Pomona College (Photo: Grant Yang '15)

With the overwhelming number of clubs available throughout the 5Cs, it can be easy to overlook many of the unique student-run organizations that the Claremont Colleges have to offer. So, if you’re trying to get more involved or simply just want to explore some new extracurriculars on campus, check out these six groups:

Circus Club

If you’ve ever had the slightest inclination to join a circus troupe, consider joining the 5C Circus Club. According to founder Jack Gomberg PO ‘18, “5Circus aims to give the 5C community a chance to experience, develop, and share circus skills,” adding that, “Neither previous experience nor high levels of motor control are necessary — beginners are totally welcome and encouraged to join.”

Activities include: gym wheel (think giant hamster wheel), hula hoop, partner acrobatics, tumbling, juggling, flow arts, unicycle, and aerials when possible/safe.

Though only in its second year, the club has already performed at Pomona’s Founders Day, the International Gala, TNC, and Frary Snack.

Exciting upcoming events include a free workshop in using the Cyr Wheel with the Head Coach of Team USA, as well as substantial performances around Claremont, hopefully in collaboration with the dance and theatre departments.

For more information, contact Jack Gomberg at [email protected].

Chocolate Club

Chocoholics, this one’s for you. This club, which is housed on Pomona’s campus, is exclusively dedicated to appreciating chocolate. The club has hosted numerous chocolate tastings, chocolate-making workshops, and speakers.

Notable past events include a discussion about the ethics of chocolate and a tasting with Ryan Berk from Parliament Chocolate, a handmade chocolate company based in Redlands.

For more information, check out their Facebook page here

 5C Spike Ball Club

Ever seen people playing that four square-volleyball hybrid on Green Beach? It’s called Spike Ball. According to CMC member Eli Etzioni ’18, Spike Ball is a sport in which “players rotate, run, and dive around a circular net that sits a few inches off of the ground, smashing the ball off the net to rally back and forth.”

According to their mission statement, they aim to “promote an active lifestyle full of fun, Spikeball, and healthy competition.”

CMC sophomore Desmond Goetomo ‘18 said, “Before coming to Claremont, I had never heard of Spike Ball. However, when I tried it, I realized it was a really cool and unique sport.” Goetomo also added that the club provides a great atmosphere for meeting new people.

For more information, contact Michael Boggess at [email protected] and check out this Forum article.

Skate Claremont

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to longboard but were too embarrassed to experience those awkward initial falls, this club is for you.

Skate Claremont pairs first-timers and beginners with “grandmaster skaters” in order to help people who are interested in developing their skating skills in a quick and timely manner.

For more information, contact Aaron McKinney at [email protected].

Claremont Market Shares

Led by Pomona student Belmont Pinger, Claremont Market Shares provides the Claremont community with an affordable and sustainable way to obtain local produce, while also promoting a more ethical market.

According to their website, “Pitzer College students established the program in 2014 with the goal of creating a more transparent, equitable, and sustainable market for farmers and consumers,” additionally supporting “small family farms in L.A. and neighboring counties that have struggled in the face of the dominant industrial agriculture system.”

For more information, check out their Facebook page here.

5C Animal Shelter Volunteer Club

Love animals? Miss your pet? Want to give back to the community? Join the 5C Animal Shelter Volunteer Club on their weekly trips to the West End Animal Shelter in Ontario every Friday and Saturday from 1pm to 3:30pm. No experience or transportation is required and newcomers are always welcome.

For more information, check out their Facebook page here.