Several weeks ago, the Forum reported that steps had been taken towards separating the publication from the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College (ASCMC). I am pleased to report that on Sunday, October 27th the executive board of ASCMC approved a series of amendments to the ASCMC constitution that will ensure the separation of the two institutions.

Next Monday night, the amendments will be voted on at Senate. I encourage all of you to recognize the benefits this separation will provide every person on this campus; as the voice of Claremont McKenna College, the Forum hopes to be able to provide honest and complete information on everything that happens on campus. In order to do so, it is important for us to maintain independence from each party we may comment on – ASCMC being one of the primary parties.

Below are the changes to the ASCMC Constitution in full:

Proposed Amendments to the ASCMC Constitution

**Working Draft**

October 27, 2013


Below is the text of proposed amendments to the ASCMC Constitution authored by ASCMC Campus Organizations Chair William Su. Bold font within the amendment text indicates additions and strikethrough indicates deletions.  Italics signify the original text without proposed modifications.

Amendment: II.K.1.

The Campus Organizations Chair, hereafter referred to as the CO Chair shall supervise the activities of all recognized ASCMC campus clubs and organizations, hereafter referred to as campus organizations as well as the Forum and the Ayer, with regard to ASCMC policies and needs.

Reasoning: Relinquishing the Forum as a uniquely identified subsidiary entity of ASCMC.

Amendment: X.D.1.xii Strike entire clause.

Reasoning: The Forum editor(s) in chief is no longer a member of the ASCMC Executive Board.

Original Text: The Forum editor(s) in chief shall receive a stipend of four hundred (400) dollars per semester. In the case of dual editor(s) in chief, each shall receive the four hundred (400) dollars per semester.

Amendment: II.E.17.c Strike entire clause.

Reasoning: The Forum editor(s) in chief is no longer a member of the ASCMC Executive Board and will no longer be required to be called upon by the Board of Directors.

Original Text: Forum Editor in Chief- The Editor in Chief shall be responsible for the production of the Forum and can be called before the Board of Directors to report on the work of the Forum.

Amendment: IV.B.3.

The Elections Committee shall be responsible for overseeing the selection of the Campus Organizations Chair, the Chief Financial Officer, the Executive Secretary, the Director of Student Security, the Forum Editor(s) in Chief, and the Ayer Editor(s) in Chief.  The Elections Committee shall also vet applicants for President Pro-Tempore.

Reasoning: The Forum is now an independent campus organization and the selection of the Forum Editor(s) in chief is contingent upon the rules set upon by the constitution of the Forum.

Amendment: IV.B.3.b.iv.

At its discretion the Nomination Committee may jointly nominated two persons to share the position of Forum Editor in Chief.  The Nomination Committee may also jointly nominate the two persons to share the position of Ayer Editor in Chief.  It may exercise this power for either or both positions.

Reasoning: The Nomination Committee no longer selects the Forum Editor(s) in Chief.

Amendment: X.D.1.a.xiii.

The Budgeting Committee may consider alternative additional compensation schemes for any or all of the Ayer and Forum editors including compensation schemes tied to the financial results of publication, subject to the approval of the Student Senate.

Reasoning: The Forum is now an independent campus organization and alternative additional compensation schemes are no longer the responsibility of the Budgeting Committee.

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