This fall semester, CMC’s residential life department debuted Claremont Hall, dubbed “C-Hall,” as part of its mid-quad renovation plan. Though the new dorm features many noteworthy additions, including a spacious lounge and outdoor amphitheater, perhaps its most notable contribution is the new kitchen.

Photos by Wesley Edwards ’18

The brand new cooking space, “Janie’s Kitchen,” named after its funding donor, features an impressive stove, oven and prepping area. Fully equipped with bakeware, pots and pans, and other cooking essentials, the kitchen provides the CMC community with a wide range of culinary opportunities, from baking to pan-frying.

Though it’s only been open for a month, student reactions to the space have been overwhelmingly positive and have already sparked new and creative initiatives, including  monthly top-chef competitions and pie-tastings. Notable dishes have included tamales, cinnamon buns, crepes, and even home-made pastas.

C-Hall resident Victor Hernandez-Rodriguez ’18 shares that he is glad that CMC has finally provided students with cooking facilities as this new addition has given him the opportunity to continue his passion of cooking, an activity that he has missed while being away from home.

While the kitchen obviously caters to CMC’s gastronomically-inclined population, it has also become a popular place to hang out and relax.

Aiyanna Cameron-Lewis ’18 says she enjoys spending time in the space because it “not only provides a creative outlet for culinary creations, but it’s also a good space to chill with friends and meet new people.”

C-Hall Dorm President Felipe Afanador ’18 also adds, “I think that the kitchen has definitely fostered a strong sense of community. Everyone is really open to sharing whatever they make, and it provides people the opportunity to bond over food.”

Though officially run by CMC’s own Cooking Club, the kitchen is open to everyone in the CMC community, and no prior reservations are needed to use it.