Thanks for submitting your spookiest, funniest, and well, strangest costumes to the Forum. Here are the top 10 reader submitted photos. They are in no particular order. The winner will be notified by email.

Mummy (Olivia Uranga) and Gumball Machine (Susie Lee)


Flight Attendant (Laura Renfroe) and Jack Skillington (Pieter Cornel)
Complete the Challenge (Bryn Nisbet, Christina Whalen, Alexandra Sloves, and Merriel Foster)
Old Lady (Brandon Brown)
Sam, Eric, Jake and Dave
Sunnyside Up (Submitted by Jessica Laird)
Hillbilly (David Leathers) and Alice in Wonderland (Alice Chang)
From Right to Left. Peter Pan, Death by Spoon, Polar Bear and German Milk Babe
Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Submitted by Taylor Jones