Aluzri also appreciates the different perspectives the other universities bring. “It’s nice getting a breath of fresh air from a different side of a capella from a different school,” Aluzri said. “You’re surrounded by these eight groups all the time so it’s nice to get a different vibe.”

SCAMFest gives audience members a chance to see fellow students showcase their passions. “I think people should go to SCAMFest because it’s a way not only to support other people but to watch people do what they love,” Aluzri said. “I think it’s really nice to see people who are so passionate about something follow through and give what they do best to the community.”

SCAMFest begins at 7pm and lasts until 10pm. Claremont Shades will open and close the performance. All other groups will perform two songs. Tickets cost $8 for students and $15 for everyone else. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online through

The groups who will be performing are:

Claremont Shades

The After School Specials!

Ninth Street Hooligans

Midnight Echo

Mood Swing

One Night Stanza

Women’s Blue and White

The SoCal Vocals (USC)

Bruin Harmony (UCLA)

The Spokes (UC Davis)

Scattertones (UCLA)