Yesterday at Student Senate, students voted on the ASCMC constitutional amendment to separate the Forum from the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College. The measure passed with an overwhelming majority. Senate had previously discussed the amendment, and it passed through Executive Board of ASCMC on Sunday, October 27.

Given the passage of these clauses, the Forum Editor-in-Chief will no longer be an employee of ASCMC. This will remove, in large part, the conflict of interest intrinsic in this type of partnership. The amendment will ensure that neither funding nor leadership of the Forum will be under the direct discretion of ASCMC’s Executive Board. The passage of this amendment guarantees that the Forum staff will independently select the leadership of the Forum, as those who understand the institution and its members best. These changes will allow The Forum to function autonomously, honestly, and impartially.

The Forum is very excited to be able to enter this exciting new stage. We hope that we can continue to serve the Claremont community, and further become an index to all important news and information in and around campus. With this separation we can ensure that we continue to give our readers unbiased and complete information on all relevant matters. We hope that this separation will allow students to be able to honestly contribute regarding ASCMC and any other party on campus.

As discussed in Senate, The Forum is in the process of refining an independent constitution, which will soon be posted on our site. The constitution will clarify issues of funding, publishing guidelines, selection of leadership, and other policies of The Forum. All matters that were previously addressed in the ASCMC constitution will be devolved to this constitution.

We look forward to providing you with entertaining content and further pushing towards our goal of become a hub for all things important within our community. As we continue to improve and evolve, we welcome your thoughts about the separation, and anything else in the comments below.

The Forum would like to thank Senate and our readers for the support throughout this process. Further, I would like to thank our wonderful staff and writers for their patience and support; our Chief Operating Officer, Nathan Falk, for his work in coordinating this vote; and ASCMC President, Gavin Landgraf, for championing our goals for the seven months leading up to this vote.

You can find the full amendment here.